Music Tuesdays: U + Me = Us

These posts are getting later and later at night….Struggles.

ANYWAYS, I’m a little tired of the music that’s on the radio. It really is all starting to sound the same. Like I’m obsessed with the dance tracks and all, but I need something new in my life. Or, maybe I just need some good ol’ bubblegum Pop. 😉

Below are some of my favorite Pop songs of yesteryear, and I have had  them all on constant repeat since Sunday. Hollers!

2gether – “U + Me = Us (Calculus)”

I remember when I had the biggest crush on Chad. HA! I don’t even think 2gether was a real group…Regardless, the breakdown in this song goes hard! If only calculus was really that simple…

BB Mak’s “Back Here” 

British boy bands! I really do love this song.

Britney Spears’ “Crazy” 

I can’t believe this came out over a decade ago. That means I’m old and Britney Spears is ancient….haha Okay, maybe not really, but that would explain why her dancing abilities have flown out the window…

Jordan Knight’s “Give It To You”

I didn’t know what this song was really about until I got much older. lol I’m glad that Jordan Knight got his life back together though with New Kids. Remember when he was on VH1’s Surreal Life? Those were rough times.

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