Hot Mess Mondays: Chris Brown Back At It

And not in the right ways…..

Let’s get it!

1) Chris Brown for getting into more trouble.

Apparently, Chris stole a girl’s cell phone last month after partying in Miami. Now, he could be faced with both robbery and assault charges. Although it sounds like he probably won’t be going to jail, it’s still a hot ashy mess. Moisturize your ego Breezy!

2) Ben F. for that haaaaair!

I can’t believe this kid went on national television to find a wife with this hair. Without a doubt, he has the worst hair in Bachelor history. Sometimes you just gotta get your ears lowered…

3) Snooki for being preggers…

I’m just sad about this for selfish reasons. This news will definitely change something about my reality TV watching. Sigh…I guess I can watch Snooki with a baby meatball. I just hope she makes a decent mother…

Oh, the celebrity life…lol

Hot Mess Mondays: Straight Stanky

There are so many people out here nowadays that are straight STANKY! I can’t call out the ones in my actual life, so I’ll just have to settle for the celebs instead. Let’s get it!

1) Chris Brown for getting banned in the UK.

Okay…Honestly, Brown hasn’t been that stanky as of late. He’s just on this list for constantly being in the media. Earlier last week, it was the questionable tweets and now it’s this UK ban. With that said, the UK is stanky for banning Breezy from performing. Like WTF?

I get it. Boo boo messed up and put some boo boos on Rihanna’s face…..BUT not letting him perform seems a tad bit extreme if you ask me. Whatever though…I live in America where drug dealers, cokeheads, wife-beaters, rapists, and the like are allowed to perform…. Side-eye! 🙂

2) Christina Aguilera for distracting the public with her outfits.

As you guys know, I love me some X-Tina. She’s def one of my favorite singers. No matter what anyone says, she usually kills when it comes to the mic. Unfortunately, her outfit choices continue to take the attention off of her voice.

During the Michael Jackson tribute concert in Cardiff, Wales,  X-Tina performed “Dirty Diana” and smashed it. Yet, everyone is talking about her attire….I have to admit – it wasn’t the most flattering ensemble….We can do better X-tina. YES WE CAN!

3) Snooki for just being stanky!

Snooki has made this list on several occasions, and she will continue to do so unless she gets an attitude adjustment. I love Snooki and all of her pig noises, but homegirl is turning into a little diva if you ask me. The way she treats Jenny is such a mess. Face it Snooki. You’re stanky and your biffle is just trying to air you out.

Luv her though! lol 😉

4) Beyonce for stealing more dance moves.

Sooooo, Beyonce sees videos on YouTube, then decides that she can do them even better…haha I think she just needs to give people some more credit. Talk about how they inspired her in an interview or something! And like before the public finds the copycat footage on YouTube…Just sayin’….

Check out Mrs. Copycat Carter below.

Although Beyonce copies, she’s still fierce even when preggers with a little B-Z!

p.s. I felt like this post needed to end with some music, and the song below seemed the most appropriate…

Don’t judge me…lol  Lowkey, Beyonce copied this dance too for her “Run The World (Girls)” video. 😉

Hot Mess Mondays: Guess Who’s Baaaack?!

Me! lol Hallo boys and girls. I am officially back and it feels oh so marvelous!

Now, I know that I promised to return January 1st, but you all know my record for punctual returns by now….In all seriousness, I have been M.I.A. for a very good reason. I’m ending my funemployment. Sadness. Yes, I know. After 3 weeks in D.C., I decided to come back to LA focused and ready to take on the job hunt. So far, things aren’t looking too shabby. No matter what I should be achieving my Febs 1st deadline of no more funemployment. Hooray!

With that said, I know that I am not necessarily the one that you all are interested in. It’s been a long time coming for this Hot Mess Monday post. Let’s get it!

1) Gucci Mane for tatooing “Burr” on his face.

Gucci Mane has been making plenty of headlines lately for comments of “mental incompetency.” Although everyone knows that Gucci Mane is a mess for several reasons, his new tat has to top any hot mess list. It’s one thing to say “Burr!” in every music video and song. It’s another to have that mess tatooed on your face on a giant ice-cream cone. There’s no “hip” in this fool’s hop. And no, Gucci. Lightening bolts do not make your tat any cooler…

2) Justin Bieber for getting his hair trimmed.

Bieber’s locks have been a major topic of discussion ever since he first burst into Pop stardom. I mean, who could ignore the constant hair flipping in EVERY interview? It’s a wonder that ol’ boy didn’t get whiplash…Anyways, now Bieber has gotten his hair trimmed, and the whole world is talking again. Unfortunately, the shorter side bangs are not really working for me.

People used to say that Bieber looked like a young lesbian before. I never saw it. To me, he looked like a regular adolescent white boy, which is what he is… (in case there was some confusion). lol But now, I’m not so sure. Maybe next time Bieber. 😉

3) Snooki for saying that she is tired of her nickname.

Apparently, the Jersey Shore’s Snooki was caught running her mouth again. This time it was about how she misses being called by her real name Nicole. I’m sorry, but did I miss something? Snooki is the name that brought you a lot of fame and a lot of money.

Without the name Snooki, this little Chilean Italian would be irrelevant. Sounds to me like someone needs to SIT down, and stop complaining! Smh… lol

p.s. The Jersey Shore is A-mazing, and a special episode is airing tonight on MTV! I believe there will be a drunk “Nicole” getting arrested on the beach.  🙂

4) Nina Tassler, CBS exec, for making comments about Charlie Sheen.

Charlie Sheen’s problems over the years have been talked about in every newspaper, magazine, and media outlet. However, I think it’s funny that CBS executive Nina Tassler feels the need to talk about CBS’ “high level of concern” for the actor now. Let’s be real. There’s no point in even voicing concern. At the end of the day, no one cares what goes on in Charlie’s personal life, as long as he continues to bring in the big bucks for studios. Unless Ms. Tassler is going to try and actively get involved with Sheen’s personal troubles, any comments on Sheen just aren’t necessary.

5) The Golden Globes for not giving me anything to talk about…

Even though I have no real comments about the attendees at last night’s Globes, I do want to congratulate all of the winners. I more or less agree with the awards that were given out, and am excited about Colin Firth’s win for “The King’s Speech.” Can’t wait for the Oscars! 🙂

Hot Mess Mondays: From Lady to Lindsay – They’re All Crazy

Once again, another week of hot messness has passed, and it’s up to me to present to you the top 5 celebs, who were and are a hot mess. Let’s get it!

1) Floyd Mayweather Jr. for getting arrested.

Last week, I hoped that I would not be reporting another arrest. With that said, I’m not surprised. Someone always has to be getting in trouble. Right now, Mayweather could face up to 5 years in prison for grand larceny charges. In addition to supposedly beating his girlfriend, Mayweather is also accused of stealing the girl’s cell phone, which explains the potential grand larceny charges. Smh…

2) Lindsay Lohan for wanting to get pregnant.

Rumor has it that Lindsay Lohan believes that having a baby will help turn her life around. Lindsay supposedly cited Nicole Richie as a perfect example of her goals.

When I heard this, all I could think was “Oh Lindsay….”

Here’s the story —–> Lindsay Lohan Rumors

3) Lady Gaga for wearing meat at the VMAs.

Honestly, Lady Gaga is starting to annoy me. She’s commandeered every single “original style” for herself, causing more people to label her as Ms. Unique. Even though I love her music and the craziness, sometimes I just wish she would sit down and pick a persona. Not to mention, the whole meat thing was just too much and another cry for attention. She couldn’t even articulate to Ellen DeGeneres the purpose of her wearing the dress. I’m starting to feel like Gaga just needs a hug.

Read the story here. ——–> DeGeneres, PETA Carve Up Lady Gaga’s Meat Wear

4) Anyone involved with the VMAs for making a very boring show.

Speaking of Gaga, I tried watching the VMAs live last night. I saw Gaga accept an award, and watched Taylor Swift and Drake’s performances before deciding that the night was not going to be that exciting. Later, I watched the rest of the performances online, and saw that Bieber was cute, but not spectacular; that Usher was cool, but outperformed by his light show; and that Rihanna was horrible as always. Honestly, MTV you failed. Anyone else think that they should have made Willow Smith perform “Whip My Hair” last night? Something tells me that a pinky from the Smith family has more talent than Rihanna. Just sayin’…

5) Snooki for writing “Tan” on job applications.

If you haven’t been watching MTV’s Jersey Shore, then all I can say is START WATCHING! The show is absolute hilarity. On last week’s episode Snooki explained how she didn’t get several jobs because under ethnicity she checked the “Other” box and wrote down “Tan.” Good job Snooki. Good job.

p.s. You can watch the latest Jersey Show episode on

**A part of me wishes that celebs wouldn’t be such a mess. Then again, some of these celebs just bring me so much joy and entertainment. lol

Look out for a whole new Hot Mess list  next Monday.  😉

Wild Wednesdays: Is Snooki Really That Annoying?

By now, if you are familiar with the cast of MTV’s hit show Jersey Shore, you probably have heard about Nicole Polizzi a.k.a. Snooki’s arrest not too long ago for disorderly conduct. Now that the Season 3 tapping of Jersey Shore has wrapped up at Jersey’s Seaside Heights beach, Snooki will be preparing for her court appearance.

What makes this story so wild, however, is not that Snooki got arrested, but the description of her arrest that Access Hollywood is reporting. Apparently, Snooki’s “disorderly conduct” offense was really her just being too annoying on the beach. Personally, I wasn’t aware that one could be charged for being “too annoying.” The Jersey Shore cast definitely teaches me something new every day.

p.s. I’m kind of glad that today’s post doesn’t involve HIV or hostage situations. Wednesdays never need to be that wild. With that said, for days now I’ve been reporting on arrests. Calm down celebs and stop being so wild! 😉

Hot Mess Mondays: Got Coke?

Well, the celebs have had a full week to be “human.” Unfortunately, that means that a few of them have topped the hot mess charts.

1) Paris Hilton for getting arrested AGAIN!

You would think that Paris would’ve learned her lesson after the first incarceration. Now, after last Friday night’s arrest in Las Vegas, it looks like Paris will be facing a potential cocaine possession charge. Good job Paris.

By the way, Paris’ little croissant doesn’t seem to be doing much better….

Paris Hilton’s Boyfriend Gets The Boot

Side note: Is it just me or is Paris too good at taking mug shots?

2) Jersey Shore and everyone involved with the show for just always being a mess.

First, there was Snooki’s arrest for disorderly conduct. Now, rumor has it that the show could be canceled due to a recent claim made by a woman using the initials J.P. Apparently, body guards of the cast assaulted J.P., resulting in permanent damage to her face. All I can say is that this woman is smart for using those initials because she’s not messing with just MTV and the show’s cast. She’s messing with the millions of people, who rely on that show for some much needed entertainment.

Read the Daily News’ article here —> Jersey Shore Could Go Off Air

3) James Cameron and the Avatar camp for thinking that people still cared about Avatar.

Let’s face it. We all loved Avatar when it first came out. It was AMAZING! However, we also all went broke when we saw the movie in 3D and then again in 3D IMAX. No one wants to pay to see the movie that they’ve already seen 4 times again. We have Inception to see 4 times now, and even that is about to run its course…

Did Avatar Just Flop? – E Online

4) Montana Fishburne for being WAY too fame hungry.

Was I the only one, who thought about her tape scandal when Papa Laurence walked out onto the Emmy stage last night? No words…

5) Eminem and Rihanna for simply getting on my last nerve.

Eminem has been killing the music game for years now, and his latest album Recovery has spent 7 consecutive weeks at numero uno. With that said, I wish that both he and Rihanna would go somewhere! I turn off one radio station to avoid these two, only to hear them again on the next 5 stations. Is anyone else getting sick of Rihanna’s squealing in “Love The Way You Lie”? That song is just another treat turned incredibly sour for me.

**Know of anyone else who was an absolute hot mess last week? Leave a comment and share!

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