Hot Mess Mondays: Why Do U.S. Artists Suck???

Guess who’s back! And, I’m back full force. After my longest hiatus ever, I think it’s definitely time for a real return. Not to mention, the Billboard Awards took place last night and there’s a lot of people to call out for their hot messness. Let’s get it!

1) Chris Brown for TERRIBLE lip-synching.

Usually, I give Brown a free pass since he literally dances his ass off. BUT, last night, his lips were so out of sync with the track that I absolutely had to put him on this list. Watch Chris’ performance below.

I do better than that singing in front of the mirror….

Sidenote: Why did he borrow Harriet Tubman’s headscarf for this performance….I’m just sayin’.

2) Katy Perry for another horrible vocal.

I heart this song, but O.M.G. At least Rihanna can start a song off right. Katy was horrible from the very beginning. I think it’s time for Ms. Perry to consider playback.

p.s. Didn’t Pink twirl around once above the stage and sound A-mazing doing it?

Yup….that’s what I thought.

3) Justin Bieber for failing to sell me on his new single.

I saw Bieber perform “Boyfriend” on The Voice. His performance was okay, but he could’ve done better.

Now, he’s done worse. I just think boo boo needs to let his voice finish changing because that awkward squeaking is doing the absolute most. Maybe Chris Brown should give him one of his free passes….

4) Nelly Furtado for confusing the hell out of me.

I don’t know whether I liked her performance or not. It was Pop/Rock/Hip Hop? The only real adjective that for sure fits this song is LOUD. lol Maybe it will grow on me….

5) The Wanted for making the U.S. look real bad.

They’re hot and talented?! I am so sold on this U.K. manband. **HOT**

BTWs I have to give Usher some credit here because he sang AND danced AND sounded really good doing both. Hollers old man!

If only he would cut that scruff!

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