True Thursdays: Old Usher Is Back!

Well kind of….

After all of the OMGs and DJs going around, Usher has finally decided to go back to his roots. His latest single “Climax” is the perfect  balance between R&B vocals and Pop beats. Take a listen!

At first, I wasn’t a fan of this song, but now it’s become a radio favorite. I like that Usher is actually “singing” again. This is definitely the Usher that I like. 🙂

What do you think?

True Thursdays: Back Off Carmelo!

Yesterday, I was watching an interview (see below) on ESPN with Carmelo Anthony. To sum it up, Carmelo was trying to combat reports that he is a selfish player and will most likely hurt the performance of the Knicks after his return.

Thanks to Jeremy Lin, the Knicks have won all 7 of their last games. Jeremy Lin is a team player, who is making everyone go “Linsane.” So we’ll see how these two mesh…

True Thursdays: Katy and Nicki Are Overexposed

Both Katy Perry and Nicki Minaj have been having the year of their lives. They’ve literally been everywhere, and neither one of them is showing signs of slowing down.

I wasn’t a big Katy Perry fan until she released my jam, “Teenage Dream” back in 2010. Once that single came out, I was hooked. But now, all I want is for her to go away. Overexposure is a very real thing, and Ms. Perry has been overexposed. Unfortunately, I can’t get away from her music on the radio. Lord help me…

As for Nicki, I have never been 100% sold on this girl. Though some of her verses are good, a lot of them are questionable. When I hear her on the radio, I can’t even comprehend what’s coming out of her mouth. Does she even speak real words?

Maybe I’m being too harsh on these two. Nonetheless, I’m ready to hear and discover some NEW talent in 2012. 🙂

p.s. Listen to Nicki’s verse on this David Guetta song “Turn Me On.”

Nicki’s actually the one singing on this track, and she doesn’t sound that bad. If only she sang this good in real life….No, I have not forgotten her GMA performance. SMH. Oh, the wonders of autotune…haha

True Thursdays: Drake Makes Another OK Music Video

I’m not sure how much of a failure my title is today…BUT, it doesn’t matter – it’s still time to get it!


For those of you living under a rock, Drake’s video for “The Motto”  dropped yesterday. Honestly, as much as I love this song, I’m not sure that I like the video.

I’m wondering if it’s Drake’s bad winter apparel and Nike gloves that are causing me to be iffy about this one. I mean, let’s me honest. What boy wears a leopard print Northface? Not to mention, Wayne is “stuntin” in neon green moon boots… If I was a robber, I’d definitely bypass this crowd. Anyways, making OK music videos seems to be a common trend with Drake. Whenever I love one of his songs, I usually don’t like the video for it. Examples are as follows:


“Best I Ever Had,”

“Find Your Love”

“Any Drake Video”

All I can do now is hope that the video for “Take Care” is a good one because I LOVE that song!

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True Thursdays: Rihanna Is My Role Model

As much as I can’t stand this Barbadian heifer, she is definitely killing the game right now.


Every time I’m in the car, there’s a song either by or featuring Rihanna playing on the radio. And not too long ago, a DJ even commented on how Rihanna never takes a break. NEVER!

Now, it’s clear that consistently working is the key ingredient to her success. If Rihanna never goes away, then we never have the time to forget about her. Unfortunately, not all music princesses took to Rihanna’s brilliant thinking. Do you guys even remember the last music princess to go on a “break”???…


**Rihanna is my role model because she has taught me a very important lesson – there is always someone younger and hotter ready to take your place as soon as you need a break. So, keep up the hard work people!**

p.s. Since Rihanna continues to bring the hits, I guess she can keep her spotlight… I’m just kind of bored of her being on every song. There just has to be someone just as pretty and even more talented than her out there. I’m convinced! haha

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True Thursdays: Drake Sings Better Than Rihanna

I was going to give up on posting this week, but then I heard Drake’s latest single “Take Care” featuring Rihanna. If you haven’t heard “Take Care,” check it out now!

Drake could get it with this song! I thought I was over him singing, but I have to admit that this one is catchy. I am mad that Drake sounds better than Rihanna on the track though.*Side-eye* Say what you will, Rihanna is supposed to be a singer… BUT, it’s okay. It’s Drake’s song, so he should be outshining mediocrity.

Drake’s new album, Take Care, dropped on Tuesday, and I have been hearing different opinions about it from my friends. So far, I have liked everything that I’ve heard. Then again, I am not a “valid” Hip Hop critic. 😉

**MTV just reported that Take Care is expected to sell over 700,000 copies in its first week.** Get it!

Aaaaaand, since we’re on the subject of light-skinned rappers, I am SO happy that J. Cole’s “Work Out” is starting to get more airplay. I don’t know about the rest of the country, but the Bay Area has been slipping. Thanks for catching up guys!

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True Thursday: Rihanna’s Smart


Not that I thought the girl was stupid….It’s just that her new video shows how intelligent she really is. Rihanna’s “We Found Love” music video is having everyone talking. The boy alongside Rihanna in the video looks and dresses a lot like Chris Brown…Blonde hair, jean jacket, and all. Not to mention, the video is all about a love story spiraling completely out of control.

Check out the video now! —> We Found Love – Rihanna




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