Hot Mess Mondays: Not Everything Is A Publicity Stunt

Good morning everyone! As always, I hope that everyone had a splendid weekend. Now, let’s get straight to the countdown!

1) T.I. for his newest jail sentence.

Just last Friday, T.I. found out that he would be serving 11 more months in prison for drug possession back in September. Yikes! Honestly, I don’t know what to say about this one. T.I. has only been out of jail for his last crimes for a few months. Such a mess…

p.s. Even though T.I. was absolutely stupid in this matter, I think it’s also a hot mess that he gets harsher punishments than some other celebrities who have made this countdown in the past.

Here is a comment I found about the T.I. situation.

“Lindsay Lohan violated probation also and she isn’t in jail, she is in rehab. What is wrong with this picture? Paris Hilton gets busted all of the time with drugs, isn’t she still on probation? Why isn’t anyone asking these questions?” – Anonymous

Anonymous, those are my thoughts exactly. At least T.I. showed up for his court date unlike Ms. Lohan, who ended up missing hers because she was out of the country. Just sayin…

2) The American public for thinking everything is a publicity stunt.

If you’ve been following the T.I. story, then you know that last week the rapper also made headlines for helping a suicidal man off the roof of a building in Atlanta. After T.I. convinced the man not to end his life, people claimed that it was all a publicity stunt to make T.I. look good before his court appearance. Honestly, I just think that people can be so ridiculous sometimes. No one is going to stage a suicide attempt for good publicity. Also, have we really lost THAT much faith in one another? Sometimes people are genuinely good people, and I believe that about T.I. despite his criminal history.

3) Bishop Eddie Long and his church for just being an overall mess.

Apparently, the bishop is not the only one causing New Birth Missionary trouble.  Last week, reported that a woman by the name of Tama Colson was suing the church for failing to address her claims that Michael Caesar, a prominent church staff member, showed her inappropriate pictures of his penis as well as had other inappropriate interactions with women in the church. Smh…No words.

4) Kanye West for always complaining.

It looks like Kanye’s a little annoyed that people don’t like his latest artwork for his album cover. The cover depicts a naked Kanye being straddled by some white “phoenix.” Although, I can understand Kanye’s frustrations as an artist wanting to freely express himself,  I can also understand why some companies might think the picture is a little risky to be put on shelves…Anyways, wherever there is Kanye West, there is always controversy, and I’m a little tired of it.

5) The Situation for being a terrible situation.


The Situation and Pauly D


Jersey Shore never fails to entertain me, but last week I was completely disgusted my Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino’s behavior on the show. Twice, Mike failed at being a wingman for his friend Pauly D, who happens to be my fave on the show. Not to mention, Mike has proven time and time again that he is much too aggressive with the opposite sex. Not every woman wants you Mike. Get off and get over it!

With that said, I like The Situation. lol

**Know of anyone else who has been a hot mess? Leave a comment and share this post!


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