Hot Mess Mondays: Why Do U.S. Artists Suck???

Guess who’s back! And, I’m back full force. After my longest hiatus ever, I think it’s definitely time for a real return. Not to mention, the Billboard Awards took place last night and there’s a lot of people to call out for their hot messness. Let’s get it!

1) Chris Brown for TERRIBLE lip-synching.

Usually, I give Brown a free pass since he literally dances his ass off. BUT, last night, his lips were so out of sync with the track that I absolutely had to put him on this list. Watch Chris’ performance below.

I do better than that singing in front of the mirror….

Sidenote: Why did he borrow Harriet Tubman’s headscarf for this performance….I’m just sayin’.

2) Katy Perry for another horrible vocal.

I heart this song, but O.M.G. At least Rihanna can start a song off right. Katy was horrible from the very beginning. I think it’s time for Ms. Perry to consider playback.

p.s. Didn’t Pink twirl around once above the stage and sound A-mazing doing it?

Yup….that’s what I thought.

3) Justin Bieber for failing to sell me on his new single.

I saw Bieber perform “Boyfriend” on The Voice. His performance was okay, but he could’ve done better.

Now, he’s done worse. I just think boo boo needs to let his voice finish changing because that awkward squeaking is doing the absolute most. Maybe Chris Brown should give him one of his free passes….

4) Nelly Furtado for confusing the hell out of me.

I don’t know whether I liked her performance or not. It was Pop/Rock/Hip Hop? The only real adjective that for sure fits this song is LOUD. lol Maybe it will grow on me….

5) The Wanted for making the U.S. look real bad.

They’re hot and talented?! I am so sold on this U.K. manband. **HOT**

BTWs I have to give Usher some credit here because he sang AND danced AND sounded really good doing both. Hollers old man!

If only he would cut that scruff!

Music Tuesdays: Nicki Minaj is NOT a Rapper. She’s a “Popstar.”

After hearing Nicki Minaj on David Guetta’s track, I started to like her again….UNTIL she released a music video for “Stupid Hoe” and performed “Roman” at the Grammys.

Fortunately, Minaj has decided to leave those tragedies behind (at least for now) and put out some more promising Pop music.

Honestly, I can no longer consider Nicki Minaj a rapper. She clearly wants to be Britney Spears and Lady Gaga with a Katy Perry wig. Sometimes I think the direction of her career is kind of sad. Instead of trying to be the best female rapper of all time, she’s turning into just another dance-track maker.

The song is cute though!

Moving on…

Another rapper releasing new music right now is B.o.B. I love B.o.B. He’s always had his own unique sound.

Listen to his new single “So Good” below!

I know that this song is about to have major airplay. People were already going crazy this morning.

p.s. Rihanna and Chris Brown’s “Birthday Cake” has hit the radio.

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True Thursdays: Katy and Nicki Are Overexposed

Both Katy Perry and Nicki Minaj have been having the year of their lives. They’ve literally been everywhere, and neither one of them is showing signs of slowing down.

I wasn’t a big Katy Perry fan until she released my jam, “Teenage Dream” back in 2010. Once that single came out, I was hooked. But now, all I want is for her to go away. Overexposure is a very real thing, and Ms. Perry has been overexposed. Unfortunately, I can’t get away from her music on the radio. Lord help me…

As for Nicki, I have never been 100% sold on this girl. Though some of her verses are good, a lot of them are questionable. When I hear her on the radio, I can’t even comprehend what’s coming out of her mouth. Does she even speak real words?

Maybe I’m being too harsh on these two. Nonetheless, I’m ready to hear and discover some NEW talent in 2012. 🙂

p.s. Listen to Nicki’s verse on this David Guetta song “Turn Me On.”

Nicki’s actually the one singing on this track, and she doesn’t sound that bad. If only she sang this good in real life….No, I have not forgotten her GMA performance. SMH. Oh, the wonders of autotune…haha

Hot Mess Mondays: The Grammys

Good morning boys and girls!

I’m sure everyone is aware that today is Valentine’s Day. Whether you have that “special someone” to share your evening with or not, Valentine’s Day can always be about so much more than just one person. It is a day to show love, and there is plenty of love and roses to go around. 🙂

Anyways, enough with this V-day mumbo jumbo. I know why you’re really here, so let’s get it!

1) Lady Gaga for being born this way – a mess.

Last night, Gaga arrived on the Grammy red carpet inside of an egg shaped pod. Now, as much as I want to love Gaga, I just can’t support her antics anymore. She is always trying to top her own ridiculousness, and quite frankly I’m becoming a little annoyed. There’s a difference between being different and unique, and being a desperate attention-seeker. Unfortunately, Gaga is starting to become the latter. Not to mention, her new song “Born This Way” also has me on edge. Gaga’s new single honestly reminds me of everything that’s been done in the late eighties, early nineties, and I definitely understand the Madonna comparison. Regardless of its unoriginal style, however, I just actually don’t like the song. I’m a little disappointed and hope that the rest of her new music will be better….

p.s. Many of Gaga’s little monsters think “Born This Way” is the best thing since sliced bread. Why am I not surprised?…

2) Whoever attacked Esperanza Spalding’s Wikipedia page.

If you watched the Grammys last night or the news this morning, then you are probably aware of the “controversy” surrounding Best New Artist winner, Esperanza Spalding. Many people were flabbergasted when the Oregon native jazz singer took home the trophy over public favorite, Justin Bieber. Therefore, it was no surprise when not-so-nice comments were left on Esperanza Spalding’s Wikipedia page.

Honestly, I’m not really that upset that Esperanza won. Even though I had no idea who she was before last night, I trust that she was both nominated and voted winner by the academy for a reason. I checked out some of her music after the Grammys, and the sound is pretty good. I’m not really into jazz, but I liked it. With that said, during my investigation of her, I realized that she’s been out for a minute, which leaves the question, “Why was she nominated for Best New Artist?” At least homegirl has a really nice style… 😉

3) Everyone who arrived to the Grammys looking a hot mess.

Nicki Minaj

Katy Perry

There were plenty of crazy fashion statements being made on the red carpet this year, but these two were just some of the worst! lol I know that artists are known to wear crazy outfits to the Grammys, but the show is not a Halloween extravaganza. Just sayin…

4) Rihanna and Eminem for performing that stupid song again!

A lot of people love Eminem’s “Love The Way You Lie,” featuring Rihanna. At one point, I did too. But honestly, if I have to hear this stupid song one more time, I’m going to go crazy…Not to mention, Rihanna can never perform the song well live. Can she just use playback please? It would be so much better, and no one would mind. Like, really. 😉

Side Note: One of my favorite performances from last night was Justin Bieber, Usher, and Jaden Smith. Too cute!

To watch some of the Grammy performances again click here –> Grammys 2011

I See You!

Tonight’s post is simply serving as a shout out to everyone, who has seen or will see success this week….

Toy Story 3

First up is Disney Pixar. As mentioned in my last post, Toy Story 3 debuted over the weekend, and boy, did it debut! The animated feature took in a whopping $109 mil. That is the highest grossing opener for any Pixar film. I’m not surprised. The movie was fantastic. Congrats to everyone who is a part of the Disney Pixar family! 🙂

Knight and Day

Hoping to steal some of Toy Story 3‘s thunder are Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz. Their long awaited Knight and Day will enter theaters this Wednesday. Apparently the film has sold out each of its sneak-preview screenings. Although it’s been reported that the film is receiving mediocre ratings from critics, only the box office can tell how popular Knight and Day will be with audiences. Personally, I’m just excited to see Cruise return in another action-filled role. Therefore, I will definitely be seeing this movie in theaters. Will you?

Billboard Success

As for the music industry, it looks like Katy Perry and Usher are still going strong. Katy continues to hold the top spot on the Billboard Hot 100 with “California Girls” as Usher’s “OMG” stays strong at #2. I knew these two songs would be hits from the very beginning. 🙂

Moving On…….

And because I have been shamelessly promoting X-tina’s new album Bionic, I figure I should leave you guys with another one of her newer tracks, “Prima Donna.” “Prima Donna” is definitely one of my faves on the album, if not THE fave after “Woohoo.” Enjoy!

What do you think? Can you hear it on the radio?

California Girls!

Greetings loved ones!

Have you all been listening to the radio lately??? Well, I have, and I am in LOVE with Katy Perry’s new song “California Girls.” In my opinion, it is the perfect summer hit. It has an awesome beat and fun lyrics. I could see me listening to this song all summer long, and not getting tired of hearing it on the radio. Because as we all know, some radio hits make you want to throw your radio out of the car and burn it….lol

Take a listen!

What do you think? I can’t wait for a music video!

p.s. How come fun is always associated with California in songs??? I know California has the nice weather, the nice beaches, the nice vineyards, etc….and I know that I just answered my own question lol…BUT I have had plenty of fun back home in DC. Not to mention, New York is A-mazing in the summer. Just saying…..;-)

In other news….

One of California’s adopted girls, Christina Aguilera, just released her single “Woohoo” on iTunes today. You all already know that I love X-tina. Therefore, I won’t be buying “Woohoo” just yet. I will be copping the complete album instead on June 8th. Can’t wait! 🙂

Moving on….

Justin Bieber is apparently raising some eyebrows with his BET Awards nominations (at least on my campus). BET representatives explain Bieber’s nominations by arguing that Bieber has been a “crossover” success. Granted, some of Bieber’s music has been blasting from my speakers. However, I don’t know if his Pop music should be considered next to the other R&B artists’ songs. Personally, I just think BET has ulterior motives for including Bieber. Who knows…

Honestly, I could care less whether or not Bieber is nominated. After all, his mentor is Usher, and thus far all of his collaborations tend to feature black artists. With that said…Bieber is definitely not a JT or a Robin Thicke….

Any thoughts???

Justin Bieber Among BET Nominees

Side Note: If you need a reason for why Bieber is even remotely related to the title of this post, let’s just say that all the girls are running after this kid, including the ones in California! I know it’s a stretch, but I tried. lol 😉

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