Can’t Stop Won’t Stop

Looks like our favorite starlet, Ms. Lindsay Lohan,  has a new single out! “Can’t Stop Won’t Stop” is your typical slowish Pop song. However, it’s not as catchy as Lindsay’s “Rumors,” which came out in 2004 before the actress/singer ran into drug and legal troubles. Even though I am undecided about the song, I am glad to learn that Lindsay is scheduled to complete her alcohol education classes on time. At least she’s accomplishing a string of productivity nowadays. Maybe her new music should reflect more on that fact instead of just on generic boy problems??? Only a suggestion….Anyways, I do think that the words “Can’t Stop Won’t Stop” could be seen as Lindsay’s subtle way of letting the world know that she is back and not stopping anytime soon.

Is it a winner??? Leave a comment and let me know what you think!

Lindsay Lohan Alcohol Classes

**With Lindsay coming back on the scene, I can’t help, but to draw some comparisons to the other redhead in Tinseltown, Ms. Cyrus. Both Lindsay and Miley began as child actors before picking up music careers as well. Now, that Miley is beginning to become more “mature,” one has to wonder if she, too, will soon be on the downward Hollywood spiral. Let’s hope not…..

p.s. A friend suggested that I write a post comparing Lindsay and Miley, and I think I’m going to do it. It just sounds like too much fun and hilarity to pass up, so consider the post written. lol

In the meantime, let’s remember the good ol’ days shall we. Here’s the video for Lindsay’s “Rumors.” Enjoy! 🙂

I’m liking this oldie a lot better than the new single. Also, the cage in this video reminds me of another girl’s recent video. Hmmmm…..Miley, maybe?

Side Note: After reporting about Bret Michaels’ latest battles in the ICU, I realize that I never updated everyone about the rocker’s current health status. Apparently, our prayers worked and Bret seems to be doing rather well. He’s even talking about touring by the end of May.

As much as I am happy for Bret, I think that he needs to take a breather. After all, the man did almost die! He doesn’t need to tour. Just sayin’……BUT, if this post’s theme is about not stopping, then I guess Bret is right in his decision.

Bret Michaels’ Condition

And, on another completely random note, Lindsay’s song title reminded me of another hit from way back when. You have to remember this one! I wonder what happened to the Young Gunz…

Awww, I miss them. 🙂

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