The New Hollywood Hero Is On A Roll

Remember that post I did about the new type of leading man in Hollywood? Well, it looks like Robert Downey Jr. will continue his “odd” leading man status, considering Iron Man 2 is expected to take in a a whopping $300 million after its debut at the global box office.  Although Downey does not fit the typical mold for a superhero, his charming and hilarious nature can pretty much get him whatever role he wants.  And, after falling from the Hollywood stars for a while due to drugs and jail time, I’m glad to see Downey having so much success these days. He’s a great actor. I saw Iron Man 2 on Friday night, and absolutely loved both it and Downey in it. Iron Man 2 is sure to continue to rake in millions!

All of Downey’s success this weekend causes me to wonder how our other Hollywood heroes will fare. Russell Crowe’s Robin Hood is next up on the chopping block and will give Iron Man 2 some competition next weekend on May 14th. Robin Hood will then be followed by the release Ol’ Jakie boy’s Prince of Persia in two weeks on May 28th. If you’ve been reading, then you already know how I feel about Gyllenhaal’s casting in Prince of Persia. However, only the box office will tell what and who audiences want to see. I hear Robin Hood is good though. Variety’s Justin Chang reports that the film is not as “campy” as its predecessors, but more gritty,  realist, and political. Personally, I’m excited for this fresher approach to a classic story, and cannot wait to see the movie next weekend!

As for Prince of Persia, the overall concept is pretty cool, so I’ll have to go see it…I just hope I get over my disappointment of Jake Gyllenhaal. Maybe he will show some Downey charm? We’ll see. At least the movie poster makes me want to see it.

Also, in case you’re interested, here is a press conference that the cast of Prince of Persia did recently. Even Jerry Bruckheimer, the film’s producer and man responsible for such major successes as Pirates of the Caribbean, is present.

**Below are some other links that may be of interest. Enjoy! 🙂

LA Times – Iron Man 2 is box office gold

Robin Hood

On set with Ridley Scott and Russell Crowe

Thou Shalt Kill

Once again, Hollywood’s little worker bees have been slavin away to produce the best honey – in this case a string of competing assassin/secret agent themed movies scheduled to be released this summer. Personally, after seeing Mr. and Mrs. Smith a few years back, I am in favor of these types of movies as long as they are done well. However, with Killers, Knight and Day, and Salt all being released back to back, I don’t know if I can take all of the loud shooting. It’s already killing me! **pun intended lol

Anyways, Hollywood’s little worker bees are trying to pull a fast one on us mere peasants. Deep down the little buzzers know that during the summer, everyone sees almost every movie. Therefore, the repetitive theme for this summer doesn’t seem to be an issue (at least not to them). Though I am not upset with these similarly themed films, I will say that there is no way that I will be paying to watch all of them. At least one of the suckers is going to be cut from my viewing lineup. So, now my question is “Which one?”

Hmmm…Maybe breaking down the movies will help. Let’s see…


Starring Ashton Kutcher and Katherine Heigl, Killers is about a woman, who while on vacation, falls in love with a man, only to find out later that he is a CIA agent. Some original stuff, huh? lol I do like the advertisement though. Unfortunately, neither Kutcher nor Heigl do it for me. Kutcher can be funny sometimes, but Heigl….Her role on Grey’s Anatomy made me want to gag. She was ALWAYS so whiny and psycho lol

Here’s the trailer –

What do you think?

Knight and Day

Alright, I am honestly just excited to see Tom Cruise have some shine. After his whole  couch jumping incident on Oprah and Brooke Shields postpartum commentary, even I was turned off for a minute, but now I really really miss  I mean, who doesn’t love Tom Cruise? Look at him. He’s screaming bad-ass in the pic above. Some of those other stars I named last time need to take some lessons….

Knight and Day is about a secret agent (Cruise), who goes on a blind date with an unassuming young lady (Diaz) before taking her on one crazy adventure. Check the trailer!

I’m pretty sure that I will see this movie. I’ll take Cruise and Diaz over Kutcher and Heigl anytime!


Now, we’re talking. Angelina Jolie pretty much was born to play an assassin.  At first I was a little hesitant about her in this role. I just don’t want her to be type-cast since she’s already been an assassin twice in Mr. and Mrs. Smith and Wanted. But hey, if she can continue to do these roles and bring in the box-office bucks, then more power to her.

In Salt, Jolie will play  Evelyn Salt, a CIA agent who must clear her name after being accused of working for the Soviet Union. Check the trailer!

And to think that this role was originally intended for Tom Cruise…

This summer should be pretty interesting to say the very least. After weighing the options, Knight and Day and Salt are looking like the clear assassin winners of my summer. Regardless of what I want to see, however,  I’m sure people will be sticking to Hollywood’s honey all summer long.  We’ll see what happens come June….

Where Are the Fairy Tale Endings?

That’s the question that I wish someone could answer for me. Now, I know that fairy tale endings are only for fairy tales lol, but something inside me has to believe that there is happiness out there for everyone. Unfortunately, in the latest chapter of Hollywood: A Travesty, things appear to steadily be getting worse for some of our favorite celebs.

Lindsay Lohan

For over a week, I have wanted to hear something positive come out about Ms. Lohan, but the news just keeps getting worse and worse. Already in the news lately because of a couple of “rude” comments made about her by the celebrity messiah (excuse the term) Dr. Drew, Ms. Lohan now seems to be dealing with some troubling financial woes. Access Hollywood reports that Lindsay is behind $600,000 in credit card payments. Not to mention, she owes almost $23,000 in rent the last time anyone checked. Perhaps these problems wouldn’t seem so problematic if the girl would just stop clubbing! Can someone please please PLEASE figure out a way to help her? Her future used to be so bright……

Remember this???

**Sigh**  the good ol’ days…..

Truth be told – Though I am reporting such negativity, I really am rooting for Lindsay. No one likes to see any celebrity hit complete rock bottom. If Britney Spears can get her life together, then so can Lindsay. Let’s forget about the potential failures for a moment (i.e. Ms. Houston)..*Cough Cough**

Is Lindsay Lohan In Debt?

Dr. Drew Faces Backlash After Lindsay Lohan Comments

Sandra Bullock

It was a sad day when us peasants learned that our princess Sandra Bullock was facing public humiliation for her husband’s infidelity. Now, it looks like Sandra may just call it quits on her marriage. People Magazine reports that she was recently spotted without her wedding ring. Sandra has also moved out of her house, leaving Jesse and his three children alone without a wife and step-mother.

Usually, I am in favor of couples working through such issues as infidelity, but I can’t say that I blame Sandra’s decision. She knows what’s best for her…

Sandra Bullock Not Wearing Wedding Ring


After waking up Hollywood with her role as Mary Jones in Precious, Mo’Nique discussed the sexual abuse she experienced as a child at the hands of her brother Gerald Imes. Recently, Gerald did an exclusive interview with Oprah about his past drug abuse and maltreatment of his younger sister. Although Gerald has apologized, Mo’Nique doesn’t seem to want anything to do with him. Just last month, she told reporters about the time when her brother showed up at the hospital to see her newborn baby. That story didn’t end well for Gerald, and I doubt this one will either….Maybe for happy endings sake, we should just count Mo’Nique’s Oscar win for Best Supporting Actress as a fairy tale ending?

MoNiques Brother Apologizes

*With all this in mind, I would be a liar if I said that no fairy tale endings happen in Hollywood. Actually, they happen all of the time. Despite the constant rumors, Angelina and Brad are still together and raising their billions of children. Meanwhile, Robin Thicke and Paula Patton are about to start their own family. So see, Hollywood happy endings do exist! Well, at least until they fall a part…lol

And just for fun, here’s the trailer for Shrek 4 Forever After. Since we’re talking about failed fairy tale endings, this somehow seemed appropriate? lol

The New Hollywood Hero

As a film major, I have been taught how to critique a variety of movies, ranging from the most unoriginal to the most extreme and bizarre works imaginable. However, one thing  film school cannot teach is why some movies have massive commercial success and others don’t. That’s something that Hollywood’s little busy bees are constantly trying to figure out as they watch the box office success and failures for each of their films. Because only Lord knows why some of the movies that make it in Hollywood are winners.

Nonetheless, this post is not about the movies, but the actors, more specifically Hollywood’s male stars. It was just today that an article on discussed how Hollywood’s leading men have begun to change. According to the article, instead of casting the typical macho, scruffy guy, Hollywood now seems to be picking cutie pies like Ryan Reynolds (Green Lantern) and funnymen like Robert Downey Jr. (Iron Man) as the new “bad-asses” of the big screen.

Although I understand that these new types of leading men are bringing in the cash, I cannot help, but to long for the continued use of born bad-asses like Gerard Butler and Russell Crowe in movies. Sure, Crowe has a little temper, but his power on the screen is undeniable (one of the reasons why I will be going to see Robin Hood in May). Not to mention, I don’t think that anyone could deny that 300 would be as A-mazing without a lead like Gerard Butler, who naturally exudes testosterone.

Yet, despite the successes of such typical Hollywood hunks, the little bees continue to use strange castings in their honey. Jake Gyllenhaal, for example, will be playing Dastan, the lead in the Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time, which is due for a May 28th release. Personally, I find it appalling that he is the new Prince of Persia. To me, this is a classic case of when Hollywood should have gone with the stereotypical macho hunk instead of the boy-next-door sweetheart. Not only does Jakie boy not look ethnic enough, but he also does not look very bad-ass, which in a film where the main character is supposed to be a courageous hero seems beyond odd.

However, Jakie boy has not been the only face to be miscast in a film. Toby McGuire beat him a few years ago as the new Spiderman. That was by far the worst casting ever, and still, the Spiderman franchise broke several box-office records. With that said, one has to wonder how much of the franchise’s success had to do with the special effects and not Toby. Just saying…..If Hollywood can give us both cool graphics and a bad-ass, then why won’t they just go ahead and do it???

I guess only time will tell which types of Hollywood hunks resonate best with audiences. Personally, I love Robert Downey Jr. as an unusual leading man after hearing about him in Iron Man (I know I’m like the only person not to have seen the movie lol) and seeing him in Sherlock Holmes. As for Ryan Reynolds, I can only remember his goofy performance in Just Friends, but I think I can dig him as Green Lantern. At least he has the height and body-type. Right?

**Check out the pics of Hollywood’s latest heroes to see what I mean….

Gerard Butler - 300 Premier

Butler doesn’t even have to try to be a leading man and hero. That’s just him.

Russell Crowe - Robin Hood

Russell can even make tights look bad-ass. He also seems to be aging rather well. 🙂

Ryan Reynolds - Green Lantern

Although Reynolds stays with the funny expressions on his face (like in this pic), I can buy into him as a superhero. I think…lol But, can someone please give him a new mask??? This one just screams bird beak.

Robert Downey Jr. - Iron Man

Robert Downey Jr. definitely does a better job at playing it cool. Even if he’s not the stereotypical Hollywood hunk, his confident demeanor will always give him enough macho appeal to be believable as a superhero.

Jake Gyllenhaal - Prince of Persia

Even though Jakie bulked up for the role, something about this is just not working. His boyish face does not fit with the massive muscle. AND his hair…..

Once again, maybe Hollywood knows something I don’t? OR better yet, maybe someone just has a really really good agent…. 😉

Update: Fox’s Machete, which will be starring our poor Ms. Lohan, is scheduled for a September 3rd release date. Also, Downey’s Iron Man 2 is coming out really soon on May 7th. Here’s the trailer if you haven’t checked it out already.

Iron Man 2 Trailer

What’s Happenin’ Hollywood?

Hollywood’s little busy bees are always buzzing about, and this week, it looks like they have some good news to tell the public….

Ugly Betty The Movie????

That’s the latest word on the Hollywood streets folks! According to Ana Ortiz, who plays Hilda Suarez (Betty’s sister) on ABC’s Ugly Betty, the hit series may not be dead after all. For a while, Ugly Betty was one of ABC’s highest rated shows, but after a few schedule shuffles eventually  lost viewers.  For those devoted fans, who either watched the show until its very end or wished that they could have, this will be excellent news. Who knows? If the show does get picked up as a movie, then maybe it will see some real box office success. After all,  Sex and The City did it. 😉

Ugly Betty Canceled by ABC

Bye Bye, Ugly Betty

And, in case you are interested, here is the newest Sex and The City 2 trailer. Enjoy!

I was never a huge Sex and The City fan, but after seeing the first movie I will definitely be watching the second. Charlotte is just too adorable, and Samantha is way too funny. Carrie, I can live with lol, but Miranda…..


MTV Trash City

I recognize that not everyone may be into “quality” television. There are some of us (I included), who love some reality trash. Therefore, here’s some updates on what my fave MTV reality celebs have been up to.

The Jersey Shore Season 2

The cast of The Jersey Shore has been seen all over Miami Beach in the past couple of weeks. Apparently, season 2 of the MTV hit reality show has already started filming, and the entire cast is back! I don’t know about you, but I CANNOT wait for this trashy entertainment to return. Let’s face it. Sometimes reality stars are just way more entertaining than actual actors….

Sidenote: The Situation, Pauly D, and Snooki are my absolute favorites. They gave some of the best quotes all season. Also Ronnie holds a special place in my heart for clocking that one dude out of nowhere. Thanks Ronnie for always packing the punch!

The Jersey Shore Season 2

Jersey Shore Quotes

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