Hot Mess Mondays: Why They So Ashy?!

There’s a new descriptor in town folks and it’s ASHY! No, not ashy as in white cracked skin or the Gross sisters from The Proud Family. Ashy as in stank, hoodrat, disappointing, incomprehensible, and well….you get the point.

Let’s get it!

1) Beyonce for being another celeb.

I actually do like Beyonce. She’s talented and can sell her ashy songs to almost anybody. Yet, I’m a little disappointed that she’s hopped onto the celebrity bandwagon with her baby’s name, Blue.

Everyone can pretty much assume that celebrities are going to name their child something “unique.” For what it’s worth, I like Blue Ivy Carter. It’s got a good ring to it. 😉

2) Common and Drake for having ashy knuckles.

Does anyone know/care why these two are fighting? Maybe we should just give them some vaseline, so they can grease their knuckles and  duke it out like men…

p.s. I don’t actually condone physical violence…well, for something as silly as this. lol

3) Jersey Shore for not being ashy enough?

Apparently, Jersey Shore’s ratings were down about 14% from last season’s premiere episode. Some media outlets are starting to wonder if people are getting bored of the show. The more”realistic” drama has cranked down some, making way for some unbelievably questionable storylines.

I admit that I’ll be watching Jersey Shore until it takes a permanent hiatus. Until then, these young Italians could be using a lot less tanning oil.

Side note: The Jersey Shore premiere had roughly 7.6 million viewers. People are definitely still watching. 😉

ALSO, is it just me or does Pauly D look like Vejeta from Dragon Ball Z?!

Pauly D


Sorry, undercover nerd moment….lol

4) Jenny McCarthy for thinking she’s not ashy.

While watching Access Hollywood, I learned that Jenny McCarthy won’t be doing Dancing With The Stars anytime soon. Apparently, the show doesn’t get enough A-listers like her…Am I missing something? Since when was Jenny McCarthy an A-lister?

Someone needs to get off their high horse and moisturize….

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True Thursdays: Drake Makes Another OK Music Video

I’m not sure how much of a failure my title is today…BUT, it doesn’t matter – it’s still time to get it!


For those of you living under a rock, Drake’s video for “The Motto”  dropped yesterday. Honestly, as much as I love this song, I’m not sure that I like the video.

I’m wondering if it’s Drake’s bad winter apparel and Nike gloves that are causing me to be iffy about this one. I mean, let’s me honest. What boy wears a leopard print Northface? Not to mention, Wayne is “stuntin” in neon green moon boots… If I was a robber, I’d definitely bypass this crowd. Anyways, making OK music videos seems to be a common trend with Drake. Whenever I love one of his songs, I usually don’t like the video for it. Examples are as follows:


“Best I Ever Had,”

“Find Your Love”

“Any Drake Video”

All I can do now is hope that the video for “Take Care” is a good one because I LOVE that song!

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True Thursdays: Drake Sings Better Than Rihanna

I was going to give up on posting this week, but then I heard Drake’s latest single “Take Care” featuring Rihanna. If you haven’t heard “Take Care,” check it out now!

Drake could get it with this song! I thought I was over him singing, but I have to admit that this one is catchy. I am mad that Drake sounds better than Rihanna on the track though.*Side-eye* Say what you will, Rihanna is supposed to be a singer… BUT, it’s okay. It’s Drake’s song, so he should be outshining mediocrity.

Drake’s new album, Take Care, dropped on Tuesday, and I have been hearing different opinions about it from my friends. So far, I have liked everything that I’ve heard. Then again, I am not a “valid” Hip Hop critic. 😉

**MTV just reported that Take Care is expected to sell over 700,000 copies in its first week.** Get it!

Aaaaaand, since we’re on the subject of light-skinned rappers, I am SO happy that J. Cole’s “Work Out” is starting to get more airplay. I don’t know about the rest of the country, but the Bay Area has been slipping. Thanks for catching up guys!

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No More Cruise Control

Well folks, it looks like Tom Cruise won’t be getting the comeback success he hoped for. Despite all of the promotions and interviews, Knight and Day nabbed the third spot at the weekend box office with $20.5 mil. Beating out Knight and Day were Toy Story 3 and Adam Sandler’s comedy Grown Ups. Honestly, I am not surprised that Toy Story 3 continues to be the #1 movie in the country.

After making over $100 mil in its first weekend, Toy Story 3 most certainly was going to have a lot of steam going into round 2. Not to mention, people of all ages love the little guys. As for Grown Ups, I have no idea why this movie made $40 mil opening weekend. The trailers were horrific and not the slightest bit funny. Then again, I have never found Adam Sandler to be funny, but I guess the man has a strong following…..I also can’t forget that Sandler is not the only star in this film. Kevin James, David Spade, and Chris Rock are all funnymen who can hold their own.

Anyways, I will continue to support Tom Cruise just like I will X-tina. No matter how much their projects may flop, I can always count on them to entertain me. 🙂

Side Note: I randomly saw The A-team this weekend. This movie is good!!! Hollywood can’t figure out why it hasn’t succeeded with audiences, but have you seen the trailers? They’re terrible. If I was in charge of the marketing team for this movie, I would just assume that no one knows what or who The A-team was or is. Instead of banking on people to remember the television show from the 80s, Hollywood execs should have just been like “Hi young adults in America! Here is a totally new and original concept!” Some one should really let me lead movie promotions one day. lol Just saying…..Anyways, go check it out. If you like action adventure movies, this one is a sure winner! Plus, who doesn’t love Liam Neeson?

Moving on….

Because we at I People Watch also care about the music world, we must congratulate Drake for selling over 400,000 copies of Thank Me Later. Not bad for the newbie. Definitely beat X-tina’s sales…X-tina is currently holding down the number 9 spot.

Also, apparently Eminem will be seeing A LOT of billboard success in the near future. His album Recovery is predicted to have sold over 600,000 copies in its first week. Go Em! I used to be a fan of Eminem, but have fallen off. With that said, he’s a great rapper and deserves the success. 🙂

What do you think about this week’s box office and chart toppers? A curious mind wants to know. Leave a comment!

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