Hot Mess Mondays: Why They So Ashy?!

There’s a new descriptor in town folks and it’s ASHY! No, not ashy as in white cracked skin or the Gross sisters from The Proud Family. Ashy as in stank, hoodrat, disappointing, incomprehensible, and well….you get the point.

Let’s get it!

1) Beyonce for being another celeb.

I actually do like Beyonce. She’s talented and can sell her ashy songs to almost anybody. Yet, I’m a little disappointed that she’s hopped onto the celebrity bandwagon with her baby’s name, Blue.

Everyone can pretty much assume that celebrities are going to name their child something “unique.” For what it’s worth, I like Blue Ivy Carter. It’s got a good ring to it. 😉

2) Common and Drake for having ashy knuckles.

Does anyone know/care why these two are fighting? Maybe we should just give them some vaseline, so they can grease their knuckles and  duke it out like men…

p.s. I don’t actually condone physical violence…well, for something as silly as this. lol

3) Jersey Shore for not being ashy enough?

Apparently, Jersey Shore’s ratings were down about 14% from last season’s premiere episode. Some media outlets are starting to wonder if people are getting bored of the show. The more”realistic” drama has cranked down some, making way for some unbelievably questionable storylines.

I admit that I’ll be watching Jersey Shore until it takes a permanent hiatus. Until then, these young Italians could be using a lot less tanning oil.

Side note: The Jersey Shore premiere had roughly 7.6 million viewers. People are definitely still watching. 😉

ALSO, is it just me or does Pauly D look like Vejeta from Dragon Ball Z?!

Pauly D


Sorry, undercover nerd moment….lol

4) Jenny McCarthy for thinking she’s not ashy.

While watching Access Hollywood, I learned that Jenny McCarthy won’t be doing Dancing With The Stars anytime soon. Apparently, the show doesn’t get enough A-listers like her…Am I missing something? Since when was Jenny McCarthy an A-lister?

Someone needs to get off their high horse and moisturize….

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Wild Wednesdays: Nothing That Wild

Unless you think that Brandy getting kicked off of Dancing With The Stars or Willow Palin’s (daughter of Sarah Palin) “homophobic” comments on Facebook are wild, there really is nothing for me to report. Although I think that Brandy should still be dancing next week and that Willow should be given a strong talking to (not by the media, but by her mother), I’m more or less unmoved by this week’s entertainment news. Therefore, there will not be a real “wild” post today. However, make sure to come back tomorrow for “True Thursdays.” 🙂

Hot Mess Mondays: Have The Celebs Been On Good Behavior?

Of course not. lol With that said, it’s not Hollywood that made the number one spot today. It’s…

1) Mark Zuckerberg – For having a being a hot mess.

UPDATE: I have to change my hot mess description because maybe Zuckerberg’s life wasn’t all bad. With that said, he’s still a hot mess and has made some hot mess decisions without the consent/knowledge of the ones most being affected by them.

**Original post: That description might sound a little harsh, but if a fraction of the The Social Network is true, then Zuckerberg is a hot mess personality, who made hot mess decisions.

With that said, he’s the youngest billionaire in the world. BUT, we all know that money does not buy happiness.

2) The Situation – For being absolutely terrible on Dancing With The Stars.

Last week, Jersey Shore‘s The Situation had his second go at the dancing competition, and from what I saw it wasn’t too good. We all excused him for the first week when he didn’t have as much time to rehearse as the other contestants. Saving him for a second time, however, might have been a bad idea America. The kid doesn’t even know what musicality is…

I do kinda like his haircut though. lol

3) Angelina – For being the least liked member of the Jersey Shore.

Living in a house full of characters, both good and bad, how is it that you manage to become the least liked cast member? I don’t know, but that’s the question I want to ask Jersey Shore’s Angelina. Even though Angelina’s departure was supposed to be the highlight of Thursday night’s episode, I think I was more entertained by Pauly D and the boys’ “It’s TTT-shirt Tiiiiiiime!” than with anything involving Angelina…

4) T.I. for possibly getting his probation revoked.

Earlier last month, I reported that T.I. and his wife Tiny were arrested in West Hollywood. Now, it looks like T.I. will be facing a federal judge next Friday. He better get down on his hands and knees, and beg not to have his probation taken away. Geez…

5) Calvin Harris for making a big deal out of nothing.

On my last Music Tuesday, I posted a link to Chris Brown’s new single “Yeah 3x,” unaware of the controversy surrounding it. If you go on YouTube and read the comments under “Yeah 3x,” you will see a lot of support for UK singer and DJ Calvin Harris. Apparently, Mr. Harris accused Chris Brown of stealing his beat from “I’m Not Alone.” Now, I listened to both singles, and it’s true. Chris’ beat is beyond similar. With that said, the beat is not Harris’ original work. If you do a little research, Mr. Harris took his own beat from The Chemical Brothers. Honestly, who cares about any of this stuff anyways? ALL music is sampled nowadays. Smh…

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