Hot Mess Mondays: I Hate Peacocks

1) NBC for making the Olympics incredibly difficult to watch.

I remember the days when you didn’t need cable to watch the greatest sports show on earth. Now, I can’t even get NBC to show up with my $8.19 RCA rabbit ears. I know what you’re thinking…rabbit ears? But, I can see CBS, FOX, and ABC. So, where’s my peacock?

I’m just sayin’. I shouldn’t have to sign in to a Comcast account to access the London games. No wonder NBC is ranked number 4. It didn’t even stream the opening ceremony. #AMESS

2) Harper Gruzin’s parents for setting their daughter up for national embarrassment.


The video below has officially gone viral.

Poor thing. At least she’s not camera shy?

3) Kristen Stewart for just being a mess.

If you’re going to dabble in the art of cheating, I suggest you do it right…This awkward heifer is not on this list for her transgression. She’s here because she wasn’t sneaky enough. Who does a big budget movie and gets caught making out with the married director?

p.s. Rupert Sanders (pictured with Stewart above) is disgusting. He’s twice the girl’s age and has babies. Keep it in your pants fool!

4) Men’s gymnastics for trying to be a little too manly.

While watching the Olympics, my roommates and I could not get over how incredibly quiet the men’s floor routines were. I know that the men probably want to be taken seriously, but they could still add some music to their competition. Personally, I think the Terminator and Batman soundtracks would be great for these male athletes.

Side note: John Orozco, the “tannest” one in the photo, believes that his flub on the vault kept the U.S. team from placing. However, I watched all 3 hours of the men’s team finals, and there’s no way he lost it all for the team. Keep your head up Orozco! 🙂

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