Hot Mess Mondays: Why Do U.S. Artists Suck???

Guess who’s back! And, I’m back full force. After my longest hiatus ever, I think it’s definitely time for a real return. Not to mention, the Billboard Awards took place last night and there’s a lot of people to call out for their hot messness. Let’s get it!

1) Chris Brown for TERRIBLE lip-synching.

Usually, I give Brown a free pass since he literally dances his ass off. BUT, last night, his lips were so out of sync with the track that I absolutely had to put him on this list. Watch Chris’ performance below.

I do better than that singing in front of the mirror….

Sidenote: Why did he borrow Harriet Tubman’s headscarf for this performance….I’m just sayin’.

2) Katy Perry for another horrible vocal.

I heart this song, but O.M.G. At least Rihanna can start a song off right. Katy was horrible from the very beginning. I think it’s time for Ms. Perry to consider playback.

p.s. Didn’t Pink twirl around once above the stage and sound A-mazing doing it?

Yup….that’s what I thought.

3) Justin Bieber for failing to sell me on his new single.

I saw Bieber perform “Boyfriend” on The Voice. His performance was okay, but he could’ve done better.

Now, he’s done worse. I just think boo boo needs to let his voice finish changing because that awkward squeaking is doing the absolute most. Maybe Chris Brown should give him one of his free passes….

4) Nelly Furtado for confusing the hell out of me.

I don’t know whether I liked her performance or not. It was Pop/Rock/Hip Hop? The only real adjective that for sure fits this song is LOUD. lol Maybe it will grow on me….

5) The Wanted for making the U.S. look real bad.

They’re hot and talented?! I am so sold on this U.K. manband. **HOT**

BTWs I have to give Usher some credit here because he sang AND danced AND sounded really good doing both. Hollers old man!

If only he would cut that scruff!

Hot Mess Mondays: Chris Brown Back At It

And not in the right ways…..

Let’s get it!

1) Chris Brown for getting into more trouble.

Apparently, Chris stole a girl’s cell phone last month after partying in Miami. Now, he could be faced with both robbery and assault charges. Although it sounds like he probably won’t be going to jail, it’s still a hot ashy mess. Moisturize your ego Breezy!

2) Ben F. for that haaaaair!

I can’t believe this kid went on national television to find a wife with this hair. Without a doubt, he has the worst hair in Bachelor history. Sometimes you just gotta get your ears lowered…

3) Snooki for being preggers…

I’m just sad about this for selfish reasons. This news will definitely change something about my reality TV watching. Sigh…I guess I can watch Snooki with a baby meatball. I just hope she makes a decent mother…

Oh, the celebrity life…lol

Hot Mess Mondays: Rihanna and Chris Hit The Studio

All I’m going to say is that Rihanna is making it very hard for people to hate Chris Brown, her ex-boo….

Let’s get it!

1) Rihanna for featuring Chris Brown on her single “Birthday Cake.”

Take a listen!

I’m not going to lie. I love the beat of this song! It’s so catchy! BUT, the lyrics are a bit vulgar….and I find it interesting that these two used this song to come back together. Definitely not sending the best message.

2) Chris Brown for featuring Rihanna on his single “Turn Up The Music.”

Check it out below!

Actually, Chris Brown’s pretty smart. His single is lighthearted and fun. As the main singer on this one, it’s good that he didn’t come up with something along the lines of “Birthday Cake.” Just wouldn’t be the best idea for HIS single…

Anyways, these two are going to be the only ones on this list today. Their singles have already sparked enough controversy to last months. I guess I’ll have to get used to the constant Chris Brown, Rihanna talks again.

I’ve said this before, and I’ll say it again. I don’t really care what these two do as long as they stay out of trouble and make good music. And quite frankly, why should I care?  These two have basically  given the middle finger to the world anyways. At the end of the day, what goes on between the two of them is private. However, domestic violence is a serious and should be acknowledged – I just refuse to continue bashing Chris Brown when I know a lot of those other heifers in the industry are probably doing the same thing…Side-eye.

Read what the LA Times has to say! —> Chris Brown and Rihanna

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Hot Mess Mondays: WTF Nicki Minaj…

I’ve been gone for a minute now, but last night’s Grammys have brought me back in full force. There was so much ashiness going on that I had to present some type of commentary.

1) Nicki Minaj for just being a hot mess.

Honestly, I can’t find the appropriate words to use to describe her performance last night because the language I’m thinking of is inappropriate for this blog. With that said, I don’t know what hellfire Nicki Minaj decided  to appear from, but I know it wasn’t the usual devil’s. Honestly, I’m tired of Nicki, Gaga, Perry, and the likes. All of these heifers are trying to be so weird and “different” that they’re all becoming the same person. Not to mention, their music is so ashy that it’s starting to crack my eardrums. At least Madonna made good Pop music. Get it together ladies!

2) Rihanna for making me believe…..

Every time Rihanna performs, I decide to give her the benefit of the doubt. After all, in recent years, she’s been improving as a live performer (After terrible concert sales, Jay-Z was probably like “*^&(% you betta work!”). Unfortunately, last night ended up being another example of why I will never purchase homegirl’s concert ticket. Rihanna started off okay. She was even on key for the most part… Then, it was time for her performance with Coldplay….

Doesn’t she hear herself??? I would advocate for her to use playback, but if she did that she wouldn’t have a career. Boo boo is not Britney status.

By the way, this was Rihanna a few years ago….

You know Jay-Z said something. Heifer didn’t even hit one note! #Fail

3) Chris Brown for constantly making my Newsfeed.

Personally, I’ve forgiven Chris enough for his past to not care about him performing on the Grammys. However, I know that a lot of people haven’t. I guess the point is that he should’ve never hit a woman and then blown up my inbox.

p.s. He had an awesome performance last night as always. Maybe I would be more excited about this Chris Brown at the Grammys debate, but honestly he’s already performed everywhere else. This is just another award show in my mind. The End.

Check out Brown’s performance below….

And, in other news…

This weekend marked a sad time in the music industry when Whitney Houston passed. Thank goodness we have Jennifer Hudson to sing such beautiful tributes. Between her and Adele, the Grammys weren’t a complete waste of my time.

We love you Whitney!

Whitney Houston


And, just for kicks….

Take some pointers Rihanna!

Hot Mess Mondays: Straight Stanky

There are so many people out here nowadays that are straight STANKY! I can’t call out the ones in my actual life, so I’ll just have to settle for the celebs instead. Let’s get it!

1) Chris Brown for getting banned in the UK.

Okay…Honestly, Brown hasn’t been that stanky as of late. He’s just on this list for constantly being in the media. Earlier last week, it was the questionable tweets and now it’s this UK ban. With that said, the UK is stanky for banning Breezy from performing. Like WTF?

I get it. Boo boo messed up and put some boo boos on Rihanna’s face…..BUT not letting him perform seems a tad bit extreme if you ask me. Whatever though…I live in America where drug dealers, cokeheads, wife-beaters, rapists, and the like are allowed to perform…. Side-eye! 🙂

2) Christina Aguilera for distracting the public with her outfits.

As you guys know, I love me some X-Tina. She’s def one of my favorite singers. No matter what anyone says, she usually kills when it comes to the mic. Unfortunately, her outfit choices continue to take the attention off of her voice.

During the Michael Jackson tribute concert in Cardiff, Wales,  X-Tina performed “Dirty Diana” and smashed it. Yet, everyone is talking about her attire….I have to admit – it wasn’t the most flattering ensemble….We can do better X-tina. YES WE CAN!

3) Snooki for just being stanky!

Snooki has made this list on several occasions, and she will continue to do so unless she gets an attitude adjustment. I love Snooki and all of her pig noises, but homegirl is turning into a little diva if you ask me. The way she treats Jenny is such a mess. Face it Snooki. You’re stanky and your biffle is just trying to air you out.

Luv her though! lol 😉

4) Beyonce for stealing more dance moves.

Sooooo, Beyonce sees videos on YouTube, then decides that she can do them even better…haha I think she just needs to give people some more credit. Talk about how they inspired her in an interview or something! And like before the public finds the copycat footage on YouTube…Just sayin’….

Check out Mrs. Copycat Carter below.

Although Beyonce copies, she’s still fierce even when preggers with a little B-Z!

p.s. I felt like this post needed to end with some music, and the song below seemed the most appropriate…

Don’t judge me…lol  Lowkey, Beyonce copied this dance too for her “Run The World (Girls)” video. 😉

True Thursdays: I’m Glad He’s Back

Whether you like him or not, there is no denying that Chris Brown is an A-mazing performer. Personally, I am beyond thankful that he will be gracing this year’s VMA stage. I don’t know about you all, but I have not been happy with MTV’s Video Music Awards recently. In the past, the VMAs were something to look forward to. Talent was lighting up the stage all the time. Then, all of a sudden, the real talent got older and stopped coming…..

I know Brown doesn’t have the best reputation. I also know that he needs to be more mature when it comes to a number of situations. With that said, I’m glad the little sucker is getting more and more opportunities to perform. Let’s face it. Things were getting pretty boring when Chris Brown wasn’t on the stage.

Remember this VMA performance?

I wonder what he has in store for us this year. Hmmm….

p.s. Apparently, Adele will be performing as well. Hollers! 🙂

Music Tuesdays: Chris Brown, Are We Ignoring You?

I think so…

Good morning folks! I hope everyone feels well rested and ready for the day. As you know, today is Music Tuesday, and I hope I can create a few smiles with these music videos and tunes.

First up is Chris Brown.

Not too long ago I reported that Chris Brown had released a new single called “Yeah 3x.” So, why is it that I have yet to really hear the single on the radio??? There is even a music video for the song, which apparently premiered on Vevo over a week ago.

Here’s the music video for “Yeah 3x.”

Cute, huh? 🙂

The video only has 400,000 views, relatively low considering the number of views other superstar artists receive within a week. Honestly, I don’t know what is going on. I love both Brown’s song and his video. So, is all this a sign that he still hasn’t been forgiven by the public? Only time will tell, but I hope that people catch on soon. Like I’ve said before. What he did was wrong. However, the boy has WAY more talent than most of the artists out there today. There is no reason that “Yeah 3x” should not be in Billboard’s top 10, especially since the electro/dance sound is what’s blasting all over the radios nowadays. Just sayin’…

Next Up…


MC Hammer

Chris Brown’s video would make anyone smile, but if you’re looking for a really good laugh then you may want to turn to MC Hammer. Offended by Jay-Z’s lyrics in the song “So Appalled,” which reference his money woes, MC Hammer went straight to the studio to record his Jay-Z diss “Better Run Run.” The video for “Better Run Run” was posted on YouTube yesterday, and it is one of the funniest things I have watched in a long time. Not to mention, MC Hammer’s lyrics need some serious help. Even I could write better diss lyrics than him. Anyways, check out the video below!

I’m sorry, but when I saw the devil chasing Hammer in the woods, I died. With that said, the beat goes hard! Too bad it was WASTED on Hammer.  lol


Kelly Rowland

If for some reason neither Chris Brown nor MC Hammer are bringing smiles to your face, then perhaps Kelly Rowland will. Last night, my friend posted one of Kelly’s live performances on my Facebook page. While watching, I realized that Ms. Kelly had a single that I had not heard of. It’s not necessarily new, but if I haven’t heard of it, then there’s a chance that you all haven’t either. Here’s the music video for Kelly’s “Forever And A Day.”

Recently, rapper Nelly stated how he would like for Kelly to return to R&B  even though he supports her Pop career in Europe. Honestly, if I was Kelly, I would keep my behind right over there in Europe. They love her, and I’m sure she’s making some pretty good money as a solo artist. Go Kelly!

Anyways, if you know of any new music, please let me know! Leave a comment and share this post with friends. 🙂

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