Hot Mess Mondays: Grow Up Bieber!

Okay, I might get some heat for this one, BUT….

1) Justin Bieber for growing into womanhood.

I know that I’ve already put him on this countdown once for this, but I just can’t get over the girlie-faced popstar. When most boys grow up, they get…well…manlier. I don’t know if higher testosterone levels are in Bieber’s future, but one can only hope. After all, it took Zac Efron a while, and he turned out just fine.

Zac Efron

p.s. This will be my last post about Bieber’s look. Poor thing can’t help it.

2) Nicki Minaj for her “new” single featuring Rihanna.

Okay, is it just me, or did Nicki Minaj release “Fly” last year? Radio stations and websites are calling it a new single, and it’s bothering me because I’m pretty sure I was singing this LAST summer. Maybe I’m just a little tired of Ms. Minaj….and her sidekick RiRi.

3. Bishop Eddie Long for being in denial.

Even though his wife has filed for divorce, Eddie Long is choosing to remain optimistic about his marriage. According to Eddie, he and his wife love each other and are not mad at each other…

Yeah right! If any of the black women I know were in the middle of an Eddie Long sex scandal, they would be mad. There’s nothing positive about a cheating husband. And, there’s definitely nothing positive about a cheating husband who is involved with young boys….Side-eye. I won’t judge Bishop Long. I’ll leave that up to his Father.

Note to Men: Women can “forgive” you when things unfold behind closed doors, not in the national news.

4. The creators of New Year’s Eve for making New Year’s Eve.

One can only hope that this movie won’t suck, but alas this is another product of Hollywood…New Year’s Eveย  comes out this Friday, December 9th in theaters.

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True Thursdays: Maybe It’s A Good Thing That The Celeb Pastors Are Pedophiles

I know that’s an extremely controversial statement. However, I’ve been doing a little thinking, and all in all I think that the cases being brought against well-known pastors such as Bishop Eddie Long will only lead to positive consequences. Last night, I came across an article on Hip Hop Wired about another Black pastor, who is being accused of pedophilia in Las Vegas. Apparently, Pastor Billy Eckstine McCurdy like Long, who we won’t condemn just yet (I guess…), had inappropriate interactions with young boys in his church. Honestly, I am not surprised by the influx of reports concerning criminal pastors. I do, however, think that the media attention drawn to such stories is a result from the attention surrounding pastors like Eddie Long, whose name is known nationwide. I also think it’s a good thing that people are using a story like Long’s to come forward about their own traumatizing experiences with pastors. The whole situation with Black pastors kind of reminds me of when the Catholic church went under fire only several years ago for its pedophile priests. Once one priest made serious headlines, a slew of others soon followed.

Anyways, this post could go on forever. If you have any thoughts on the matter, I would love to hear them!


Wild Wednesdays: Eddie Longโ€™s Accuser Speaks Out

On my way home today, I was listening to the radio and heard the recording of Jamal Parris, one of Bishop Eddie Long’s accusers, speak out. Apparently, reporters tracked Jamal down in Colorado outside of a grocery store. Personally, I think that Jamal sounds pretty genuine. I mean, let’s be real. Why would four young adult males just randomly decide to make up sex allegations against the bishop? Seems like it would be too much of a hassle to me. And, as the radio made clear this evening, Jamal did not seek media attention; the media found him. Anyways, I’ll be following this story until the very end.

Watch the news clip of Jamal Parris now!

Long’s wife is a strong woman for standing by her husband. If my husband was the head of a 25,000 member church and accused of engaging in inappropriate sexual behavior with young boys, there is no way I would be around. Just keepin’ it real…

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