The Stars Are Falling

We peasants are always ready to learn about our kings, queens, princes, and princesses getting into trouble. That is just the simple nature of the fairytale that we live in, Hollywood: A Travesty. Our majesties get into trouble one day, and then magically the next day they are out of trouble again. And, we accept that their fairy godmothers are working a lot harder than our own, especially our fave princess’.

Yes, our highness, Ms. Lohan, was in trouble just yesterday when reports surfaced that she was stuck in France, and about to miss her mandatory court appearance back home in LA. Rumors began that a warrant might even be issued for Lindsay’s arrest. Now, it looks like Lindsay’s warrant has been recalled.

Honestly, Lindsay’s godmother must be saying more than”Bippidy- Boppidy-Boo!” because as we all know it takes a lot to keep our little redhead out of trouble. Maybe someone just needs to let Lindsay’s star fall  out of the sky permanently for a while. That might be the only way that she’ll get it together. She’s almost completely in the ground anyways…..Just saying…

Lindsay Lohan Arrest Warrant Recalled

What do you think? Should everyone just pull the plug on Lindsay? Send her off to jail to learn a Paris lesson? A curious mind wants to know!

As for another princess….

It looks like Ms. Fox’s star will be dropping from the sky soon as the young starlet won’t be appearing in the next Transformers movie. Rumor had it a while ago that Megan upset the blockbuster’s director Michael Bay. Now, film execs are saying that they just want to take Shia Labeouf’s character in a new direction without a girlfriend. We peasants know that that’s code for “Megan, screwed up and big!” Unfortunately, I don’t know if this princess even has as much relevance as Lindsay. We only hear about Ms. Fox when a new Transformers is about to be released. I guess that means both her and her fairy godmother are out of work for now.

I just don’t see Megan really having much of a movie career without the metal monsters. Let’s be real, she only made princess status for being “hot”….With that said, she can always make bank modeling. Thoughts?

p.s. Just because some stars fall, doesn’t mean that others won’t rise.

Check out these cute British boys as they become rising stars on Britain’s Got Talent, which seems to show better talent than America by the way…lol

Enjoy! 🙂

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