I have been on a serious hiatus since my last post. Even though life’s been hectic, there’s really never an excuse to leave you guys high and dry. With that said, I have created a new blog, Hot Mess Mondays, which is dedicated solely to the hottest and messiest celebrity news. Please check it out and comment! Posts will be coming every Monday, and I hope that you will read them! 


Bina 🙂 

Hot Mess Mondays: Really? I Mean, Really….

What would I do without the GOP? Let’s get it!

1) Todd Akin for being a complete idiot.

Over the weekend, the Missouri GOP congressman decided to open his mouth about rape and pregnancy. According to Akin, if a woman is raped, her body “has ways to shut [pregnancy] down.”

I don’t know what biology class Akin attended, but he must have failed. Even though I don’t have a firm stance on the entire abortion debate (my mind changes with every scenario), I do know that rape can result in pregnancy. I also know that no woman should have to carry their rapist’s child. I sure wouldn’t.


Akin has dug himself into a very deep hole. Mitt Romney and the Republican Party have been bullying encouraging Akin to quit his race for Senate. #AMess

2) Toure for being a little too chocolate.

After using the N-word to describe Mitt Romney’s campaign’s characterization of Obama, MSNBC’s Toure stirred up a lot of media attention and backlash. Now, the debate on race in American politics is getting even more heated.

Although I try to stay away from using the N-word, I don’t mind its use to prove a point. With that said, it’s always going to present an issue when used on the national stage.

Honestly, Americans should just start embracing the fact that they are all racist. I know I have… lol

Side note: I’m well aware that the “e” in Toure’s name has an accent mark. lol 🙂

3) Shia LaBeouf for agreeing to REAL sex scenes in next flick.

Transformer‘s Shia LaBeouf has agreed to do real sex scenes in his next movie, The Nymphomaniac, and media outlets are having a field day. It’s already been reported that LaBeouf’s girlfriend of 2 years, Karolyn Pho, broke down into tears after hearing the news. Really Shia? I mean, really…

Read the full story here —> Shia LaBeouf in Nymphomaniac

Taking a role like this is a personal choice. The game changes, however, when a significant other is involved. Who really wants to see their “boo” have sex on screen with someone else? #AMess

p.s. Nymphomaniac is being directed by Lars Von Trier, who is known for a number of other sexually explicit films.

4) American Idol for considering Nicki Minaj as a judge

Rumor has it that Nicki Minaj is in talks to join American Idol, and I don’t understand why. Homegirl can’t sing and can barely rap. The only thing she’s good at is shaking her plastic butt in music videos…

I rest my case.

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Hot Mess: Olympic Edition

With the London Olympics turning every superior athlete into a celebrity, there’s a lot to discuss. Let’s get it!

1) The media for making a fuss over Gabby Douglas’ hair.

When Douglas became the first African American to win the all-around gymnastics gold medal, Black viewers only seemed to focus on the appearance of her hair. As a black woman, I must admit. I did notice that Gabby’s hair was not “did.” With that said, I was not about to provide any commentary on the matter. Homegirl is not only in the Olympics, but she’s also making history. Who cares about her curls?

p.s. I get that Twitter is where people like to “clown” others. But, maybe it’s time we think before we tweet?  Just sayin’.

2) Anyone giving McKayla Maroney a hard time.

Everyone knows that McKayla is the best female vaulter in the world, but even the best cannot be perfect. McKayla failed to claim the gold medal in the individual women’s vault competition after falling. Poor thing.

Now, people are talking about McKayla’s cold facial expressions. Some have even labeled her a “sore loser” and “brat.”

Am I missing something? If you knew that you were the best, would you be jumping for joy over a silver medal? Absolutely not. There’s nothing wrong with showing a little disgust when things don’t go your way in competition. After all, a true competitor always wants to WIN.

3) Critics of Serena Williams’ victory Crip Walk.

Honestly, if I destroyed another tennis player at the Olympics to win gold, I would dance too. Some people just don’t know when to shut up.

Read the article about Williams’ dancing here –> Serena Williams Crip Walk

4) Reporters for bringing certain financial situations to light.

Over the past few days, all I’ve been hearing is how Ryan Lochte’s parents are facing foreclosure and how Gabby Douglas’ mother is in serious debt. I’m sorry, but when did any of this become the public’s business?

I know that both Gabby and Ryan are receiving massive amounts of attention because of the Olympics, but their parents’ troubles are none of our business.

Side note: It’s totally inappropriate for the media to be asking Gabby about her mother’s filing. The girl is sixteen years old. Let her stay sixteen…#AMess

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Hot Mess Mondays: Why They So Ashy?!

There’s a new descriptor in town folks and it’s ASHY! No, not ashy as in white cracked skin or the Gross sisters from The Proud Family. Ashy as in stank, hoodrat, disappointing, incomprehensible, and well….you get the point.

Let’s get it!

1) Beyonce for being another celeb.

I actually do like Beyonce. She’s talented and can sell her ashy songs to almost anybody. Yet, I’m a little disappointed that she’s hopped onto the celebrity bandwagon with her baby’s name, Blue.

Everyone can pretty much assume that celebrities are going to name their child something “unique.” For what it’s worth, I like Blue Ivy Carter. It’s got a good ring to it. 😉

2) Common and Drake for having ashy knuckles.

Does anyone know/care why these two are fighting? Maybe we should just give them some vaseline, so they can grease their knuckles and  duke it out like men…

p.s. I don’t actually condone physical violence…well, for something as silly as this. lol

3) Jersey Shore for not being ashy enough?

Apparently, Jersey Shore’s ratings were down about 14% from last season’s premiere episode. Some media outlets are starting to wonder if people are getting bored of the show. The more”realistic” drama has cranked down some, making way for some unbelievably questionable storylines.

I admit that I’ll be watching Jersey Shore until it takes a permanent hiatus. Until then, these young Italians could be using a lot less tanning oil.

Side note: The Jersey Shore premiere had roughly 7.6 million viewers. People are definitely still watching. 😉

ALSO, is it just me or does Pauly D look like Vejeta from Dragon Ball Z?!

Pauly D


Sorry, undercover nerd moment….lol

4) Jenny McCarthy for thinking she’s not ashy.

While watching Access Hollywood, I learned that Jenny McCarthy won’t be doing Dancing With The Stars anytime soon. Apparently, the show doesn’t get enough A-listers like her…Am I missing something? Since when was Jenny McCarthy an A-lister?

Someone needs to get off their high horse and moisturize….

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Hot Mess Mondays: I’m Rick Perry and I Approve This Message

Let’s get it!

1) Rick Perry for approving his own message…

Rick Perry is lucky that he’s an attractive man…Otherwise, this ad would be even more questionable. I personally didn’t know that Obama started a war on religion, but it’s nice to learn something new. *Side-eye*

2) Real World casting directors for not doing their jobs.

Sometimes Real World is entertaining, and sometimes it’s not. Last season, the Vegas cast provided me with an undeniable amount of entertainment. This season, however, the San Diego kids just suck. I can’t think of one cast member that is actually fun to watch. Frank is psycho. Ashley, Alex, and Priscilla don’t really add much at all. Sam, Nathan, and Zach are cool, but nothing else. Basically, this season was a fail. Why I continue to watch? I have no idea….

3) Twilight: Breaking Dawn for that insane birth scene.

I’m not really a Twilight fan and have never watched any of the other movies, but surprisingly I liked Breaking Dawn. Well, I did until the pregnancy part at least. For those of you, who have seen the movie, you know exactly what I’m talking about. Vampires make some disgustingly powerful fetuses.

4) Kristen Stewart for just being a hot mess.

Since we’re on the subject of Twilight, we can talk about how much I hate watching Kristen Stewart. She is so aaaaawkward! Not to mention, she’s a pretty mediocre actress. Why someone decided to cast her as Snow White is beyond me. All I know is that the trailer for Snow White and the Huntsman had me hooked until I saw Stewart’s face….Sigh.

Check out Snow White below!

Love Charlize Theron and Thor! haha 🙂

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Hot Mess Mondays: Grow Up Bieber!

Okay, I might get some heat for this one, BUT….

1) Justin Bieber for growing into womanhood.

I know that I’ve already put him on this countdown once for this, but I just can’t get over the girlie-faced popstar. When most boys grow up, they get…well…manlier. I don’t know if higher testosterone levels are in Bieber’s future, but one can only hope. After all, it took Zac Efron a while, and he turned out just fine.

Zac Efron

p.s. This will be my last post about Bieber’s look. Poor thing can’t help it.

2) Nicki Minaj for her “new” single featuring Rihanna.

Okay, is it just me, or did Nicki Minaj release “Fly” last year? Radio stations and websites are calling it a new single, and it’s bothering me because I’m pretty sure I was singing this LAST summer. Maybe I’m just a little tired of Ms. Minaj….and her sidekick RiRi.

3. Bishop Eddie Long for being in denial.

Even though his wife has filed for divorce, Eddie Long is choosing to remain optimistic about his marriage. According to Eddie, he and his wife love each other and are not mad at each other…

Yeah right! If any of the black women I know were in the middle of an Eddie Long sex scandal, they would be mad. There’s nothing positive about a cheating husband. And, there’s definitely nothing positive about a cheating husband who is involved with young boys….Side-eye. I won’t judge Bishop Long. I’ll leave that up to his Father.

Note to Men: Women can “forgive” you when things unfold behind closed doors, not in the national news.

4. The creators of New Year’s Eve for making New Year’s Eve.

One can only hope that this movie won’t suck, but alas this is another product of Hollywood…New Year’s Eve  comes out this Friday, December 9th in theaters.

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Hot Mess Mondays – He No Funny

Let me first apologize to all of you for disappearing. My life is a struggle and there’s nothing I can do about it. Although my roommate and I both have jobs and a new apartment, we’ve been sleeping on the floor for the past week and a half. Not to mention, I’ve had no internet to blog with. Struggles….Nonetheless, I’m back and it’s time to take advantage of this shuttle bus’ wifi. Let’s get it!

1) Tracy Morgan for thinking he’s funny.

Last week, Tracy Morgan became a trending topic on Twitter after making homophobic jokes during his comedy show in Nashville. Apparently, Tracy said something along the lines of stabbing his son if his son turned out to be gay. Honestly, I don’t know what to think about this one. I don’t really care about what Tracy Morgan does or says because he’s NOT funny. That’s the real issue here. Yet, this fool continues to make it in Hollywood…There’s too much talent out there for people like him to be successful in my opinion. But, I guess nothing beats good ol’ shucking and jiving across the camera. Right?

p.s. After Tracy’s anti-gay comments, there’s been debate over whether or not he should be fired from the hit NBC show 30 Rock. I know I don’t like Tracy, but I never want to see anyone lose his/her job. A comedic coach is what would really help with this situation…

2) J. Cole for acting like he’ll be relevant in September.

Every so often, I hear something about the release of J. Cole’s new album under Jay-Z’s Roc Nation label. Although I want to be excited for homeboy, a part of me really could care less. As much as I love J. Cole and his music, I completely understand why Jay-Z might have been getting annoyed with the high yellow rapper. You only have .5 seconds to get your  five seconds of fame. Thankfully, Mr. Cole actually has talent, so maybe his hype won’t die by September? I don’t know about you guys, but I’ve already moved on to Tinie Tempah. Just sayin….Get it together J.!

3) Britney Spears for having half-off concert tickets.

Now, I don’t know what to think about this one either. Today, my friend sent out an email about Britney Spears’ concert in San Jose. Apparently, tickets are half-off. I never thought I’d see the day when non-nosebleed seats were $45 bucks at a Britney concert. With that said, we all know Britney is not what she used to be. Not to mention, she’s performing in San Jose…I don’t see that city being super excited about an old Popstar. Still love ya Brit Brit!

p.s. I’m so sad I never got those NKOTBSB tickets! Damn.

4) The judges on NBC’s The Voice for telling teen queen Raquel that this was a good vocal. Watch the vid below!

Now, don’t get me wrong. On a good day, Raquel can sing. She can also perform her little butt off. I enjoyed the performance even though it was not music to my ears. I just think the little sunspot needs another couple of years to mature. Team Frenchie!

Speaking of Frenchie Davis, here’s her performance below.

Sigh…Why can’t I be a big black vocal powerhouse? Some dreams just will never come true… lol

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