Knight and Day: A Winner

Hi Everyone!

So, I must promote “Knight and Day” before people start making those movie weekend decisions. If you like Tom Cruise as the gun-blazing bad ass (how he is in most of his blockbusters lol), then you will like “Knight and Day.” I saw the film yesterday, and was definitely entertained. Cruise and Cameron Diaz have good onscreen chemistry, and are actually quite funny together.

Also, packed with a lot of action (the car chases were filmed really well), “Knight and Day” commits the audience to the entire Cruise-Diaz adventure. Sure, sometimes you will want to kill Diaz’s character, June, for being a “dumb blond,” but Diaz is so likable that you forgive her by the end. *Also, whenever you want to kill a character, it usually means that the actor is doing his/her job lol.

Anyways….I’m glad to see Tom Cruise back during the summertime. I told you guys I was only going to see two of the three major assassin movies this summer. “The Killers” I passed on, and apparently it was a box office bust. “Knight and Day” was a solid film and worth seeing in theaters. I rather enjoyed myself. As for “Salt,” those trailers look all too promising, so hopefully it will be a winner as well!

Side note: When did a matinee screening become 9 dollars?! My pockets are crying, and I still have at least 3 more movies to see this summer….

And, on that note… Cruise and Diaz will be appearing on “Oprah” today! If you have nothing to do at 4pm, watch them for FREE! 🙂

I See You!

Tonight’s post is simply serving as a shout out to everyone, who has seen or will see success this week….

Toy Story 3

First up is Disney Pixar. As mentioned in my last post, Toy Story 3 debuted over the weekend, and boy, did it debut! The animated feature took in a whopping $109 mil. That is the highest grossing opener for any Pixar film. I’m not surprised. The movie was fantastic. Congrats to everyone who is a part of the Disney Pixar family! 🙂

Knight and Day

Hoping to steal some of Toy Story 3‘s thunder are Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz. Their long awaited Knight and Day will enter theaters this Wednesday. Apparently the film has sold out each of its sneak-preview screenings. Although it’s been reported that the film is receiving mediocre ratings from critics, only the box office can tell how popular Knight and Day will be with audiences. Personally, I’m just excited to see Cruise return in another action-filled role. Therefore, I will definitely be seeing this movie in theaters. Will you?

Billboard Success

As for the music industry, it looks like Katy Perry and Usher are still going strong. Katy continues to hold the top spot on the Billboard Hot 100 with “California Girls” as Usher’s “OMG” stays strong at #2. I knew these two songs would be hits from the very beginning. 🙂

Moving On…….

And because I have been shamelessly promoting X-tina’s new album Bionic, I figure I should leave you guys with another one of her newer tracks, “Prima Donna.” “Prima Donna” is definitely one of my faves on the album, if not THE fave after “Woohoo.” Enjoy!

What do you think? Can you hear it on the radio?

Thou Shalt Kill

Once again, Hollywood’s little worker bees have been slavin away to produce the best honey – in this case a string of competing assassin/secret agent themed movies scheduled to be released this summer. Personally, after seeing Mr. and Mrs. Smith a few years back, I am in favor of these types of movies as long as they are done well. However, with Killers, Knight and Day, and Salt all being released back to back, I don’t know if I can take all of the loud shooting. It’s already killing me! **pun intended lol

Anyways, Hollywood’s little worker bees are trying to pull a fast one on us mere peasants. Deep down the little buzzers know that during the summer, everyone sees almost every movie. Therefore, the repetitive theme for this summer doesn’t seem to be an issue (at least not to them). Though I am not upset with these similarly themed films, I will say that there is no way that I will be paying to watch all of them. At least one of the suckers is going to be cut from my viewing lineup. So, now my question is “Which one?”

Hmmm…Maybe breaking down the movies will help. Let’s see…


Starring Ashton Kutcher and Katherine Heigl, Killers is about a woman, who while on vacation, falls in love with a man, only to find out later that he is a CIA agent. Some original stuff, huh? lol I do like the advertisement though. Unfortunately, neither Kutcher nor Heigl do it for me. Kutcher can be funny sometimes, but Heigl….Her role on Grey’s Anatomy made me want to gag. She was ALWAYS so whiny and psycho lol

Here’s the trailer –

What do you think?

Knight and Day

Alright, I am honestly just excited to see Tom Cruise have some shine. After his whole  couch jumping incident on Oprah and Brooke Shields postpartum commentary, even I was turned off for a minute, but now I really really miss  I mean, who doesn’t love Tom Cruise? Look at him. He’s screaming bad-ass in the pic above. Some of those other stars I named last time need to take some lessons….

Knight and Day is about a secret agent (Cruise), who goes on a blind date with an unassuming young lady (Diaz) before taking her on one crazy adventure. Check the trailer!

I’m pretty sure that I will see this movie. I’ll take Cruise and Diaz over Kutcher and Heigl anytime!


Now, we’re talking. Angelina Jolie pretty much was born to play an assassin.  At first I was a little hesitant about her in this role. I just don’t want her to be type-cast since she’s already been an assassin twice in Mr. and Mrs. Smith and Wanted. But hey, if she can continue to do these roles and bring in the box-office bucks, then more power to her.

In Salt, Jolie will play  Evelyn Salt, a CIA agent who must clear her name after being accused of working for the Soviet Union. Check the trailer!

And to think that this role was originally intended for Tom Cruise…

This summer should be pretty interesting to say the very least. After weighing the options, Knight and Day and Salt are looking like the clear assassin winners of my summer. Regardless of what I want to see, however,  I’m sure people will be sticking to Hollywood’s honey all summer long.  We’ll see what happens come June….

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