Hot Mess Mondays: Obama SUCKS!

At least that’s what some people want us to think. Here are the people who were the biggest messes since my last post.

1) Everyone at FOX news.

After news was heard around the world that Osama Bin Laden had been killed, FOX news thought it best to announce “Obama Bin Laden is Dead!”  HAHAHAHA Good one FOX….NOT! I’m sorry, but if you even want me to pretend that you are a credible news source, then I’m going to need your entire station to grow up. Honestly, people are asking whether or not this was just a coincidence. But, let’s be real for a moment. Although Obama and Osama sound very similar to each other, I have never once confused the names. In my opinion, if you are making this error, then you want to make this error.

2) Geraldo Rivera for continuing the FOX trend.

Watching Geraldo’s error on FOX news makes me want to cringe. Once again, I get it. The names are similar, but there’s got to be something about the subconscious and/or conscious that’s triggering this nonsense. Get it together Geraldo! Smh…

3) Donald Trump for questioning Obama’s education.

Now, I really like Donald as a TV personality, but this other political Donald is another story. How about you stop questioning the man’s education, and start questioning your own intelligence. Sometimes we ourselves forget how incredibly stupid we sound…..It’s okay to be jealous boo boo. We all know that you wish you looked as good as Obama. 😉

4) 50 cent and his clowns for Osama Bin Laden song.

50 cent’s new youngin’ Hot Rod has released a song called “Osama Bin Laden Is Dead.” How creative…I don’t know how I feel about this one to be honest. Therefore, I won’t be listening to it. I want to avoid another “My president is black. My lambo’s blue” hook.

5) Young Jeezy for being a hot mess two years ago.

Now, Jeezy might be one of the only heifers on this list that isn’t trying to do Obama any harm. However, I still cannot get over the chorus in “My President Is Black.” Please don’t talk about our first black president, and then classically mention cars (that you probably can’t afford) and rims next to him. Thanks!

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