Hot Mess Mondays: Why do some people stay on this list?

Because they continue to get arrested…lol

Good morning boys and girls! I know that Mondays can sometimes be extremely rough. After all, it is the day that school or work starts back up again. However, Mondays can also be fun, Fun, FUN! The celeb world did not disappoint us last week, and its craziness gave us plenty of stories to enjoy this glorious morning. This Monday’s Hot Mess list is filled with hilarity. So, let’s get started shall we. 😉

1) Lindsay Lohan for failing her drug test and facing more jail time.

Not too long ago, Lindsay swore that she was not a drug addict. That explains why she failed her court-ordered drug test last week. Apparently, her test showed up positive for cocaine. Oh, Lindsay…At least the starlette didn’t make up some dumb excuse like Paris about snorting gum.

Lindsay took to her twitter and let all of her fans know that she failed the test and has a problem. Honestly, I think Lindsay knows exactly what she’s doing. If she’s sent back to jail or rehab, then hopefully, she will get the help that she needs.

Lindsay Lohan Fails Drug Test

2) Kid Cudi for being an arrogant ***.

When I read an interview done by Kid Cudi about his past cocaine addictions and how/why he got kicked off of Lady Gaga’s tour, I wanted to gag. This guy is so arrogant it’s beyond disturbing. Not to mention, he’s actually annoyed that Lady Gaga booted him off the tour. You hit a fan Cudi!

Here’s the full article. —-> Kid Cudi Interview

Apparently, Kid Cudi has also started beef with rapper Wale. I’m starting to think that someone needs a babysitter and about 3,000 humble pies.

3) Slo Down, former member of the St. Lunatics, for accusing rapper Nelly of being unfair.

Most of you guys probably have no idea who Slo Down is. If you’re having trouble remembering, Slo Down is the guy, who wore the Phantom of the Opera styled mask when he was with the St. Lunatics. Anyways, last week Hip-Hop Wired reported Slo Down’s problems with Nelly not paying him and other St. Lunatics fairly. Although Slo Down admits to having never contributed to any lyrics or production for songs, he maintains that his “ghetto sign language”  on stage during performances was necessary for the overall branding of the St. Lunatics. I’m sorry…What is ghetto sign language anyways?

Watch the video of Slo Down’s interview here  ——> St. Lunatic Claims Nelly Underpaid Members

4) Elle magazine for starting another skin lightening controversy.

By now, most of you have probably heard about the storm brewing around Elle magazine and the magazine’s cover of Precious star Gabourey Sidibe. Elle has been accused of lightening Ms. Sidibe’s skin. In Elle‘s defense, I can see how a simple fooling around with the brightness and contrast levels of the picture could lead to some “lightening.” With that said, by now all magazines know that people of color are sensitive. Elle, make the girl look as close to her natural shade as possible next time. It will save the company a couple of headaches in the future.

Side note: Elle is also accused of hiding Sidibe’s body. While other actresses had full body shots, Sidibe was basically photographed from the bust and shoulders up. However, this is another issue…

5) Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino  for thinking that he’s more famous than Kim K.

Recently, Mike Sorrentino from the hit MTV show Jersey Shore tried to make an appearance deal worth $500,000. Needless to say, that proposal was immediately shot down by the broker, who admitted that not even Kim Kardashian would receive that type of money.

BUT, apparently, Sorrentino is more popular than Kim K? His manager seems to think so, claiming that ” The Situation is much larger than Kim Kardashian.”

Personally, I think that Dancing With The Stars has gotten to Mr. Sorrentino’s head. It’s not THAT much of a situation out here…

The Situation Thinks He’s Larger Than Kim K

**Well, that concludes Hot Mess Monday. I hope that everyone enjoyed those stories as much as I did. Now, I can only hope to learn Slo Down’s ghetto sign language, so that I can reach The Situation’s level and not get paid $500,000 to perform it. 😉

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