Hot Mess Mondays: ‘Unstoppable’ Not On Top

Good morning everyone! I hope that you all enjoyed your weekends and are ready for the latest Hot Mess countdown. Let’s get it!

1) Whoever made the “Unstoppable” trailer for not doing a good job.

Now, I’m not saying the trailer was awful. However, it didn’t create the necessary hype for the movie. Personally, I think it gave away too much, and didn’t leave enough for the imagination. Some really quick cuts of the train, a few explosions, and some really intense music would’ve created a much better marketing campaign in my opinion. Anyways, Denzel Washington and Chris Pine’s “Unstoppable” came in at numero dos this weekend behind Will Ferrell’s “Megamind.” Something told me on Friday that that would happen…

p.s. I heard the movie was pretty good. Go check it out if you’re curious!

2) P. Diddy for thinking that anyone in his/her right mind would sign with him.

Over the weekend, it was reported that Diddy was upset over rapper Jay Electronica’s signing with Jay-Z’s Roc Nation. I think it’s funny that Diddy has the nerve to get upset. Every act that he touches turns to gold for about 2 seconds before disappearing off of everyone’s radar. On the other hand, Jay-Z has proven that he knows how to keep a star on top.

We’re reminded of Jay-Z’s successes every day with Rihanna whose career should’ve been over two albums ago…

Side note: Rihanna’s single “What’s My Name” is clearly a smash. The music video had over 3 million views after being posted on Vevo. I guess she’s not going away anytime soon. What a shame…

3) Taylor Swift for sounding redundant.

Don’t get me wrong. I actually really like Taylor Swift’s songs. HOWEVER, all of them sound exactly the same. I was listening to “Mine” in the car yesterday and was enjoying myself until thoughts of “Love Story,” “Fifteen,” “You Belong With Me,” and number of her other “hits” all came to mind. There’s nothing wrong with a little monotony, but your sound as an artist should always be evolving. Maybe Swift is still the same girl that she was at fifteen…a mess.

4) The Game for suggesting a G-Unit renuion.

First of all, I have to admit that I was guilty of jumping on the G-Unit bandwagon back in high school. I was in love with Lloyd Banks, and thought 50 cent was one of the best rappers after buying Get Rich or Die Trying. Now, I see how foolish I was to be hype on G-Unit. I still like Mr. Banks, but 50 cent is a hot mess.

Anyways, I think it’s a problem that The Game is trying to bring back the original G-Unit. Sorry, Game. I don’t think anyone cares about G-Unit anymore…

Honestly, he should be much higher on the list for this one.

5) Mel Gibson for just being a mess.

There is always someone who makes this list just for being a mess, and unfortunately this time it’s Mel. I love Mel to death, but all this drama with his former flame Oksana is really just embarrassing, and the key reason as for why he remains on this list. Mel’s career is practically over, which is a shame because he really is a good actor and director. 😦

Anyways, that’s it for today’s Hot Mess Monday.  I hope you all have a wonderful day, and please, try not to be a mess! It’s not a good look. lol  😉


Hot Mess Mondays: Please Don’t Encourage Your Mother

Good morning everyone! I hope that this Halloween weekend didn’t almost kill you, and that you enjoyed trick or treating, tons of candy, and fun Fun FUN! I had an awesome weekend, but now it’s time to bring back the list that was missing last week. Let’s get it!

1) Justin Bieber for writing a memoir.

On Friday, my friend informed me that Mr. Bieber would be having his very own book signing at The Grove right here in LA. Although I’m sure that the Halloween signing brought out plenty of Bieber Fever fans, I can’t help, but to question why Justin needs a memoir at 16. I know people love his adorable boyish looks, voice, and “dancing abilities,” but do people actually care about the first 15 years of his life??? Not to mention, I wonder if Bieber even wrote the book himself…

2) Bristol Palin for wanting to see her mother run for president.

I’m sorry. Did I miss something? Your mother ran two years ago, and embarrassed herself on national television when she couldn’t answer reporter Charlie Gibson’s questions. I don’t care how much you love and support your mother. You still know when someone is a bad choice. Let’s be real.

3) Heidi Montag for returning to her husband Spencer Pratt.

Whether or not you watched MTV’s The Hills, you probably have heard of reality stars/married couple Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt, seeing as though the two managed to get their names into almost every media outlet. I confess. I was one of the people to watch The Hills, and honestly, this couple screams train wreck. People were happy when Heidi finally filed for divorce. Now, however, it seems that Heidi has put the divorce papers aside. She even spent Halloween with Spencer. Trick or treat?

4) Mel Gibson for not having that Charlie Sheen appeal.

Hollywood is a funny place, picking and choosing which celebrities are “hot” and which are not. Some celebrities such as Two and a Half Men star Charlie Sheen, who constantly get into trouble, are considered hot regardless of their personal misbehaviors. Charlie Sheen has been associated with drug/alcohol abuse and domestic violence on a number of occasions, and still manages to be one of the highest paid sitcom actors.

And then, there are the Mel Gibson’s of the world, who just can’t catch a break. The current drama happening between Mel and his former flame Oksana Grigorieva is only getting worse. Honestly, I feel bad for Mel. Should he have made those anti-semitic/racist comments in the past? Of course not, especially when everyone in his line of business is Jewish… But, I think there’s something else going on with him that the rest of the world is failing to understand, and that what sucks.

Side note: Google Charlie Sheen, and look at what comes up. You’ll see what I mean. 😉

5) Anyone who celebrated Halloween without a costume.

I used to be semi-guilty of this growing up, but at least I would try to put something festive on if I failed at a complete costume. When a group of us went out to celebrate Halloween on Saturday night, we were surprised by the number of people who were not dressed up. Where’s the Halloween spirit folks?! As for the celebrities, who failed this year, Heidi Montag is making this list a second time for going to a Halloween party dressed as herself. The photo above is taken from **As fake as your body might be Heidi, you are not a costume.

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So Despicable

Hola mi amigos!

Guess who’s back? Meeeeeeeeee. lol By the way, whenever I take a hiatus, it is definitely for a good reason. I wouldn’t just leave you all high and dry. Anyways, I’m finally settled in my new home, Los Angeles, and I must say that I am extremely excited to see where my life takes me. With that said, you all do not read to “watch” me lol. You read to watch others. So, that is exactly what we shall do!

First Up…

Despicable Me

Honestly, when the original trailers for Despicable Me first came out, I was like what in the world is this. I totally didn’t understand what the movie would be about. Then eventually the newer trailers began to introduce the evil, yet lovable, Mr. Gru and the three orphan girls, whom he uses for his most evil genius plan, stealing the moon. Because the movie was even cuter than its trailers, I say go check it out if you’re curious. 🙂

p.s. Thumbs up to Steve Carell for just having one of the most successful careers right now in Hollywood. Carell is the voice of Mr. Gru in Despicable Me and will also be starring alongside Paul Rudd in Dinner With Schmucks on July 30th.

Next Up….

Grown Ups

Originally, Grown Ups was on my ABSOLUTELY DO NOT SEE THIS MOVIE list. But when you have friends that want to see a certain movies, sometimes you just have to make compromises. Seeing Grown Ups this past week was my compromise….and honestly, it should have remained on my ABDNSTM list.

For some reason, this movie has taken in A LOT of money. I just don’t understand….95% of the movie is not funny. I don’t mind it when comedies don’t have a plot as long as they are funny, but Grown Ups was just one big FAILURE. So, if you’re still thinking about seeing Grown Ups, don’t! Your 12 dollars are better off spent on something else. How about Knight and Day instead? 😉

Moving On…

Because I’ve been gone for a minute, a lot of the things that I want to report on are old news. So, instead of repeating what you’ve already seen on the news and in magazines, I have composed a Hot Mess list for this past week. Here are the top 5 celebrities (in no particular order, except for numero uno), who were and still are a hot mess.

1. Lindsay Lohan- For just always being a mess. May her 90 day jail sentence be what saves her train wreck of a life.

2. 50 Cent – For starting more unnecessary hip hop beef.

50 Cent vs. Diddy

3. Mel Gibson – For having an abusive and racist tongue.

Mel Gibson Dropped By Agency

Mel, the next time you speak, maybe you should ask yourself “What would Jesus do?”

4. Kate Gosselin – For keeping the fame going when she has an army of kids to raise.

5. Adam Sandler – For making another horrible movie.

If you have gotten nothing out of this post, just remember one thing – DON’T SEE GROWN UPS! lol

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