Hot Mess Mondays: From Lady to Lindsay – They’re All Crazy

Once again, another week of hot messness has passed, and it’s up to me to present to you the top 5 celebs, who were and are a hot mess. Let’s get it!

1) Floyd Mayweather Jr. for getting arrested.

Last week, I hoped that I would not be reporting another arrest. With that said, I’m not surprised. Someone always has to be getting in trouble. Right now, Mayweather could face up to 5 years in prison for grand larceny charges. In addition to supposedly beating his girlfriend, Mayweather is also accused of stealing the girl’s cell phone, which explains the potential grand larceny charges. Smh…

2) Lindsay Lohan for wanting to get pregnant.

Rumor has it that Lindsay Lohan believes that having a baby will help turn her life around. Lindsay supposedly cited Nicole Richie as a perfect example of her goals.

When I heard this, all I could think was “Oh Lindsay….”

Here’s the story —–> Lindsay Lohan Rumors

3) Lady Gaga for wearing meat at the VMAs.

Honestly, Lady Gaga is starting to annoy me. She’s commandeered every single “original style” for herself, causing more people to label her as Ms. Unique. Even though I love her music and the craziness, sometimes I just wish she would sit down and pick a persona. Not to mention, the whole meat thing was just too much and another cry for attention. She couldn’t even articulate to Ellen DeGeneres the purpose of her wearing the dress. I’m starting to feel like Gaga just needs a hug.

Read the story here. ——–> DeGeneres, PETA Carve Up Lady Gaga’s Meat Wear

4) Anyone involved with the VMAs for making a very boring show.

Speaking of Gaga, I tried watching the VMAs live last night. I saw Gaga accept an award, and watched Taylor Swift and Drake’s performances before deciding that the night was not going to be that exciting. Later, I watched the rest of the performances online, and saw that Bieber was cute, but not spectacular; that Usher was cool, but outperformed by his light show; and that Rihanna was horrible as always. Honestly, MTV you failed. Anyone else think that they should have made Willow Smith perform “Whip My Hair” last night? Something tells me that a pinky from the Smith family has more talent than Rihanna. Just sayin’…

5) Snooki for writing “Tan” on job applications.

If you haven’t been watching MTV’s Jersey Shore, then all I can say is START WATCHING! The show is absolute hilarity. On last week’s episode Snooki explained how she didn’t get several jobs because under ethnicity she checked the “Other” box and wrote down “Tan.” Good job Snooki. Good job.

p.s. You can watch the latest Jersey Show episode on

**A part of me wishes that celebs wouldn’t be such a mess. Then again, some of these celebs just bring me so much joy and entertainment. lol

Look out for a whole new Hot Mess list  next Monday.  😉

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