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Bina 🙂 

Hot Mess Mondays: Dear X-tina, Get Your Life!

I was supposed to be taking a hiatus from blogging in order to focus on other projects, but it looks like I’ve been so moved to write tonight.

For the past few months, I have been patiently waiting for Christina Aguilera’s Lotus album to drop. My dreams began to come true when the diva’s lead single, “Your Body” was released in late September. After the bomb that was “Not Myself Tonight” 2 years ago, “Your Body” seemed like the perfect comeback song. It was very strong for a Pop tune, showing off Christina’s tremendous vocal abilities all while keeping a catchy chorus. Yet, despite it’s potential, “Your Body” gradually began to disappear from the charts.

There could be a number of reasons for the failure of X-tina’s single. BUT, I think that the numero uno reason was the lack of promotion. Christina released the music video for “Your Body,” but then didn’t promote it through TV and radio appearances. How is a single supposed to do well when no one knows it exists?

Needless to say, despite the inevitable fade of “Your Body”, I continued to believe that X-tina would deliver in the end. Sadly, I was wrong… Over the past couple of months, there continued to be absolutely no promotion of her album. Teaser videos and singles weren’t even posted on YouTube so that fans could hear what to expect. It was as if the album was imaginary until a little over a week ago when Christina finally found the time to start “selling” Lotus to the public.

I don’t know about you guys, but I have never known a huge artist to begin promoting their music the same week that their album is being released…Side eye.

With that said, Lotus is a pretty solid piece of work. There are a number of songs that could be instant hits with the right love and care. Not to mention, unlike Bionic, all of Lotus works together to create an enjoyable listening experience from beginning to end. Honestly, I could go on and on about how good the album is, but it still won’t change the fact that the promotion for it remains lost. I mean, have you all seen Christina’s AMAs performance?

A couple of days ago I had a conversation with one of my best friends about what X-tina had to do to be back on top. To me, it was pretty simple. During her AMA performance, she first had to sing a beautiful ballad a.k.a. “Blank Page” to remind everyone that she is boss, then she had to get the party started with one of her many hits off the album.

Although Christina made a great choice in performing “Let There Love,” the rest of her performance was just a hot mess train wreck. From her unflattering outfit to the distracting dancers (Did the man really need a huge star over his privates?), everything about Christina’s “comeback moment” was just wrong. At least she sounded good?…Second side eye.

In the words of Tamar Braxton, Christina Aguilera needs to GER HER LIFE! Because right now, she is boo. Her promotion is boo. Her team is boo. Her live performances are boo! And, it all equates to Whomp Whomp city.

p.s. X-tina is my girl and always will be. I’m just mad that I am not in charge of her career because it would appear that my creative vision and promotion strategy for this album is better than her team’s. BOOM, I said it.

Moving on…

If you’re curious about Lotus, try listening to the songs online. Better yet, buy the songs off iTunes! You won’t be sorry.

Side note: This version of “Your Body” from Christina’s appearance on Jimmy Fallon is SO good!

That’s the girl I love! Now, buy her album so I can take her off of Hot Mess Mondays… lol 😉

Hot Mess Mondays: Nelly Actually Makes A Headline

Yesterday marked the end of a most A-mazing music festival, Treasure Island. I was there. My friends were there. Great music was there. And, my energy was left there. Yet, despite my deep need to get some rest, I’ve decided to power through and write this post. LET’S GET IT!

1) Nelly for  supposedly not knowing about the illegal items on his tour bus.

Last week, Nelly’s tour bus was pulled over at a border checkpoint in Texas where police found boxes/bags of drugs (heroin and marijuana), as well as a loaded pistol. According to reports, Nelly’s “staff member”, Brian Keith Jones, took responsibility for the substances before being arrested. Nelly supposedly knew nothing about what was found.

Although I love Nelly to death, something about this story just doesn’t seem right. There’s absolutely no way I’m going to believe that he was unaware of the drugs on his own bus. Sorry for the stereotype, but rappers and their entourages consume drugs like water.

I guess Nelly’s just smart enough to have a friend like Jones, who’ll take the fall so that the rich and famous can walk away clean.

p.s. Marijuana should really just be legalized.

Moving on…

2) Britney Spears for having bad hair.

Okay. Even I have to admit that this is a little petty. However, I get really really REALLY annoyed when I notice Britney’s bad extensions on X Factor…

Britney Spears is the second highest paid woman in Hollywood, and she can’t manage to get decent extensions?! I guess that’s what happens when your fiance and daddy make the decisions for you.

Even the female X Factor contestants have better hair…

…as well as better voices….  A MESS!

Side Note: Demi Lovato‘s look is always perfection on the show.

Step it up Brit Brit!

3) Christina Aguilera‘s promo team for sucking.

A couple of weeks ago, Christina Aguilera a.k.a. X-tina released her new single “Your Body.” Even though “Your Body” is radio perfect, it’s barely getting any play.

Once again, something just doesn’t seem right. X-tina hasn’t even performed the song live yet…Honestly, if I was X-tina’s team, I would have her single in the top ten by now. It has millions of views on YouTube, so people are OBVIOUSLY listening.

Anyways…we’ll see how X-tina’s “comeback” goes. The Pop diva is set to perform at this year’s American Music Awards on November 18, 2012.

**Lotus drops November 9, 2012.**


And, with that, I am ending tonight’s post. Excuse any typos and have a mess of a night!  🙂






Hot Mess Mondays: That’s NOT Hot

It’s been far too long amigos… Let’s get it!

1) Charlie Fuqua for being a complete nutjob.

Just when I thought the GOP couldn’t get any worse, it did….Charlie Fuqua, the Republican candidate for the Arkansas House of Representatives, is openly supporting the death penalty for “rebellious children.”

Read the full story here –> Charlie Fuqua Supports Death Penalty

Honestly, these Republicans are starting to make me very uncomfortable. First, they supported women having their rapists’ children. Now, they’re supporting the killing of children…

Don’t get me wrong. I’m well aware that the views of a few idiots do not represent the entire party. It’s just sad that the GOP is attracting the crazies. Where are the sane Republicans??? Oh wait…they’re probably trying to hold Mitt Romney’s campaign together. Fail.

p.s. This picture of Fuqua all over the Internet is not particularly flattering. He lowkey looks like a pedophile….

2) Mariah Carey for taking “threats on her life” a little too seriously.

Last week, Mariah Carey  told The View‘s Barbara Walters that Nicki Minaj threatened to shoot her. Carey and Minaj are both judges on American Idol.

Latest news here –> Nick Cannon Not Worried About Nicki Minaj

Nicki Minaj

Personally, I think all of the drama surrounding Carey and Minaj is for TV ratings. With that said, I wouldn’t be surprised if they both hated each other’s guts. If I was Mariah Carey, I would constantly side eye Nicki Minaj and her Skittles weave at the judge’s table. Like, why is she even there? Rainbow Bright was never known for her voice…Just sayin’.

Side note: I wonder what  Keith Urban thinks about all of this drama. He probably wants to shoot himself for agreeing to do A.I. with two huge divas.

3) Justin Bieber for throwing up in concert.

Apparently, during the first show of his Believe tour, Mr. Bieber thought it was okay to vomit on stage.

While the media continues to praise Bieber for finishing his show, I’m still gagging at the idea of seeing such a mess live. I don’t care if Michael Jackson arose from the grave to perform. I wouldn’t want to see him hunched over sick…

4) Lady Gaga for also vomiting several times on stage in Barcelona.

I really hope this isn’t becoming a trend because it’s NOT hot…

It’s just A MESS!

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Hot Mess Mondays: At Least He Looks Good

After taking two Mondays off for Labor Day (don’t ask…lol), I’m baaack. Let’s get it!

1) Mitt Romney for being a complete idiot.

Just when I was about to declare American Idol as the #1 Hot Mess, I heard about Mitt Romney’s comments at a private fundraiser back in May.  Read the full story here —> Secretly Filmed Video of Mitt Romney

According to Mitt, “There are 47 percent of the people who will vote for the president no matter what. [These people] believe that they are entitled to health care, to food, to housing….and that the government should give it to them.” Furthermore, “these are people who pay no income tax.”

Really Mitt?

As if that statement wasn’t bad enough, Mitt goes on to joke about how being Latino would help him win the election…

When will Mitt and the rest of the GOP learn to SHUT UP?! I mean, it really isn’t that hard… Don’t they teach quiet time in Kindergarten? I’m just sayin’….#AMess

On a brighter note, I was looking at old pictures of a young Mitt Romney the other day. He looks significantly better today than he did in this picture.

I wonder if he waxes his eyebrows now or if the white hair just blends in with his face…Whatever it is, he looks good for an older man. lol 

2) American Idol for actually making Nicki Minaj a judge.

WTF American Idol! Did I miss something? First of all, I thought Nicki Minaj was a rapper personality. Secondly, I thought she didn’t sing without autotune…

When I first heard rumors of Nicki joining the judges panel, I didn’t give it too much thought. Now, I don’t know what to think. Even Mariah Carey doesn’t like the show’s decision.

Apparently, Mariah does not get along with Ms. Rainbow Bright.  Surprise…Surprise…Nicki vs. Mariah

p.s. I’m glad Keith Urban has joined A.I. Luv him! 🙂

3) Chris Brown for being stupid.

Last week, the media went crazy when a new tatoo appeared on Chris Brown’s neck.

Chris’ tat looks like a battered woman’s face. However, it is an image inspired by a MAC cosmetics design. Check the proof here –> Chris Brown Tatoo

Although Brown appears to be innocent this time, his lack of good judgment still makes him a hot mess.

By the way, Chris Brown is scheduled to have a probation hearing soon. Some aren’t convinced that the singer/rapper has been completing his community service hours since being convicted in 2009 for beating up ex-gf Rihanna.

4) Amanda Bynes for becoming the next Lindsay Lohan.

Over the weekend, Bynes’ car was impounded after she was caught driving with a suspended license. Bynes was charged with a DUI in June and has been having frequent run-ins with police ever since.

Personally, I am shocked that Amanda is the latest starlet to have drug abuse/legal troubles.

I guess that’s Hollywood for you. Bynes used to be hot. Now, she’s not.

Even Lindsay Lohan had something to say about Bynes’ recent misbehaviors –> Lindsay Lohan on Amanda Bynes


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Hot Mess Mondays: Here We Go Again

Just when I thought I had nothing to write about, my political party (yikes) provided the goods. Let’s get it!

1) GOP Senate candidate, Tom Smith, for being as dumb as Todd Akin.

According to Smith, a woman having a baby after a rape is no different from a woman having a baby out of wedlock.

Read the full story here —> Tom Smith on Abortion

Am I missing something? I must be missing something…After all of the mess Todd Akin created with his comments about abortion, WHY would Smith even think to open his mouth? Honestly, there are two words that Mitt Romney needs to tell his entire party. They are “SHUT UP!”

p.s. Should men have anything to say about abortion? Unless a woman asks you for your opinion, you should probably just keep your mouth closed. Just sayin’…

2) The GOP for having its national convention in Florida.

Due to the threat of Tropical Storm Isaac, the “geniuses” behind the Republican convention have had to make a few adjustments, including switching the time of Mitt Romney’s formal nomination as the Republican presidential candidate. Although making adjustments is smart, putting the Republican convention in Florida during peak hurricane season is rather questionable.

p.s. The photo above cracks me up! Can they REALLY do better? #AMess

In all seriousness, my party brings me so much entertainment – It’s just not in the right ways. lol

3) Lindsay Lohan for being a hot American mess.

TMZ reported that Ms. Lohan is officially a suspect in a jewelry theft. Click here for the full story —> Lindsay Lohan A Suspect in Jewelry Heist

Where are this girl’s parents?!?!? Oh, that’s right – they’re both a hot mess too. #FAIL

With everything that’s been going on around this country  lately (and yes, I find Lindsay Lohan just as important as politics. haha), I only have one prayer for tonight –

God, bless America. PLEASE bless us! Amen.

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Hot Mess Mondays: Really? I Mean, Really….

What would I do without the GOP? Let’s get it!

1) Todd Akin for being a complete idiot.

Over the weekend, the Missouri GOP congressman decided to open his mouth about rape and pregnancy. According to Akin, if a woman is raped, her body “has ways to shut [pregnancy] down.”

I don’t know what biology class Akin attended, but he must have failed. Even though I don’t have a firm stance on the entire abortion debate (my mind changes with every scenario), I do know that rape can result in pregnancy. I also know that no woman should have to carry their rapist’s child. I sure wouldn’t.


Akin has dug himself into a very deep hole. Mitt Romney and the Republican Party have been bullying encouraging Akin to quit his race for Senate. #AMess

2) Toure for being a little too chocolate.

After using the N-word to describe Mitt Romney’s campaign’s characterization of Obama, MSNBC’s Toure stirred up a lot of media attention and backlash. Now, the debate on race in American politics is getting even more heated.

Although I try to stay away from using the N-word, I don’t mind its use to prove a point. With that said, it’s always going to present an issue when used on the national stage.

Honestly, Americans should just start embracing the fact that they are all racist. I know I have… lol

Side note: I’m well aware that the “e” in Toure’s name has an accent mark. lol 🙂

3) Shia LaBeouf for agreeing to REAL sex scenes in next flick.

Transformer‘s Shia LaBeouf has agreed to do real sex scenes in his next movie, The Nymphomaniac, and media outlets are having a field day. It’s already been reported that LaBeouf’s girlfriend of 2 years, Karolyn Pho, broke down into tears after hearing the news. Really Shia? I mean, really…

Read the full story here —> Shia LaBeouf in Nymphomaniac

Taking a role like this is a personal choice. The game changes, however, when a significant other is involved. Who really wants to see their “boo” have sex on screen with someone else? #AMess

p.s. Nymphomaniac is being directed by Lars Von Trier, who is known for a number of other sexually explicit films.

4) American Idol for considering Nicki Minaj as a judge

Rumor has it that Nicki Minaj is in talks to join American Idol, and I don’t understand why. Homegirl can’t sing and can barely rap. The only thing she’s good at is shaking her plastic butt in music videos…

I rest my case.

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