Hot Mess Mondays: Hollywood Bust

Usually, I am pretty kind to Hollywood and its failures….Actually, not really. lmao Let’s get it!

1) Cowboys and Aliens for not being out of this world.

A friend and I went to go check out the latest summer blockbuster on Saturday. Needless to say, Cowboys and Aliens had us cracking up in our seats, but not for the right reasons…Jam packed with a lackluster plot and random fight sequences, Cowboys and Aliens turned out to be a complete waste of money and time. The only saving graces for this movie were its stars Daniel Craig and Harrison Ford. I can watch Daniel Craig kick butt any day. As for Ford, well his character was such an “ass” throughout the entire movie that you couldn’t help, but to laugh. Unfortunately, neither Craig nor Ford were enough to save this flick from being a complete disaster. However, I will say that the aliens genetics were pretty entertaining. They basically have these weird slimy hands that extend from their torso area. Kind of reminded me of E.T.’s nasty stick fingers with the glowing bulb…lol Anyways, if you were planning on seeing this movie, please don’t unless you want to waste a good 13 bucks. Just think about it. 13 bucks can buy you about five 99 cent cheeseburgers and 16 apple pies from McDonalds. I’d rather die from obesity than sit through this movie again…. Okay, not really. lmao 😉

2) Justin Timberlake for not having a clue.

I heart JT so much, but honestly, I am tired of seeing ol’ boy pursue a mediocre acting career. Justin is just not a leading man in my eyes as much as he wants to be. He still looks a little too boyish and sounds like a teenager. Granted, he was decent in The Social Network. But, did we really need Friends With Benefits? Did we?  I don’t think I’m the only one wanting JT to take his behind back to the studio. I’ve already said that once, and I’ll keep saying it over and over again.

By the way, here’s the trailer for JT’s latest movie below.


Actually, the concept has a lot of potential. We’ll see….sigh….

3) Lauryn Hill for having more babies.

Now, I’m all for little black babies running around this world.  With that said, I’d rather have Lauryn Hill get herself together than have another child. Better yet, I would just like her to stop having kids…lol She pops out babies like it’s a game. Who knows…Maybe these kids will turn out like the Jacksons?

4) Brad and Angelina Jolie for considering retirement.

These rumors are making me so so sad. Brad and Angelina are two of my favorite actors. Honestly, Brad Pitt is beyond underrated as an actor. When I hear his name, I know that the movie is going to be good. However, I  also know that Brad is approaching 50 (yeah, he’s that old….), and has a whole lot of kids to raise. Sigh….as long as Johnny Depp continues to act, I guess I’ll be okay.

p.s. Now, I want to watch Mr. and Mrs. Smith. 🙂

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