Wild Wednesdays: Lindsay Lohan…No Words

As much as I have reported on Ms. Lohan over the past year and a half, you would think that I would’ve lost all faith in the girl by now. Oddly enough, I never have.

Lindsay Lohan

It’s no secret that Lindsay has had more than her fair share of problems over the years. However, instead of getting better, her life only seems to be getting worse. Recently, Lindsay was caught wearing an expensive necklace that she never payed for, claiming that she thought the piece of jewelry was a loan. Unfortunately, people are not seeing eye-to-eye with Ms. Lohan (for good reason), and the starlet will be charged with grand theft. Wonderful…

I just think it’s wild that this girl is still getting into trouble! Maybe it’s the only way she knows how to stay relevant? Sad. I guess she’ll be on Monday’s countdown. Again…

Hot Mess Mondays: Bishop Eddie Long Becomes #1

It’s that time again folks. The celebrity gods have spoken, and five hot messes have made today’s list. Let’s get it!

1)Bishop Eddie Long for being the center of serious allegations.

Whether you’re in the black community or not, you probably have heard about the recent sex  allegations being made about the New Birth Missionary Baptist Church bishop Eddie Long. Four young men in their early twenties have come forward, claiming that Long took advantage of them and had inappropriate sexual relationships with them. I don’t know if Pastor Long is guilty of inappropriate conduct with these men, but by now, every pastor should know that you do not take a group of boys under your wing and then call them your “Spiritual Sons.” That alone is enough for disaster and suspicion…

Theybf.com posted the video of Bishop Long’s address to his congregation on Sunday. It’s long, so skip around.

Check it out here —–> Eddie Long Addresses His Church

That last quote by him got to me.

2) Bruno Mars for getting arrested for coke possession.

I love Bruno Mars, but when you get arrested in the same city as Paris Hilton for the same reasons she did, and only a week after she did, you ARE a hot mess. I don’t care if you do have the #1 song in the country.

3) Lindsay Lohan for going back to rehab.

Poor Lindsay will forever remain on this list until I get tired of reporting news about her, which is about to be real soon…Although I think that it’s great that Lindsay is checking into rehab, I still think my girl is a hot mess. She’s already been to rehab numerous times. Not to mention, no one in Hollywood is going to hire her now. Hollywood has been very gracious to the actress in my opinion, but she keeps messing up. By the time all of this is said and done, Lindsay will either have to make a Robert Downey Jr. type comeback, or die broke and umemployed…Truth hurts. 😦

4) Kid Cudi for getting sentenced to two days in jail.

Apparently, Cudi was arrested back in June. Last week, he pleaded guilty for possessing illegal narcotics on that day. Honestly, I am so tired of celebrities getting arrested for drugs. Do something else guys to make my news a little more exciting like steal!

p.s. Don’t worry. I don’t condone stealing or any other criminal acts. lol

5) Rihanna for not going away!

If you’ve been following my blog, you know that I cannot stand Rihanna. I think the girl has some talent, but in recent years, she’s been relying a little too much on that pretty face of hers. Every time I watch her live, I’m disappointed, and it sucks because I like her songs…Anyways, apparently the music video for “Only Girl In The World,” will be released soon. The picture above is taken from Rihanna’s twitter and her video shoot.

Anyways, that concludes today’s countdown. I hope that Eddie Long is not guilty for the sake of all of those standing behind him. I also hope that the celebs get off the cocaine, but realistically speaking that will never happen…

Hot Mess Mondays: Why do some people stay on this list?

Because they continue to get arrested…lol

Good morning boys and girls! I know that Mondays can sometimes be extremely rough. After all, it is the day that school or work starts back up again. However, Mondays can also be fun, Fun, FUN! The celeb world did not disappoint us last week, and its craziness gave us plenty of stories to enjoy this glorious morning. This Monday’s Hot Mess list is filled with hilarity. So, let’s get started shall we. 😉

1) Lindsay Lohan for failing her drug test and facing more jail time.

Not too long ago, Lindsay swore that she was not a drug addict. That explains why she failed her court-ordered drug test last week. Apparently, her test showed up positive for cocaine. Oh, Lindsay…At least the starlette didn’t make up some dumb excuse like Paris about snorting gum.

Lindsay took to her twitter and let all of her fans know that she failed the test and has a problem. Honestly, I think Lindsay knows exactly what she’s doing. If she’s sent back to jail or rehab, then hopefully, she will get the help that she needs.

Lindsay Lohan Fails Drug Test

2) Kid Cudi for being an arrogant ***.

When I read an interview done by Kid Cudi about his past cocaine addictions and how/why he got kicked off of Lady Gaga’s tour, I wanted to gag. This guy is so arrogant it’s beyond disturbing. Not to mention, he’s actually annoyed that Lady Gaga booted him off the tour. You hit a fan Cudi!

Here’s the full article. —-> Kid Cudi Interview

Apparently, Kid Cudi has also started beef with rapper Wale. I’m starting to think that someone needs a babysitter and about 3,000 humble pies.

3) Slo Down, former member of the St. Lunatics, for accusing rapper Nelly of being unfair.

Most of you guys probably have no idea who Slo Down is. If you’re having trouble remembering, Slo Down is the guy, who wore the Phantom of the Opera styled mask when he was with the St. Lunatics. Anyways, last week Hip-Hop Wired reported Slo Down’s problems with Nelly not paying him and other St. Lunatics fairly. Although Slo Down admits to having never contributed to any lyrics or production for songs, he maintains that his “ghetto sign language”  on stage during performances was necessary for the overall branding of the St. Lunatics. I’m sorry…What is ghetto sign language anyways?

Watch the video of Slo Down’s interview here  ——> St. Lunatic Claims Nelly Underpaid Members

4) Elle magazine for starting another skin lightening controversy.

By now, most of you have probably heard about the storm brewing around Elle magazine and the magazine’s cover of Precious star Gabourey Sidibe. Elle has been accused of lightening Ms. Sidibe’s skin. In Elle‘s defense, I can see how a simple fooling around with the brightness and contrast levels of the picture could lead to some “lightening.” With that said, by now all magazines know that people of color are sensitive. Elle, make the girl look as close to her natural shade as possible next time. It will save the company a couple of headaches in the future.

Side note: Elle is also accused of hiding Sidibe’s body. While other actresses had full body shots, Sidibe was basically photographed from the bust and shoulders up. However, this is another issue…

5) Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino  for thinking that he’s more famous than Kim K.

Recently, Mike Sorrentino from the hit MTV show Jersey Shore tried to make an appearance deal worth $500,000. Needless to say, that proposal was immediately shot down by the broker, who admitted that not even Kim Kardashian would receive that type of money.

BUT, apparently, Sorrentino is more popular than Kim K? His manager seems to think so, claiming that ” The Situation is much larger than Kim Kardashian.”

Personally, I think that Dancing With The Stars has gotten to Mr. Sorrentino’s head. It’s not THAT much of a situation out here…

The Situation Thinks He’s Larger Than Kim K

**Well, that concludes Hot Mess Monday. I hope that everyone enjoyed those stories as much as I did. Now, I can only hope to learn Slo Down’s ghetto sign language, so that I can reach The Situation’s level and not get paid $500,000 to perform it. 😉

Hot Mess Mondays: From Lady to Lindsay – They’re All Crazy

Once again, another week of hot messness has passed, and it’s up to me to present to you the top 5 celebs, who were and are a hot mess. Let’s get it!

1) Floyd Mayweather Jr. for getting arrested.

Last week, I hoped that I would not be reporting another arrest. With that said, I’m not surprised. Someone always has to be getting in trouble. Right now, Mayweather could face up to 5 years in prison for grand larceny charges. In addition to supposedly beating his girlfriend, Mayweather is also accused of stealing the girl’s cell phone, which explains the potential grand larceny charges. Smh…

2) Lindsay Lohan for wanting to get pregnant.

Rumor has it that Lindsay Lohan believes that having a baby will help turn her life around. Lindsay supposedly cited Nicole Richie as a perfect example of her goals.

When I heard this, all I could think was “Oh Lindsay….”

Here’s the story —–> Lindsay Lohan Rumors

3) Lady Gaga for wearing meat at the VMAs.

Honestly, Lady Gaga is starting to annoy me. She’s commandeered every single “original style” for herself, causing more people to label her as Ms. Unique. Even though I love her music and the craziness, sometimes I just wish she would sit down and pick a persona. Not to mention, the whole meat thing was just too much and another cry for attention. She couldn’t even articulate to Ellen DeGeneres the purpose of her wearing the dress. I’m starting to feel like Gaga just needs a hug.

Read the story here. ——–> DeGeneres, PETA Carve Up Lady Gaga’s Meat Wear

4) Anyone involved with the VMAs for making a very boring show.

Speaking of Gaga, I tried watching the VMAs live last night. I saw Gaga accept an award, and watched Taylor Swift and Drake’s performances before deciding that the night was not going to be that exciting. Later, I watched the rest of the performances online, and saw that Bieber was cute, but not spectacular; that Usher was cool, but outperformed by his light show; and that Rihanna was horrible as always. Honestly, MTV you failed. Anyone else think that they should have made Willow Smith perform “Whip My Hair” last night? Something tells me that a pinky from the Smith family has more talent than Rihanna. Just sayin’…

5) Snooki for writing “Tan” on job applications.

If you haven’t been watching MTV’s Jersey Shore, then all I can say is START WATCHING! The show is absolute hilarity. On last week’s episode Snooki explained how she didn’t get several jobs because under ethnicity she checked the “Other” box and wrote down “Tan.” Good job Snooki. Good job.

p.s. You can watch the latest Jersey Show episode on MTV.com.

**A part of me wishes that celebs wouldn’t be such a mess. Then again, some of these celebs just bring me so much joy and entertainment. lol

Look out for a whole new Hot Mess list  next Monday.  😉

Machete Is A Winner

First off, I just want to say that I hope everyone is having an awesome Labor Day Weekend. I was honestly a little sad on Friday because all of my family is home in D.C. while I’m out here in L.A. With that said, I continue to heart L.A. Not to mention, funemployment might be over before I know it! Thank goodness…lol

Anyways, I try to stay away from  posting on weekends, but I realize that I People Watch needs some weekend lovin’ too. So, in the future, look for weekend updates on the latest movies, music, and celeb news.

Let’s get it!


As mentioned on Friday, it was not my intention to see Machete this weekend. Even though I have been blogging about the film, the trailer just wasn’t doing it for me. With that said, this movie was good! I watched it last night, and thought that it was worthy of a post. At first, I expected that the gore would turn me off of the film, but after a while the gore just turned into pure comedy. After watching a number of decapitations in a row, it’s really easy to become desensitized to the violence.

For those of you who haven’t read a synopsis yet, Machete, in short, is about a former Mexican Federale, Machete (played by Danny Trejo), who attempts to take down the corrupt politicians and vigilantes on the U.S./Mexican border. If you like gruesome action, nudity, sex, and a lot of funny moments in your movies, then you will LOVE Machete. Machete, which was written, directed, and produced by Robert Rodriguez, has a Quentin Tarantino feel, and definitely keeps the entertainment going for the whole 2 hours. Not to mention, boys will like seeing Michelle Rodriguez and Jessica Alba in their respective roles as a leader of “the network,” a secret group that helps immigrants cross the border, and a U.S.  Immigration and Customs Enforcement agent. Lindsay Lohan is also good in the film. Although she is not a main focus, she did hold her own amongst the top players. Robert DeNiro is also  fantastic as the corrupt Senator McLaughlin, who is hoping to be reelected by promising to keep the Mexicans out of the U.S.

Overall, if you have been wanting to see Machete and haven’t already, then go see it! If Machete was not a part of your original movie plans, then still go see it! I think that you will be entertained.  😉

True Thursdays: Lindsay. Lindsay. Laurence?

As a recently unemployed college graduate, sometimes I wonder how someone can have so much, yet so little at the same time. Ms. Lohan has been a hot topic on this blog since its beginning, and she doesn’t seem to be becoming old news any time soon. The young starlet was just released from rehab after 23 days of treatment. For a while, there was speculation that Lindsay was suffering from bi-polar disorder and addicted to adderall, but Lindsay’s lawyer argues otherwise.

Personally, I just think that Lindsay is a simple product of Hollywood child stardom. She entered Hollywood as a child, and grew up in it as a teenager. She was critiqued from head to toe, and probably watched and read everything in the news about her and her family…..

As always, I wish Lindsay the absolute best. MTV.com reports that the actress is getting a lot of support from her Hollywood peers. Quentin Tarantino, who produced Lindsay’s latest movie Machete, even offered some kind words about the actress. With that said, sometimes it’s just better to be anonymous folks….At least Lindsay is not afraid to tweet about her frustrations. The girl has to be hurting, and it’s better for her to tweet her anger than party it off.

Read the MTV article here ————>Lindsay Lohan

Moving On….

Speaking of anonymous, no one knew, who this girl (above) was until her recent sex-tape cries for attention. Montana Fisburne, the daughter of Laurence Fishburne, has decided that now is the time for her own Kim Kardashian breakout moment. Montana has been trying to raise her Hollywood starlet level for a while now, so naturally she needed a sex tape?

Now, I know that this is technically old news, but I wonder what is running through Laurence’s mind. Vivid Entertainment, the distributors of Kim K’s tapes, could care less about The Matrix star’s feelings. Vivid is looking to use Montana to its full advantage. Personally, I can just picture Laurence shaking his head now. No father wants this for his daughter….. At least Kim K, Kendra, and Paris’ tapes were all “accidents.” Also, it’s not even like Laurence could throw on his Morpheus shades to hide from the shame. Montana looks JUST like him, bone structure and all. Check out the pic below.

Oh well….Let us hope that other young girls don’t travel Montana’s road into the tabloids for the sake of fame…If you’re a natural star and hard worker, Hollywood will take notice my friends…

Read more here ———->Montana Fishburne

p.s. I realize that Wild Wednesday is non-existent and that True Thursday is a bit late. As someone once told me, it’s not unemployment, but FUNemployment. lol Honestly, after years of hard work, I deserve the fun. However, bills do not pay themselves…Wish me continued luck on the job search everyone! If I fail at employment, maybe I can take the Montana approach? Just kidding… 😉

Are You Looking For A Predator?

Probably not unless you’re dropped into a game reserve on an alien planet. That’s pretty much the synopsis for the latest Predators film. Once again, I went to see a movie that was not on my summer sun movie list. With that said, the movie actually wasn’t that bad. If you like the original 1987 Predator, which starred Governor Schwarzenegger, then you probably will enjoy this one too.  The film’s director definitely went back to basics with this film, and it appears to have worked out well for him. Instead of creating something super silly like Alien vs. Predator, Nimrod Antal and the film’s writers stuck with good ol suspense, decent enough acting, and limited dialogue. Because I am not a Predator fan, I’m not going to recommend the film as a “must see.” However, it’s not bad, and if you’re looking for another action film (i.e.  have seen all the other movies out right now like me lol), then Predators might be for you.

p.s. It’s always nice to see Adrien Brody in a film despite him sounding like Batman’s cousin lol. 😉

Also, during the previews, I saw the first real trailer for Robert Rodriguez’s Machete. The trailer actually looks like a lot of fun. At first, I was a little worried when I heard that Lindsay Lohan was going to be in the film. The fake trailer that the movie is based off of just didn’t look that compelling to me, but now I have some faith in the actual film even if it doesn’t necessarily boost Lohan’s career.

Side note: Although Ms. Lohan is in Machete, her name  and face were definitely left out of the trailer. Looks like the burned out starlet won’t be getting movie credit while she’s incarcerated. Ouch!

Also, can Lindsay PLEASE go back to being a redhead? I’m just sayin…That’s what made her stand out/look better in the first place. Seriously, let us pray that jail helps the little sunspot.

Anyways, here’s the latest trailer for the Machete.

What do you think? A possible winner?

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