True Thursdays: Reality Competition Shows Really Do Work

Hola mi amigos!

It’s another glorious Thursday, and it feels good to be in the writing spirit again. Let’s get it!

Lucy Hale 

Not too long ago, I was randomly watching Sorority Wars, a myLifetime original movie, starring Lucy Hale with three of my girlfriends. As we sat their laughing at the ridiculousness of the script, I couldn’t help, but to notice how far Lucy Hale had come from her earlier days on American Juniors. For those of you who aren’t familiar with the show, American Juniors was a spinoff of American Idol for pre-teens and younger children. Watch the clip of Lucy Hale on American Juniors below.

I remember watching this back in high school….Geez, I’m old. lol Anyways, this was one of my favorite performances by Lucy. I always knew she was a star, and it’s nice to see her make her way up the Hollywood ranks. We all have to start somewhere. Since American Juniors, Hale has appeared in How I Met Your Mother and Disney’s Wizard’s of Waverly Place. She’s also starred in CW TV’s Privileged and can currently be seen on ABC Family’s Pretty Little Liars. Not bad. Not bad….

Another pair of young starlets, who got their start on American Juniors, are Tori and Taylor Thompson.

If you’re a fan of  NBC’s hit show The Voice, then you’ve already seen these cabbage-patch sisters sing their hearts out. However, you might not remember Tori and Taylor from way back when they were performing on American Juniors. Watch them below!

Aren’t they cute?

Their vocals aren’t as strong as Lucy’s, but the star quality is there. I’m not surprised they made it onto The Voice.

Honestly, you always see the same faces in Hollywood. Although neither Lucy nor the Thompson sisters are HUGE stars, they all have had some awesome success.  After all, exposure is key. 🙂

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