Hot Mess Mondays: Anderson “Shocks” Us All

Hola mi amigos! It’s time for me to try this return to the blogging world again…

Let’s get it!

1) Anderson Cooper for giving me the most worthless news story of the day.

When I checked my Facebook this morning, there was one very popular trending article about Anderson Cooper finally coming “out of the closet.” I don’t know about the rest of you, but I thought Mr. Cooper came out years ago….It was so obvious this one was gay. I don’t even get the point of making it a big deal now. Thanks Mr. Cooper for wasting my time!

2) Marcus Jordan for being a mess.

There’s always one idiot that makes this list simply for being a hot mess. This time it’s Michael Jordan’s son, Marcus. I’ve never heard of this kid before, but he’s managed to make another trending article for his seemingly belligerent ways. Thanks Mr. Jordan for also wasting my time. #AMess

You can read the full story about Marcus here —-> Marcus Jordan arrested in Omaha

p.s. Why is he grinning in his mugshot? There is nothing cute about being busted with bifocals…

Moving on….

3) The Today Show for firing my boo Ann Curry.

I was shocked when I woke up to this news last week. I grew up watching Ann Curry next to Matt Lauer, Katie Couric, and Al Roker. It’s just so sad that she wasn’t able to live out her dream as a Today Show co-host.

If you didn’t see her depressing exit, check the video below.

Sidenote: NBC is a mess. While watching the Olympic trials, I realized that Ann was not a part of any of the commercials featuring the Today Show crew. I wonder if the filming for these commercials was done before or after Ann officially got the boot. #Shady

4)  Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes for driving to Divorceville.

I really am sad that this couple is splitting. Honestly, I thought that they might have a chance, seeing as though they’ve already lasted 5 years. Nonetheless, it looks like Holmes is ready for her independence. I’ll never understand divorce, but it seems to be a way of life for these celebrity couples. At least these two procreated well….*Shrug*

5)  Brandy for leaving the music scene!

I am so mad at this girl for briefly leaving the music industry. I know that that car accident and all of the drama surrounding it was traumatic, but chick is way too good to not be back on top. She absolutely shut down her part of the Whitney Houston tribute at last night’s BET Awards. I’m just glad this scrawny heifer is attempting to make a solid comeback.

Watch Brandy kill her performance below!

I can’t wait to find a better quality video.

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