Hot Mess Mondays: Problem 160

Don’t you just loooooove Mondays? Let’s get it!

1) The Jacksons for just being an absolute mess.

The late Michael Jackson’s daughter, Paris, had everyone worried when she tweeted that she had not seen her grandmother, Katherine Jackson, in over a week.

Fortunately, Katherine is not missing – she is actually alive and well with her daughter Rebbie in Arizona. Katherine has to take a break from the family to “de-stress.” Recently, there’s been huge debate over Michael Jackson’s will. #AMess

When will this family ever get it together? I guess it’s hard with all those members….

p.s. Katherine looks A-mazing for her age! I wish her all the best.

2) Kelsey Grammer and his wife for also being a public mess.

I know that this is a “happy” couple and all, but I just can’t stand the love story behind these two. Kelsey Grammer started seeing his wife Kayte Walsh while he was still married to his ex, Camille Grammer. Now, the couple have a newborn daughter.

Although I am excited about the couple’s baby girl, I just can’t support the entire family unit.

Side note: Kelsey and Kayte got married in February 2011 before renewing their vows this past June. Kayte was clearly there for Kelsey’s mid-life crisis. Let’s just hope she’s still around for his clock-is-literally-ticking crisis….

3) TLC and their parent company, Discovery Communications, for scarring me again.

While catching up on some Perez Hilton, I came across one of the celebrity blogger’s most disturbing posts about a man with scrotal lymphedema. This man’s scrotum is literally 160 pounds and 6 feet in circumference!

As a former Discovery Health intern, I have many fears concerning the medical world… Now, I can add seeing someone with scrotal lymphedema to my list of fears. Thank you Discovery and Perez…

To check out the video on Perez’s site, click here —-> 160 pound scrotum

For obvious reasons, I won’t be putting an actual picture of this man on my blog.

4) Rihanna and Chris Brown for continuing the rumors.

Apparently, Chris Brown and Rihanna had a “romantic evening” aboard a yacht in the South of France. Like I always say, I don’t really care what these two do. Nonetheless, they are kind of being a hot mess with their relationship. But as many of us can attest to, first love trumps all.

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4 Responses to Hot Mess Mondays: Problem 160

  1. cfvergel says:

    i can’t believe i watched that vide.

  2. chris06v1 says:

    That was the craziest thing i’ve ever seen

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