Plenty of Randomness

Because we’re all recovering from celebrating another fabulous July 4th, I figured today’s post should be light, and of course, FUN! And, because there’s nothing in particular keeping my attention at the moment, I’d figure I just give you guys lots and lots of randomness! lol

First up….X-tina.

By now, you all should be used to my Christina Aguilera posts. However, this one is not necessarily to promote her latest album Bionic. It truly isn’t. Honestly, one day I just became curious about what Christina’s next moves would be and which single she would release next, if any….Right now, it looks like her new single will be “You Lost Me.” Clearly, I’ve been in the television dark because Christina performed the single almost a month ago on both David Letterman and American Idol. Now, I’ve listened to the entire Bionic album, but this song never stood out to me. However, after watching this performance and seeing the emotion pouring from Christina’s eyes and vocals, “You Lost Me” has become one of my favorites, proving the power of a live performance. If people aren’t getting your music the first time, it’s up to you to make them understand, and that is exactly what X-tina is doing. She is still one of the ballad queens.

Here is Christina performing “You Lost Me” on American Idol.

Also, if you’re curious. Here is the radio mix for the song as well.

Side Note: Can people please end the X-tina, Gaga comparisons! They are two completely different artists, and I think their albums speak for themselves. Both girls are extremely talented, and in very different ways. 🙂


After having watched the Alex Wong and Twitch performance on So You Think You Can Dance, I immediately looked up Alex Wong on YouTube. I haven’t been watching SYTYCD, so I need to catch up on my knowledge of these dancers. With that said, I found this older performance that Alex Wong did with fellow contestant Billy and SYTYCD all-star Ade. It’s a Mia Micheal’s routine, and it’s absolutely brilliant. The dance is supposed to me representative of men, life, and growing old.

A-mazing, right?! Low key, this almost made me cry….  I love watching SYTYCD because there is just so much unbelievable talent. Alex Wong is not the only gifted one. Billy with the fire engine is always great and Ade…well, here’s an old Ade performance..

Enough said. 😉

And to end today’s post, I figured I leave everyone with the latest Maroon 5 video! I love Maroon 5. Songs About Jane has to be one of the greatest albums ever. Anyways, enjoy!

Like it?

Outta Your Mind Again

Thanks to my friend Monzi, I have found the clip of Alex and Twitch’s performance on SYTYCD. As promised, here it is. Let’s hope it’s not taken down again….


A-mazing, isn’t it? 🙂

Outta Your Mind

**UPDATE: Of course, soon after I publish my post, Dick Clark Productions takes the video off YouTube! lol Oh well….Don’t worry. I’ll continue to look out for it, so that those of you, who missed it, can still check it out.

Wow, it definitely looks like I have a lot to report today. I don’t know what’s going on. I guess I’m just inspired. Anyways, last night on “So You Think You Can Dance”, one of the remaining contestants, Alex, performed alongside SYTYCD all-star Twitch. Choreographed by Napoleon and Tabatha, a couple that has produced a number of great dances for the show, the performance was absolutely Aaaaa-mazing. lol Anyways, here it is below. Enjoy because it’s about to make you go outta your mind! 😉

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