Music Tuesdays: Glad They’re Back

One of my favorite songs right now is Kelly Clarkson’s “Mr. Know It All.” Even though the single has been out for a while, I am just starting to hear it on the radio.

Kelly Clarkson

Perhaps I am listening to the wrong stations….Nonetheless, it’s a catchy little tune and a definite reminder of why I love Ms. Clarkson.

I’m starting to miss Pop songs like this one. 😦

p.s. Is it just me or does “Mr. Know It All” sound like that song from Anastasia?

I swear they sound similar! And, if not, it doesn’t matter – both songs are great. lol

Moving on….


If you didn’t know, JoJo is also back with new music. Listen to her single “Disaster” below!

Apparently, JoJo’s hiatus was due to legal troubles with her former record company. Go figure…Anyways, I’m glad girl is back and with an even more mature sound. 🙂

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