Hot Mess Mondays: Dear X-tina, Get Your Life!

I was supposed to be taking a hiatus from blogging in order to focus on other projects, but it looks like I’ve been so moved to write tonight.

For the past few months, I have been patiently waiting for Christina Aguilera’s Lotus album to drop. My dreams began to come true when the diva’s lead single, “Your Body” was released in late September. After the bomb that was “Not Myself Tonight” 2 years ago, “Your Body” seemed like the perfect comeback song. It was very strong for a Pop tune, showing off Christina’s tremendous vocal abilities all while keeping a catchy chorus. Yet, despite it’s potential, “Your Body” gradually began to disappear from the charts.

There could be a number of reasons for the failure of X-tina’s single. BUT, I think that the numero uno reason was the lack of promotion. Christina released the music video for “Your Body,” but then didn’t promote it through TV and radio appearances. How is a single supposed to do well when no one knows it exists?

Needless to say, despite the inevitable fade of “Your Body”, I continued to believe that X-tina would deliver in the end. Sadly, I was wrong… Over the past couple of months, there continued to be absolutely no promotion of her album. Teaser videos and singles weren’t even posted on YouTube so that fans could hear what to expect. It was as if the album was imaginary until a little over a week ago when Christina finally found the time to start “selling” Lotus to the public.

I don’t know about you guys, but I have never known a huge artist to begin promoting their music the same week that their album is being released…Side eye.

With that said, Lotus is a pretty solid piece of work. There are a number of songs that could be instant hits with the right love and care. Not to mention, unlike Bionic, all of Lotus works together to create an enjoyable listening experience from beginning to end. Honestly, I could go on and on about how good the album is, but it still won’t change the fact that the promotion for it remains lost. I mean, have you all seen Christina’s AMAs performance?

A couple of days ago I had a conversation with one of my best friends about what X-tina had to do to be back on top. To me, it was pretty simple. During her AMA performance, she first had to sing a beautiful ballad a.k.a. “Blank Page” to remind everyone that she is boss, then she had to get the party started with one of her many hits off the album.

Although Christina made a great choice in performing “Let There Love,” the rest of her performance was just a hot mess train wreck. From her unflattering outfit to the distracting dancers (Did the man really need a huge star over his privates?), everything about Christina’s “comeback moment” was just wrong. At least she sounded good?…Second side eye.

In the words of Tamar Braxton, Christina Aguilera needs to GER HER LIFE! Because right now, she is boo. Her promotion is boo. Her team is boo. Her live performances are boo! And, it all equates to Whomp Whomp city.

p.s. X-tina is my girl and always will be. I’m just mad that I am not in charge of her career because it would appear that my creative vision and promotion strategy for this album is better than her team’s. BOOM, I said it.

Moving on…

If you’re curious about Lotus, try listening to the songs online. Better yet, buy the songs off iTunes! You won’t be sorry.

Side note: This version of “Your Body” from Christina’s appearance on Jimmy Fallon is SO good!

That’s the girl I love! Now, buy her album so I can take her off of Hot Mess Mondays… lol 😉

Hot Mess Mondays: Nelly Actually Makes A Headline

Yesterday marked the end of a most A-mazing music festival, Treasure Island. I was there. My friends were there. Great music was there. And, my energy was left there. Yet, despite my deep need to get some rest, I’ve decided to power through and write this post. LET’S GET IT!

1) Nelly for  supposedly not knowing about the illegal items on his tour bus.

Last week, Nelly’s tour bus was pulled over at a border checkpoint in Texas where police found boxes/bags of drugs (heroin and marijuana), as well as a loaded pistol. According to reports, Nelly’s “staff member”, Brian Keith Jones, took responsibility for the substances before being arrested. Nelly supposedly knew nothing about what was found.

Although I love Nelly to death, something about this story just doesn’t seem right. There’s absolutely no way I’m going to believe that he was unaware of the drugs on his own bus. Sorry for the stereotype, but rappers and their entourages consume drugs like water.

I guess Nelly’s just smart enough to have a friend like Jones, who’ll take the fall so that the rich and famous can walk away clean.

p.s. Marijuana should really just be legalized.

Moving on…

2) Britney Spears for having bad hair.

Okay. Even I have to admit that this is a little petty. However, I get really really REALLY annoyed when I notice Britney’s bad extensions on X Factor…

Britney Spears is the second highest paid woman in Hollywood, and she can’t manage to get decent extensions?! I guess that’s what happens when your fiance and daddy make the decisions for you.

Even the female X Factor contestants have better hair…

…as well as better voices….  A MESS!

Side Note: Demi Lovato‘s look is always perfection on the show.

Step it up Brit Brit!

3) Christina Aguilera‘s promo team for sucking.

A couple of weeks ago, Christina Aguilera a.k.a. X-tina released her new single “Your Body.” Even though “Your Body” is radio perfect, it’s barely getting any play.

Once again, something just doesn’t seem right. X-tina hasn’t even performed the song live yet…Honestly, if I was X-tina’s team, I would have her single in the top ten by now. It has millions of views on YouTube, so people are OBVIOUSLY listening.

Anyways…we’ll see how X-tina’s “comeback” goes. The Pop diva is set to perform at this year’s American Music Awards on November 18, 2012.

**Lotus drops November 9, 2012.**


And, with that, I am ending tonight’s post. Excuse any typos and have a mess of a night!  🙂






Hot Mess Mondays: Straight Stanky

There are so many people out here nowadays that are straight STANKY! I can’t call out the ones in my actual life, so I’ll just have to settle for the celebs instead. Let’s get it!

1) Chris Brown for getting banned in the UK.

Okay…Honestly, Brown hasn’t been that stanky as of late. He’s just on this list for constantly being in the media. Earlier last week, it was the questionable tweets and now it’s this UK ban. With that said, the UK is stanky for banning Breezy from performing. Like WTF?

I get it. Boo boo messed up and put some boo boos on Rihanna’s face…..BUT not letting him perform seems a tad bit extreme if you ask me. Whatever though…I live in America where drug dealers, cokeheads, wife-beaters, rapists, and the like are allowed to perform…. Side-eye! 🙂

2) Christina Aguilera for distracting the public with her outfits.

As you guys know, I love me some X-Tina. She’s def one of my favorite singers. No matter what anyone says, she usually kills when it comes to the mic. Unfortunately, her outfit choices continue to take the attention off of her voice.

During the Michael Jackson tribute concert in Cardiff, Wales,  X-Tina performed “Dirty Diana” and smashed it. Yet, everyone is talking about her attire….I have to admit – it wasn’t the most flattering ensemble….We can do better X-tina. YES WE CAN!

3) Snooki for just being stanky!

Snooki has made this list on several occasions, and she will continue to do so unless she gets an attitude adjustment. I love Snooki and all of her pig noises, but homegirl is turning into a little diva if you ask me. The way she treats Jenny is such a mess. Face it Snooki. You’re stanky and your biffle is just trying to air you out.

Luv her though! lol 😉

4) Beyonce for stealing more dance moves.

Sooooo, Beyonce sees videos on YouTube, then decides that she can do them even better…haha I think she just needs to give people some more credit. Talk about how they inspired her in an interview or something! And like before the public finds the copycat footage on YouTube…Just sayin’….

Check out Mrs. Copycat Carter below.

Although Beyonce copies, she’s still fierce even when preggers with a little B-Z!

p.s. I felt like this post needed to end with some music, and the song below seemed the most appropriate…

Don’t judge me…lol  Lowkey, Beyonce copied this dance too for her “Run The World (Girls)” video. 😉

Music Tuesdays: Moves Like Jagger

I am in love with Maroon 5’s new single “Moves Like Jagger,” and have been waiting for the music video to come out. Now, it’s here!

Gotta love Maroon 5. They’ve got a sound that’s all their own as well as an A-mazing lead vocalist. Adam Levine’s voice is perfection on stage. I don’t know about you guys, but this is definitely my jam. And, it features my X-tina!  Hollers. 🙂

Plenty of Randomness

Because we’re all recovering from celebrating another fabulous July 4th, I figured today’s post should be light, and of course, FUN! And, because there’s nothing in particular keeping my attention at the moment, I’d figure I just give you guys lots and lots of randomness! lol

First up….X-tina.

By now, you all should be used to my Christina Aguilera posts. However, this one is not necessarily to promote her latest album Bionic. It truly isn’t. Honestly, one day I just became curious about what Christina’s next moves would be and which single she would release next, if any….Right now, it looks like her new single will be “You Lost Me.” Clearly, I’ve been in the television dark because Christina performed the single almost a month ago on both David Letterman and American Idol. Now, I’ve listened to the entire Bionic album, but this song never stood out to me. However, after watching this performance and seeing the emotion pouring from Christina’s eyes and vocals, “You Lost Me” has become one of my favorites, proving the power of a live performance. If people aren’t getting your music the first time, it’s up to you to make them understand, and that is exactly what X-tina is doing. She is still one of the ballad queens.

Here is Christina performing “You Lost Me” on American Idol.

Also, if you’re curious. Here is the radio mix for the song as well.

Side Note: Can people please end the X-tina, Gaga comparisons! They are two completely different artists, and I think their albums speak for themselves. Both girls are extremely talented, and in very different ways. 🙂


After having watched the Alex Wong and Twitch performance on So You Think You Can Dance, I immediately looked up Alex Wong on YouTube. I haven’t been watching SYTYCD, so I need to catch up on my knowledge of these dancers. With that said, I found this older performance that Alex Wong did with fellow contestant Billy and SYTYCD all-star Ade. It’s a Mia Micheal’s routine, and it’s absolutely brilliant. The dance is supposed to me representative of men, life, and growing old.

A-mazing, right?! Low key, this almost made me cry….  I love watching SYTYCD because there is just so much unbelievable talent. Alex Wong is not the only gifted one. Billy with the fire engine is always great and Ade…well, here’s an old Ade performance..

Enough said. 😉

And to end today’s post, I figured I leave everyone with the latest Maroon 5 video! I love Maroon 5. Songs About Jane has to be one of the greatest albums ever. Anyways, enjoy!

Like it?

I See You!

Tonight’s post is simply serving as a shout out to everyone, who has seen or will see success this week….

Toy Story 3

First up is Disney Pixar. As mentioned in my last post, Toy Story 3 debuted over the weekend, and boy, did it debut! The animated feature took in a whopping $109 mil. That is the highest grossing opener for any Pixar film. I’m not surprised. The movie was fantastic. Congrats to everyone who is a part of the Disney Pixar family! 🙂

Knight and Day

Hoping to steal some of Toy Story 3‘s thunder are Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz. Their long awaited Knight and Day will enter theaters this Wednesday. Apparently the film has sold out each of its sneak-preview screenings. Although it’s been reported that the film is receiving mediocre ratings from critics, only the box office can tell how popular Knight and Day will be with audiences. Personally, I’m just excited to see Cruise return in another action-filled role. Therefore, I will definitely be seeing this movie in theaters. Will you?

Billboard Success

As for the music industry, it looks like Katy Perry and Usher are still going strong. Katy continues to hold the top spot on the Billboard Hot 100 with “California Girls” as Usher’s “OMG” stays strong at #2. I knew these two songs would be hits from the very beginning. 🙂

Moving On…….

And because I have been shamelessly promoting X-tina’s new album Bionic, I figure I should leave you guys with another one of her newer tracks, “Prima Donna.” “Prima Donna” is definitely one of my faves on the album, if not THE fave after “Woohoo.” Enjoy!

What do you think? Can you hear it on the radio?

Pint Sizes Filling Up Big Containers

Hi Boys and Girls!

I know that today’s blog title sounds a little weird, but hopefully things will make sense soon…

First of all, I want to apologize for another random hiatus. I promise I haven’t left the blogging world. It’s just that…..well….I graduated from college! Praise Jebus! It’s been a fantastic four years, but now it’s time to start the real world, and I’m pumped. Soon, I’ll be in sunny LA and amongst the very stars that I blog about. Hopefully, LA’s earthquakes will be kind to a DC girl. I’m not use to the ground shaking underneath my feet…Just sayin…

Anyways, enough about me. Let’s move on to some people watching!

As of right now, album sales aren’t looking too good for Christina Aguilera’s Bionic. Bionic will become her lowest debut, succumbing to the soundtracks for popular franchises Glee and Twilight. Although, X-tina’s sales are low, it should be noted that the diva still has sold over 100,000 copies, which by today’s billboard standards, can’t be considered a total flop. True, it is still a “flop” for the diva, but I’m trying to look at the bright side of things. X-tina’s sales could have been A LOT worse with”Not Myself Tonight” and “Woohoo” performing horribly on the charts.

Side Note: I bought Bionic two days after it’s release, and although it’s a different sound for X-tina, I must say that the album as a whole is growing on me. Within the first listen, I already picked out 5 faves. They are “Bionic,” “Desnudate,” “Woohoo,” “Glam,” and “Prima Donna.” And, the only real criticism that I have of Bionic is that all of the songs both fast and slow should have the “bionic” feel. Why have the name and theme, if you’re not going to follow it, right?  Anyways, if you’re a true X-tina fan, cop the album! You will not be disappointed. The feel of the album is definitely X-tina. So, if you’re worried about a Gaga similarity, don’t sweat it. Also, if you’re just curious about the album, go get it as well OR just buy the songs I love/ would recommend off iTunes. 😉

p.s. I think a music video for “Woohoo” would help those album sales X-tina. Make it as far away from Gaga as possible and you’ll be golden!

On another note…

X-tina killed the national anthem at game 6 of the NBA finals. If you haven’t seen it already, here you go. Enjoy!

Some people think that X-tina over sings everything. However, I disagree. The girl can blow despite her tininess. So, I say that if you have the voice to fill up an entire arena, show it off! I think that loving or hating X-tina is just a matter of what style of singing you prefer to hear. I say great job.  🙂

Moving on…..

I know you all are like enough enough ENOUGH about X-tina lol, which is why we will now move on to another pint sized star Mr. Jaden Smith a.k.a. Will Smith’s mini me. Over the weekend Jaden proved that he could hold his own in Hollywood. His movie “The Karate Kid,” a remake of the 1984 classic, took the #1 spot at the box office. “The Karate Kid” gobbled up a solid $56 mil and has already grossed roughly $68 mil total. Not bad for a little kid like Jaden.

The film was produced by Will Smith, and I am not surprised by its success whatsoever. Let’s be real. Will Smith is going to ensure that his son has a great career as long as Jaden wants to act. From the looks of things, it appears that Jaden’s plan is to follow directly into his father’s footsteps. I would wish Jaden luck on not becoming a “troubled child star,” but considering that his father is one of the biggest movie stars in the world, I doubt he needs any wishing from me…

p.s. Props to Jackie Chan for getting another successful franchise under his belt. The star never left showbiz, but for some reason I feel like he’s had somewhat of a mediocre movie scene since the “Rush Hour” films. “The Karate Kid 2” is already in the works!

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