Hot Mess Mondays: Straight Stanky

There are so many people out here nowadays that are straight STANKY! I can’t call out the ones in my actual life, so I’ll just have to settle for the celebs instead. Let’s get it!

1) Chris Brown for getting banned in the UK.

Okay…Honestly, Brown hasn’t been that stanky as of late. He’s just on this list for constantly being in the media. Earlier last week, it was the questionable tweets and now it’s this UK ban. With that said, the UK is stanky for banning Breezy from performing. Like WTF?

I get it. Boo boo messed up and put some boo boos on Rihanna’s face…..BUT not letting him perform seems a tad bit extreme if you ask me. Whatever though…I live in America where drug dealers, cokeheads, wife-beaters, rapists, and the like are allowed to perform…. Side-eye! 🙂

2) Christina Aguilera for distracting the public with her outfits.

As you guys know, I love me some X-Tina. She’s def one of my favorite singers. No matter what anyone says, she usually kills when it comes to the mic. Unfortunately, her outfit choices continue to take the attention off of her voice.

During the Michael Jackson tribute concert in Cardiff, Wales,  X-Tina performed “Dirty Diana” and smashed it. Yet, everyone is talking about her attire….I have to admit – it wasn’t the most flattering ensemble….We can do better X-tina. YES WE CAN!

3) Snooki for just being stanky!

Snooki has made this list on several occasions, and she will continue to do so unless she gets an attitude adjustment. I love Snooki and all of her pig noises, but homegirl is turning into a little diva if you ask me. The way she treats Jenny is such a mess. Face it Snooki. You’re stanky and your biffle is just trying to air you out.

Luv her though! lol 😉

4) Beyonce for stealing more dance moves.

Sooooo, Beyonce sees videos on YouTube, then decides that she can do them even better…haha I think she just needs to give people some more credit. Talk about how they inspired her in an interview or something! And like before the public finds the copycat footage on YouTube…Just sayin’….

Check out Mrs. Copycat Carter below.

Although Beyonce copies, she’s still fierce even when preggers with a little B-Z!

p.s. I felt like this post needed to end with some music, and the song below seemed the most appropriate…

Don’t judge me…lol  Lowkey, Beyonce copied this dance too for her “Run The World (Girls)” video. 😉

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