Music Tuesdays: When You Wish Upon A Star

You get an A-mazing artist. 🙂

Almost two years ago, one of my closest friends exposed me to one of the best new singers/artists out there today, Wish. A Baltimore native, Wish released her first promotional album, “Skool Gurl Diaries,” back in 2009, and was finally signed to Jive Records last November. Now, Wish seems to be slowly making a real name for herself in the “mainstream” world.

Although I didn’t exactly know who Wish was or what she looked like last year, “Skool Gurl Diaries” was without a doubt one of my favorite albums. So many good songs!

And, since most of you are probably unfamiliar with both Wish and her music, I thought it’d be best if I just posted some of her songs for Music Tuesday. Enjoy!

“Turquoise” is from “Skool Gurl Diaries,” and is one of some of my faves. 🙂

The music video for the single “Suga Daddy” was released around 3 months ago. Check it out below or click here —> Suga Daddy

Usually, I hate when artists go for a 50s/60s themed music video. The only singer to have pulled it off in recent years is X-tina. With that said,  I really like Wish’s video. It’s sort of refreshing.

Another one of Wish’s songs that is refreshing is “Feel Ur Beat.” When I first listened to “Feel Ur Beat,” I didn’t know what to think. Then, before I knew it, the song was on repeat. Check out the music video below.

This is why I love Wish. She can go between “Suga Daddy” and “Feel Ur Beat” effortlessly. Two different sounds. Two different videos. Yet, it all comes together and makes sense.

If you want to learn more about Wish, I’d recommend checking out her page on Jive Records’ site.  Wish – Jive Records

She’s still technically a very new artist, so give her a few months to build up some search cred with Google. 😉

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