Music Tuesdays: Nicki Minaj is NOT a Rapper. She’s a “Popstar.”

After hearing Nicki Minaj on David Guetta’s track, I started to like her again….UNTIL she released a music video for “Stupid Hoe” and performed “Roman” at the Grammys.

Fortunately, Minaj has decided to leave those tragedies behind (at least for now) and put out some more promising Pop music.

Honestly, I can no longer consider Nicki Minaj a rapper. She clearly wants to be Britney Spears and Lady Gaga with a Katy Perry wig. Sometimes I think the direction of her career is kind of sad. Instead of trying to be the best female rapper of all time, she’s turning into just another dance-track maker.

The song is cute though!

Moving on…

Another rapper releasing new music right now is B.o.B. I love B.o.B. He’s always had his own unique sound.

Listen to his new single “So Good” below!

I know that this song is about to have major airplay. People were already going crazy this morning.

p.s. Rihanna and Chris Brown’s “Birthday Cake” has hit the radio.

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Music Tuesdays: Whatever Floats Your Boat

It’s no surprise that many of the music out there today is not a hundred percent original. Music artists have always been known to sample tracks from others. The question is “Which version of these songs floats your boat more?”

First up is Nicki Minaj’s “Your Love.”

“”Your Love” was the second single released off of Nicki’s upcoming album, Pink Friday. It climbed all the way to the top of the Rap/Hip Hop charts.

Most people probably don’t know, however, that the song was sampled from Annie Lennox’s “No More I Love You’s.” Below are the music videos for both “Your Love” and “No More I Love You’s.”

Nicki Minaj – “Your Love”

Annie Lennox – “No More I Love You’s”

Next Up…

B.o.B.’s “The Kids”

Recently, one of my friend’s introduced me to B.o.B’s “The Kids.” Although I promoted B.o.B. before his album came out, I must admit that I have yet to listen to it in its entirety. With that said, when I heard “The Kids,” which features Janelle Monae, I immediately fell in love with the song.

It’s funny because the day after hearing “The Kids,” I heard the original “The Kids Don’t Stand A Chance” by Vampire Weekend in the AT&T store. I thought to myself, “Hmmm….this song sounds familiar.” lol Go figure.

Here are videos for both songs.

Vampire Weekend – “The Kids Don’t Stand A Chance”

B.o.B. ft. Janelle Monae – “The Kids”

Personally, I love Janelle Monae’s voice, but I am also really feeling the original song by Vampire Weekend. 🙂

**Honestly, this post could go on FOREVER. lol So many songs have been sampled.

I think sampling is a good thing. Otherwise, I would never find out about some really awesome bands, especially those not from America.

Anyways, if you’re interested in which of your favorite songs have been sampled from other artists, then you should check out this website —> Who Sampled. is attempting to build the ultimate collection of “music DNA.”  It’s pretty cool! 🙂

These Artists Are Going Woohoo!!!

After some much needed YouTube browsing (I’m an addict lol), I came across what might possibly be Christina Aguilera’s next single. “Not Myself Tonight” has already generated a lot of buzz around it’s Gaga-ish video, but not necessarily all positive attention. However, Ms. Aguilera’s “Woohoo” seems to be all her own. Nicki Minaj even makes a guest appearance on this track, and I must say that I am lovin’ the whole thing. The vocals are nice and the beat is catchy. Keep up the good work X-tina. This is sure to be on repeat in my iTunes!

Take a listen!

I predict that if released as a single this one will be a hit. What do you think???

On another note, Mr. Bobby Ray a.k.a. B.o.B. should be yelling “Woohoo!” today as well. His debut album “B.o.B Presents The Adventures of Bobby Ray” debuted at numero uno on the Billboard 200 with 87,000 copies sold. Personally, I am not surprised. We here at I People Watch knew that a number one album was bound to happen. And, even though 87,000 might not seem like a lot, in a world where CDs and buying music are becoming ideas of the past, I’d say that that’s not too shabby, especially for a new artist. Hopefully, people will continue to support him because as I have said before,” the kid has talent.”

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