Hot Mess Mondays: The Men Are Dominating

Not in a good way…

Good morning boys and girls!

I’m feeling a little under the weather this morning, but that’s why it’s good that it’s a Hot Mess Monday. lol Now, I know that Hot Mess Mondays usually focus on the ridiculousness that went down the week before, but I’ve come across some pretty interesting news this morning that has to make this list.

Let’s get it!

1) Any celebrity male that is accused of pedophilia.


Bishop Eddie Long


This morning on Hip Hop Wired, it was reported that Raz B, former member of the R&B boyband B2K, was speaking out against celebrity pedophiles, including Eddie Long, Chris Stokes, and Marques Houston. Marques Houston?!


Chris Stokes and Marques Houston


For those of you who are less familiar with Marques Houston’s music career, you may know him as the lovable Roger from the hit TV show Sister Sister. Now, this is the first time I have heard anything like this  about him, but who knows with these celebrities sometimes…As for Eddie Long and Chris Stokes, they both have been publicly accused of such misbehavior in the past. In fact, Eddie Long is dealing with his decision to have “Spiritual Sons” right now. Smh…

Here’s the article about Raz-B, calling out the three men. —> Raz B of B2K Calls Out Pedophiles

2) Alicia Keys for acting like she’s done nothing wrong.

It’s old news that Ms. Keys got together with her husband, producer Swizz Beatz, before he was divorced from his wife. However, now that Alicia is pregnant, she’s been seen flaunting her baby bump all over the place. Now, I know that the girl can’t escape the cameras, but the story of how her marriage and baby bump all came together equals serious judgment. Maybe Alicia should go live a quieter life for a while? Just a thought…

p.s. Ms. Keys is also a hot mess for never releasing a video for “Put It In A Love Song.” When I first started this blog, there were stills of her and Beyonce making the video in Brazil. But, where is it, Alicia? Where is it? lol


3) T.I. for facing 14 months prison time.

Honestly, T.I. is just making some pretty stupid decisions. He’ll be on this list until he gets it together.

4) Lil’ Wayne for also making stupid decisions while already in jail.

Not too long ago, Wayne was ordered to solitary confinement for being caught with an mp3 player at his latest home on Rikers Island. Wayne will remain in solitary confinement until he is released on Nov. 4th. A mess….If anything, Wayne can take pride in the fact that he still continues to sell plenty of music while incarcerated. Unfortunately, his success on the Billboard charts does not excuse his behavior.

5) Christopher Columbus for having a holiday.

Okay, so this entry is a little extra…lol However, seeing as though today is Columbus Day, I think it’s a hot mess that after all of the truth that has come out about Christopher Columbus that we still honor him with his own holiday. Sure, he discovered the Americas for Spain, but let’s not forget that plenty of people (i.e. the Native Americans) had reached America long before Christopher. Not to mention, Christopher and his men were outrageously cruel to the people they came into contact with.

Today there’s an article in The Huffington Post about Columbus Day, and I think it’s worth a read.

Check it out. —> Columbus Day? True Legacy – Cruelty and Slavery


**And, with that, today’s Hot Mess countdown is over. Sadness I know…Hopefully, some of these celebrities get their acts together/ some psychological help.

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Thank You Lady Gaga

Looking back over the past school year (and I know it’s not finished just yet), I realize that I have been really entertained by the music industry lately. At first, I could not pinpoint the exact reasons for why music artists were bringing me a particular and unexplainable joy, BUT now, I know why! Ladies and gentlemen, the age of the music video has returned and I think it is for the better.

Personally, I have been getting tired of the cheap video girl images that came packaged and ready for shipping with every new rapper. There are only so many times when artists can recycle suicide doors, exploding champagne bottles, and metal mouths for their music videos. That is precisely why 2009 and 2010 have been incredibly strong music video years. It looks to me like the music industry is beginning to realize just how important a music video can be in promoting a new song. For example, Usher’s brand new video for his latest single “OMG” is awesome. Originally, I was not a fan of “OMG,” but now after seeing a few classic Usher dance moves combined with clean choreo against a crisp white wall and dancing shadows, I love the song!

Don’t get it twisted, Usher’s video, though cool, has nothing on the reigning queens’. That’s right. Lady Gaga and Beyonce undoubtedly killed the music video game this year, bringing a much needed sense of creativity to other artists. Without her quirky/sometimes questionably unique style and groundbreaking concepts for music videos, Lady Gaga would not be the superstar that she is today. Not to mention, Lady Gaga is making everyone realize that they need to step their game up!  As for Beyonce, she’s been in the business working her butt off for years, and it is her approach to the music video that helps to continue her dominance over the rest. I mean, let’s be real….we all thought “Single Ladies” was a hot ass mess until we saw the music video….

Anyways, I could go on forever about how happy I am to be watching the quality of thought all over MTV, VH1, and Youtube nowadays….So, instead of boring you with my rambling, I am just going to give you examples of the music videos I think rock. These artists definitely deserve to have people watch their efforts.  😉

Side note: I would like to thank Chris Brown for continuing to provide great music videos despite his career dry spell. The sand-spinning in the video for “Crawl” is just magical! Gets me every time. LOL Also, thank you Adam Lambert for coming correct, and at least trying to hang with the best of the music video kings and queens. You’re underground sewer/Dracula’s lair theatrics made me love you even more. Keep up the good work! Also, where is the Alicia Keys and Beyonce video for Put It In A Love Song? Am I missing something here or wasn’t the production for that video being hyped over two months ago? I’m just saying….

Enjoy the videos! 🙂

And because there is no video for Put It In A Love Song, here’s a picture from the music video shoot for you to stare at? lol

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