Music Tuesdays: New Music From Chris Brown

Good morning once again everyone!

I am in an amazing mood this morning, and it is mostly because of the wonderful dance tracks that are being released by today’s most popular artists.

One of those artists just happens to be Chris Brown. Last week, Chris Brown premiered his song “Yeah 3x,” which translates to “Yeah 3 Times,” on a San Francisco radio station. San Francisco is known for loving the dance tracks, so I’m sure it will be getting a lot of airplay there. But, honestly, this song is fire if you like dance music. A snippet of “Yeah 3x” is below.

It has a “Forever” feel to it, no? I cannot wait for this to take over the radio. “Deuces” is definitely fire too, but “Yeah 3x” has the ability to be huge. 🙂

And, do you know what’s funny? Chris Brown always seems to be releasing new music around the same time as Rihanna. Oh, I am humored. With that said, I think it’s time to move passed the past, and finally see them as two very separate entities, especially since one is more talented than the other…

Now, as much as I can’t stand Rihanna, her song “Only Girl In The World” is right up my alley.  I’m sure that most of you have heard it all over the radio. For anyone who hasn’t, however, here it is!

There have been mixed feelings surrounding Rihanna’s song. I obviously like it, but what do you all think?

It’s also funny that Rihanna’s version is actually not what I have been putting on repeat at home. A cover posted on YouTube by Conor Maynard is my version of choice. I had no idea who Conor was until I last night. Conor is a dorky looking white boy with an amazingly hot voice, which is why I love him! lol

Here’s his cover below –

I love how he incorporated Usher’s “DJ Got Us Fallin’ In Love” and Kelly Rowland’s “Commander.” Good job Conor. This entire cover has me written ALL over it.

Speaking of Ms. Rowland, she also has a new song out. Her video for “Rose Colored Glasses” was posted by Vevo almost a week ago.

Check it out!

I think it was smart for Kelly to move into the dance scene. Now, she is really beginning to separate herself from Beyonce, and becoming a true star all on her own. Kelly was always my favorite Destiny’s Child. 🙂

**What do you guys think about the new music? Leave a comment!

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