Music Tuesdays: She’s A Black And So Am I

Get it?

Okay, that might be the worst title ever, but hey, it’s me and I’m tired. Welcome to the life of the non-funemployed woman…lol

Rebecca Black 

Not too long ago, I and the rest of the world blogged about 14 year old Rebecca Black. Rebecca rose to fame when her song “Friday” went viral. Although the pop tune was catchy, it was probably one of the worst songs in the history of music to gain media attention. Nonetheless, Rebecca turned all of the public’s criticisms into positives.

Now, Rebecca is back with her new single “My Moment.” Watch the video below!

Not working? Click here —–> Rebecca Black My Moment

Unfortunately, “My Moment” is not that much better than “Friday.” If anything, it’s probably worse. At least “Friday” could be the butt of everyone’s jokes. “My Moment” just sounds like another generic cheesy pop song with bad singing. It’s not that Rebecca can’t carry a tune. It’s just that her voice doesn’t have the best tone….. Maybe she should turn to…acting? There has to be a role on the Disney channel somewhere.

Anyways, what do you guys think about Rebecca Black’s new single??? Curious minds want to know.

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p.s. Thank you to Henry for posting a comment about Black’s “My Moment.” I gotta get my material from somewhere people! lol

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