Hot Mess Mondays: WHY?

1) Nicki Minaj for just being a mess.

I love when people make this list simply for fitting the description of “hot mess.” Not only did Nicki Minaj have her nipple slip out during her Good Morning America concert, but she also attempted to sing the chorus to “Moment 4 Life.” I don’t know which was worse…..My ears are telling me the singing…

2) Big Boi for getting arrested for drug possession.

Honestly, these rappers just need to get it together. Big Boi is way too old to be getting arrested…Hopefully, he won’t turn into another T.I…

3) Kenny Ortega for remaking Dirty Dancing.

WHY? WHY? and WHHHHHHY does Hollywood continuously seem to think that remakes are good? I know that Kenny Ortega is an amazing talent, having had tremendous success as a choreographer/director with such films as the original Dirty DancingHigh School Musical, Cheetah Girls, This Is It, etc. With that said, Dirty Dancing is a classic for a reason…Sigh…I guess I should just be happy that no one has decided to redo Singin’ In The Rain. If that happens, I might have to relocate to another country.

4) Ashley for being the most annoying offspring in Housewives history.

If you’re a fan of Housewives of New Jersey, then you know exactly why this heifer made the list. Ashley is beyond disrespectful to her parents as well as spoiled. The least she could do is be somewhat entertaining. Why do you think Teresa didn’t make the list instead? lol

5) Kanye West and Jay-Z for flooding my inbox with articles about Watch the Throne.

Okay, maybe it’s not their fault that I’m subscribed to lots of media blogs. lol

I just can’t believe the hype over one album. Then again, when did I ever get THAT excited about an album release? Anyways, I’ve heard some pretty decent reviews about the album, so good for them. I know the tour will be crazy. 🙂

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