Hot Mess Mondays: Life’s Rough

Hola mi amigos. ­čÖé

I hope everyone had a marvelous weekend, and is refreshed for the busy Thanksgiving week ahead.

I know it’s been a minute since I have written a post, but unfortunately last week I was mourning the death of Ronni Chasen, the top Hollywood publicist, who was murdered in Beverly Hills last Monday night.

I have only been in LA for 4 months, and half of that time I have spent interning with Chasen and Company, Ronni’s PR firm. Over these past two months, I have learned to love Ronni just as so many others have throughout the years. Ronni was dedicated to her work, and one of the most caring and thoughtful people I have ever met. She was absolutely hilarious, something that was continuously remembered at her funeral on Sunday. R.I.P. Ronni. ­čÖé

And with that said, life, no matter how rough it gets, has to go on. Therefore, today, I will continue with the Hot Mess Monday countdown.

1) Charlie Sheen for being Charlie Sheen.

Over the years, Sheen has allegedly beat a number of women, and had multiple problems with the law. Yet, he remains a free man.

Now, an adult film actress is accusing Sheen of battery and saying racial slurs to her. I’m sorry, but am I missing something here? Why do women even get involved with this man?!? You know how people say that it’s never the woman’s fault. A man should never put his hands on a woman. Yeah, well…I beg to differ. If a man has admitted to domestic abuse before, and has been in and out of jail, and you still decide to mess with him, then you deserve it! Yes, I said it. lol

2) DMX for dissing Jay-Z, and then apologizing for his comments.

When will people learn that you don’t diss Jay-Z? People should not hate on the rap mogul just because their own lives and careers aren’t together. DMX, like Sheen, has constantly been┬á in and out trouble. Instead of dissing rappers, maybe he needs to focus back prayer. Just a thought.

3) Sarah Palin for remaining in the spotlight.

I actually quite like Palin as a personality because she never fails to bring the laughter. However, the repeated stupidity that leaves her mouth/ manifests itself in her new book is just getting to be too much. I just hope she doesn’t try to run for President in 2012. Sigh…

4) Tony Parker for infidelity.

A lot of men AND women are guilty of this marriage crime, but Tony could at least have some self-respect. Sending texts to another teammates wife? That’s just no bueno.

5) Eva Longoria for marrying Tony Parker.

Okay, I know technically I should sympathize with Eva. After all, Tony did enter a contract with her on their wedding day. With that said, everyone, including Eva,┬á knows that basketball players tend to be unfaithful. I’ve seen firsthand how me groupies follow these players around. The whole thing’s a mess. If you’re not willing to accept infidelity as a potentially huge problem in your marriage, definitely don’t marry a star NBA player! Just sayin’….

p.s. Eva can do better anyways. ­čśë

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