Hot Mess Mondays: Rihanna and Chris Hit The Studio

All I’m going to say is that Rihanna is making it very hard for people to hate Chris Brown, her ex-boo….

Let’s get it!

1) Rihanna for featuring Chris Brown on her single “Birthday Cake.”

Take a listen!

I’m not going to lie. I love the beat of this song! It’s so catchy! BUT, the lyrics are a bit vulgar….and I find it interesting that these two used this song to come back together. Definitely not sending the best message.

2) Chris Brown for featuring Rihanna on his single “Turn Up The Music.”

Check it out below!

Actually, Chris Brown’s pretty smart. His single is lighthearted and fun. As the main singer on this one, it’s good that he didn’t come up with something along the lines of “Birthday Cake.” Just wouldn’t be the best idea for HIS single…

Anyways, these two are going to be the only ones on this list today. Their singles have already sparked enough controversy to last months. I guess I’ll have to get used to the constant Chris Brown, Rihanna talks again.

I’ve said this before, and I’ll say it again. I don’t really care what these two do as long as they stay out of trouble and make good music. And quite frankly, why should I care?  These two have basically  given the middle finger to the world anyways. At the end of the day, what goes on between the two of them is private. However, domestic violence is a serious and should be acknowledged – I just refuse to continue bashing Chris Brown when I know a lot of those other heifers in the industry are probably doing the same thing…Side-eye.

Read what the LA Times has to say! —> Chris Brown and Rihanna

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Hot Mess Mondays: WTF Nicki Minaj…

I’ve been gone for a minute now, but last night’s Grammys have brought me back in full force. There was so much ashiness going on that I had to present some type of commentary.

1) Nicki Minaj for just being a hot mess.

Honestly, I can’t find the appropriate words to use to describe her performance last night because the language I’m thinking of is inappropriate for this blog. With that said, I don’t know what hellfire Nicki Minaj decided  to appear from, but I know it wasn’t the usual devil’s. Honestly, I’m tired of Nicki, Gaga, Perry, and the likes. All of these heifers are trying to be so weird and “different” that they’re all becoming the same person. Not to mention, their music is so ashy that it’s starting to crack my eardrums. At least Madonna made good Pop music. Get it together ladies!

2) Rihanna for making me believe…..

Every time Rihanna performs, I decide to give her the benefit of the doubt. After all, in recent years, she’s been improving as a live performer (After terrible concert sales, Jay-Z was probably like “*^&(% you betta work!”). Unfortunately, last night ended up being another example of why I will never purchase homegirl’s concert ticket. Rihanna started off okay. She was even on key for the most part… Then, it was time for her performance with Coldplay….

Doesn’t she hear herself??? I would advocate for her to use playback, but if she did that she wouldn’t have a career. Boo boo is not Britney status.

By the way, this was Rihanna a few years ago….

You know Jay-Z said something. Heifer didn’t even hit one note! #Fail

3) Chris Brown for constantly making my Newsfeed.

Personally, I’ve forgiven Chris enough for his past to not care about him performing on the Grammys. However, I know that a lot of people haven’t. I guess the point is that he should’ve never hit a woman and then blown up my inbox.

p.s. He had an awesome performance last night as always. Maybe I would be more excited about this Chris Brown at the Grammys debate, but honestly he’s already performed everywhere else. This is just another award show in my mind. The End.

Check out Brown’s performance below….

And, in other news…

This weekend marked a sad time in the music industry when Whitney Houston passed. Thank goodness we have Jennifer Hudson to sing such beautiful tributes. Between her and Adele, the Grammys weren’t a complete waste of my time.

We love you Whitney!

Whitney Houston


And, just for kicks….

Take some pointers Rihanna!

True Thursdays: Rihanna Is My Role Model

As much as I can’t stand this Barbadian heifer, she is definitely killing the game right now.


Every time I’m in the car, there’s a song either by or featuring Rihanna playing on the radio. And not too long ago, a DJ even commented on how Rihanna never takes a break. NEVER!

Now, it’s clear that consistently working is the key ingredient to her success. If Rihanna never goes away, then we never have the time to forget about her. Unfortunately, not all music princesses took to Rihanna’s brilliant thinking. Do you guys even remember the last music princess to go on a “break”???…


**Rihanna is my role model because she has taught me a very important lesson – there is always someone younger and hotter ready to take your place as soon as you need a break. So, keep up the hard work people!**

p.s. Since Rihanna continues to bring the hits, I guess she can keep her spotlight… I’m just kind of bored of her being on every song. There just has to be someone just as pretty and even more talented than her out there. I’m convinced! haha

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Hot Mess Mondays: Grow Up Bieber!

Okay, I might get some heat for this one, BUT….

1) Justin Bieber for growing into womanhood.

I know that I’ve already put him on this countdown once for this, but I just can’t get over the girlie-faced popstar. When most boys grow up, they get…well…manlier. I don’t know if higher testosterone levels are in Bieber’s future, but one can only hope. After all, it took Zac Efron a while, and he turned out just fine.

Zac Efron

p.s. This will be my last post about Bieber’s look. Poor thing can’t help it.

2) Nicki Minaj for her “new” single featuring Rihanna.

Okay, is it just me, or did Nicki Minaj release “Fly” last year? Radio stations and websites are calling it a new single, and it’s bothering me because I’m pretty sure I was singing this LAST summer. Maybe I’m just a little tired of Ms. Minaj….and her sidekick RiRi.

3. Bishop Eddie Long for being in denial.

Even though his wife has filed for divorce, Eddie Long is choosing to remain optimistic about his marriage. According to Eddie, he and his wife love each other and are not mad at each other…

Yeah right! If any of the black women I know were in the middle of an Eddie Long sex scandal, they would be mad. There’s nothing positive about a cheating husband. And, there’s definitely nothing positive about a cheating husband who is involved with young boys….Side-eye. I won’t judge Bishop Long. I’ll leave that up to his Father.

Note to Men: Women can “forgive” you when things unfold behind closed doors, not in the national news.

4. The creators of New Year’s Eve for making New Year’s Eve.

One can only hope that this movie won’t suck, but alas this is another product of Hollywood…New Year’s Eve  comes out this Friday, December 9th in theaters.

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True Thursdays: Drake Sings Better Than Rihanna

I was going to give up on posting this week, but then I heard Drake’s latest single “Take Care” featuring Rihanna. If you haven’t heard “Take Care,” check it out now!

Drake could get it with this song! I thought I was over him singing, but I have to admit that this one is catchy. I am mad that Drake sounds better than Rihanna on the track though.*Side-eye* Say what you will, Rihanna is supposed to be a singer… BUT, it’s okay. It’s Drake’s song, so he should be outshining mediocrity.

Drake’s new album, Take Care, dropped on Tuesday, and I have been hearing different opinions about it from my friends. So far, I have liked everything that I’ve heard. Then again, I am not a “valid” Hip Hop critic. 😉

**MTV just reported that Take Care is expected to sell over 700,000 copies in its first week.** Get it!

Aaaaaand, since we’re on the subject of light-skinned rappers, I am SO happy that J. Cole’s “Work Out” is starting to get more airplay. I don’t know about the rest of the country, but the Bay Area has been slipping. Thanks for catching up guys!

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True Thursday: Rihanna’s Smart


Not that I thought the girl was stupid….It’s just that her new video shows how intelligent she really is. Rihanna’s “We Found Love” music video is having everyone talking. The boy alongside Rihanna in the video looks and dresses a lot like Chris Brown…Blonde hair, jean jacket, and all. Not to mention, the video is all about a love story spiraling completely out of control.

Check out the video now! —> We Found Love – Rihanna




Music Tuesdays (Late): Bow Chicka Wow Wow

As always my life is a hot mess. I moved back up to the bay this weekend, and therefore am behind on my blog posts (as usual lol). Anywho, I’m back.

At first, I was just going to forget all about Music Tuesday for this week, but on my drive up from LA, I heard some pretty great new songs that deserve some acknowledgement. The first is Mike Posner’s “Bow Chicka Wow Wow.” When my friend and I heard this song in the car, we burst out laughing. I was tickled by the fact that Mike made a song based on this old cheesy saying. Take a listen to “Bow Chicka Wow Wow” below.

OR click this link —> Bow Chicka Wow Wow

I’m really feeling the beat on this one. I might have to invest in Posner’s full album. 🙂

Another song that has been catching my attention is Katy Perry’s “ET.” Now, sometimes I don’t know how to feel about Katy Perry’s music. “Fireworks” had to grow on me, but “ET” sounds pretty cool. I like it. Check it out below

or click here —> Katy Perry – ET

What do you think?

The chorus reminds me of t.A.T.u.’s “All The Things She Said.” Listen to “All The Things She Said” below.

Anyone else agree? Thoughts?

Moving On…

The last song that I am starting to fall in love with is Kanye West’s “All of the Lights,” featuring Rihanna.

Click here to watch the video on Vevo —> All Of The Lights 🙂

Honestly, I don’t even listen to the lyrics in this song. I just love the chorus. Too bad that heifer sings it….If I hear one more person say that Rihanna’s Allstar performance was amazing, I don’t know what I will say. She did put on a good show, but her vocals were horrible as always. I think we all have lowered our standards for the little fire engine, and it’s just no bueno.

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