Hot Mess Mondays: Got Coke?

Well, the celebs have had a full week to be “human.” Unfortunately, that means that a few of them have topped the hot mess charts.

1) Paris Hilton for getting arrested AGAIN!

You would think that Paris would’ve learned her lesson after the first incarceration. Now, after last Friday night’s arrest in Las Vegas, it looks like Paris will be facing a potential cocaine possession charge. Good job Paris.

By the way, Paris’ little croissant doesn’t seem to be doing much better….

Paris Hilton’s Boyfriend Gets The Boot

Side note: Is it just me or is Paris too good at taking mug shots?

2) Jersey Shore and everyone involved with the show for just always being a mess.

First, there was Snooki’s arrest for disorderly conduct. Now, rumor has it that the show could be canceled due to a recent claim made by a woman using the initials J.P. Apparently, body guards of the cast assaulted J.P., resulting in permanent damage to her face. All I can say is that this woman is smart for using those initials because she’s not messing with just MTV and the show’s cast. She’s messing with the millions of people, who rely on that show for some much needed entertainment.

Read the Daily News’ article here —> Jersey Shore Could Go Off Air

3) James Cameron and the Avatar camp for thinking that people still cared about Avatar.

Let’s face it. We all loved Avatar when it first came out. It was AMAZING! However, we also all went broke when we saw the movie in 3D and then again in 3D IMAX. No one wants to pay to see the movie that they’ve already seen 4 times again. We have Inception to see 4 times now, and even that is about to run its course…

Did Avatar Just Flop? – E Online

4) Montana Fishburne for being WAY too fame hungry.

Was I the only one, who thought about her tape scandal when Papa Laurence walked out onto the Emmy stage last night? No words…

5) Eminem and Rihanna for simply getting on my last nerve.

Eminem has been killing the music game for years now, and his latest album Recovery has spent 7 consecutive weeks at numero uno. With that said, I wish that both he and Rihanna would go somewhere! I turn off one radio station to avoid these two, only to hear them again on the next 5 stations. Is anyone else getting sick of Rihanna’s squealing in “Love The Way You Lie”? That song is just another treat turned incredibly sour for me.

**Know of anyone else who was an absolute hot mess last week? Leave a comment and share!

True Thursdays: Lindsay. Lindsay. Laurence?

As a recently unemployed college graduate, sometimes I wonder how someone can have so much, yet so little at the same time. Ms. Lohan has been a hot topic on this blog since its beginning, and she doesn’t seem to be becoming old news any time soon. The young starlet was just released from rehab after 23 days of treatment. For a while, there was speculation that Lindsay was suffering from bi-polar disorder and addicted to adderall, but Lindsay’s lawyer argues otherwise.

Personally, I just think that Lindsay is a simple product of Hollywood child stardom. She entered Hollywood as a child, and grew up in it as a teenager. She was critiqued from head to toe, and probably watched and read everything in the news about her and her family…..

As always, I wish Lindsay the absolute best. reports that the actress is getting a lot of support from her Hollywood peers. Quentin Tarantino, who produced Lindsay’s latest movie Machete, even offered some kind words about the actress. With that said, sometimes it’s just better to be anonymous folks….At least Lindsay is not afraid to tweet about her frustrations. The girl has to be hurting, and it’s better for her to tweet her anger than party it off.

Read the MTV article here ————>Lindsay Lohan

Moving On….

Speaking of anonymous, no one knew, who this girl (above) was until her recent sex-tape cries for attention. Montana Fisburne, the daughter of Laurence Fishburne, has decided that now is the time for her own Kim Kardashian breakout moment. Montana has been trying to raise her Hollywood starlet level for a while now, so naturally she needed a sex tape?

Now, I know that this is technically old news, but I wonder what is running through Laurence’s mind. Vivid Entertainment, the distributors of Kim K’s tapes, could care less about The Matrix star’s feelings. Vivid is looking to use Montana to its full advantage. Personally, I can just picture Laurence shaking his head now. No father wants this for his daughter….. At least Kim K, Kendra, and Paris’ tapes were all “accidents.” Also, it’s not even like Laurence could throw on his Morpheus shades to hide from the shame. Montana looks JUST like him, bone structure and all. Check out the pic below.

Oh well….Let us hope that other young girls don’t travel Montana’s road into the tabloids for the sake of fame…If you’re a natural star and hard worker, Hollywood will take notice my friends…

Read more here ———->Montana Fishburne

p.s. I realize that Wild Wednesday is non-existent and that True Thursday is a bit late. As someone once told me, it’s not unemployment, but FUNemployment. lol Honestly, after years of hard work, I deserve the fun. However, bills do not pay themselves…Wish me continued luck on the job search everyone! If I fail at employment, maybe I can take the Montana approach? Just kidding… 😉

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