Hot Mess Mondays: Here We Go Again

Just when I thought I had nothing to write about, my political party (yikes) provided the goods. Let’s get it!

1) GOP Senate candidate, Tom Smith, for being as dumb as Todd Akin.

According to Smith, a woman having a baby after a rape is no different from a woman having a baby out of wedlock.

Read the full story here —> Tom Smith on Abortion

Am I missing something? I must be missing something…After all of the mess Todd Akin created with his comments about abortion, WHY would Smith even think to open his mouth? Honestly, there are two words that Mitt Romney needs to tell his entire party. They are “SHUT UP!”

p.s. Should men have anything to say about abortion? Unless a woman asks you for your opinion, you should probably just keep your mouth closed. Just sayin’…

2) The GOP for having its national convention in Florida.

Due to the threat of Tropical Storm Isaac, the “geniuses” behind the Republican convention have had to make a few adjustments, including switching the time of Mitt Romney’s formal nomination as the Republican presidential candidate. Although making adjustments is smart, putting the Republican convention in Florida during peak hurricane season is rather questionable.

p.s. The photo above cracks me up! Can they REALLY do better? #AMess

In all seriousness, my party brings me so much entertainment – It’s just not in the right ways. lol

3) Lindsay Lohan for being a hot American mess.

TMZ reported that Ms. Lohan is officially a suspect in a jewelry theft. Click here for the full story —> Lindsay Lohan A Suspect in Jewelry Heist

Where are this girl’s parents?!?!? Oh, that’s right – they’re both a hot mess too. #FAIL

With everything that’s been going on around this country  lately (and yes, I find Lindsay Lohan just as important as politics. haha), I only have one prayer for tonight –

God, bless America. PLEASE bless us! Amen.

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