Can Anyone Dethrone Bieber???

As you guys already know, I dig Justin Bieber. His song “Baby” has definitely been on repeat in my iTunes. With that said, I still can’t believe how much success the little sunspot is having. Once again, Bieber’s My World 2.0 holds the #1 spot on the Billboard 200. Not even our darling Charice Pempengco’s self-titled first-internationally released album, could dethrone it.

Ms. Pempengco’s album debuted at number 8, which causes me to wonder whether or not Americans are ready for the Filipina star. Though she has managed to build a following, Charice’s name is still not known amongst the masses stateside, and in my opinion her people need to figure out a way to get younger kids listening to her music.

Charice Mania

p.s. Charice’s album cover is fierce!

Check out Charice’s most recent Oprah performance below.

Charice has the potential to appeal to both younger and older consumers. Anyways, we’ll see how the album fares later on. Sometimes artists can have low debuts, and then all of sudden gain massive popularity. It all depends on how much money, time, and effort their record labels want to spend on them. I’m sure hers has her back though. After all, she is an Oprah and Ellen favorite.

Speaking of Ellen, it looks like Ellen has finally discovered 6th grade talent Greyson Chance, who by chance created a YouTube buzz around his video of him singing Lady Gaga’s “Paparazzi.” After reports that Greyson was signed to Interscope Records, Greyson’s parents told the media that they would seek guidance from multiple people before signing any contracts. Well, it looks like Greyson is now the first artist signed to Ellen’s label eleveneleven.

Ellen Degeneres Starts Label, Signs Greyson Chance

Here’s the video that made Greyson a star.

What do you think? Is Greyson the next Justin Bieber?

Even though I admire Greyson’s voice and raw talent, I don’t know if we can call him the next Justin Bieber just yet. Bieber seems to have cornered the market for the all cute scrawny white boys on YouTube, at least for the moment. With that said, if we are moving towards another bubblegum Pop phase, then there is definitely room for two little white boys, plus some boy bands lol. Awwwww….All this talk of Bieber and Greyson is reminding me of the period when Christina Aguilera and Britney Spears were clear Pop rivals.

Remember when they were innocent?

Christina Aguilera

Britney Spears

The good ol’ days…. 🙂

Miley Cyrus Goes Coo Coo

Hi boys and girls!

I’ve been gone for a minute and apologize for the hiatus, but that’s the life of a college student. Anyways, I’m back with some more fun Fun FUN lol.

Since I’ve been gone, it looks like Ms. Cyrus has been pretty busy with her music career. Just yesterday, Miley released her new music video for “Can’t Be Tamed” on Vevo. Is it just me or is Vevo taking over Youtube??? Anyways, I must say that the concept for Miley’s vid is interesting….Lookin’ like Rufio straight out of Robin William’s “Hook,” Miley, with a nice pair of wings, dances her feathers off. I don’t know how I feel just yet about either the video or the song, but I’m sure I’ll make up my mind soon.

Check it out!

What do you think? I’m already prepping myself for the media’s commentary. Miley’s more mature look and style are definitely going to raise eyebrows.

p.s. I don’t want to be too harsh, BUT after watching Miley’s video, I immediately thought of the flying monkeys from “The Wizard of Oz.”

“Now, Fly my pretties! FLY! ” – It’s way too easy y’all.  LOL

See what Miley has to say about “Can’t Be Tamed” when you click on the link –

Miley Cyrus Speaks About New Music Video

In other news…..

One of my absolute favorites, Charice Pempengco, might finally be blowing up in the states. I first learned of Charice after she performed “Note to God” on Oprah. Everyone says that she sounds a little bit like JoJo. Nonetheless, her voice kills!

Side Note: Where IS JoJo???

Here’s Charice’s performance of “Note to God.”

This is a seventeen year old!

For those of you who don’t know, Charice is already big internationally, so her rising popularity is not completely random. Her latest single “Pyramid,” featuring Iyaz, is already a hit. Not to mention, Charice will also be making her fourth Oprah appearance soon. Honestly, if Oprah brings you on her show four times, then you are going to be successful. Can I get ONE time? lol

On a more serious note, I love that the world is finally accepting an Asian popstar. I mean…I know they exist in Asia….lol, but there are virtually none in the Western hemisphere. Personally, I think some of those Filipinos all over Youtube should get record deals too, but that’s just me….

For more information about Charice, click on the links below!

Charice Pempengco

Charice Music

And, here’s the video for Charice’s “Pyramid.”

I like it. 🙂

Where Are the Fairy Tale Endings?

That’s the question that I wish someone could answer for me. Now, I know that fairy tale endings are only for fairy tales lol, but something inside me has to believe that there is happiness out there for everyone. Unfortunately, in the latest chapter of Hollywood: A Travesty, things appear to steadily be getting worse for some of our favorite celebs.

Lindsay Lohan

For over a week, I have wanted to hear something positive come out about Ms. Lohan, but the news just keeps getting worse and worse. Already in the news lately because of a couple of “rude” comments made about her by the celebrity messiah (excuse the term) Dr. Drew, Ms. Lohan now seems to be dealing with some troubling financial woes. Access Hollywood reports that Lindsay is behind $600,000 in credit card payments. Not to mention, she owes almost $23,000 in rent the last time anyone checked. Perhaps these problems wouldn’t seem so problematic if the girl would just stop clubbing! Can someone please please PLEASE figure out a way to help her? Her future used to be so bright……

Remember this???

**Sigh**  the good ol’ days…..

Truth be told – Though I am reporting such negativity, I really am rooting for Lindsay. No one likes to see any celebrity hit complete rock bottom. If Britney Spears can get her life together, then so can Lindsay. Let’s forget about the potential failures for a moment (i.e. Ms. Houston)..*Cough Cough**

Is Lindsay Lohan In Debt?

Dr. Drew Faces Backlash After Lindsay Lohan Comments

Sandra Bullock

It was a sad day when us peasants learned that our princess Sandra Bullock was facing public humiliation for her husband’s infidelity. Now, it looks like Sandra may just call it quits on her marriage. People Magazine reports that she was recently spotted without her wedding ring. Sandra has also moved out of her house, leaving Jesse and his three children alone without a wife and step-mother.

Usually, I am in favor of couples working through such issues as infidelity, but I can’t say that I blame Sandra’s decision. She knows what’s best for her…

Sandra Bullock Not Wearing Wedding Ring


After waking up Hollywood with her role as Mary Jones in Precious, Mo’Nique discussed the sexual abuse she experienced as a child at the hands of her brother Gerald Imes. Recently, Gerald did an exclusive interview with Oprah about his past drug abuse and maltreatment of his younger sister. Although Gerald has apologized, Mo’Nique doesn’t seem to want anything to do with him. Just last month, she told reporters about the time when her brother showed up at the hospital to see her newborn baby. That story didn’t end well for Gerald, and I doubt this one will either….Maybe for happy endings sake, we should just count Mo’Nique’s Oscar win for Best Supporting Actress as a fairy tale ending?

MoNiques Brother Apologizes

*With all this in mind, I would be a liar if I said that no fairy tale endings happen in Hollywood. Actually, they happen all of the time. Despite the constant rumors, Angelina and Brad are still together and raising their billions of children. Meanwhile, Robin Thicke and Paula Patton are about to start their own family. So see, Hollywood happy endings do exist! Well, at least until they fall a part…lol

And just for fun, here’s the trailer for Shrek 4 Forever After. Since we’re talking about failed fairy tale endings, this somehow seemed appropriate? lol

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