True Thursdays: I’m Flyin With The Guys

This week has definitely been a struggle and a half. Honestly, the only thing keeping me mildly sane is the Fly Guys  new mixtape, The One.   Let’s see if I can do the Fly Guys some justice at midnight…

Fly Guys

For those of you who don’t know, the Fly Guys are an LA-based Hip-Hop trio comprised of members Enimal, DJB, and Tone. I first got to know the group last year when they performed at Stanford’s Battle of the Bay. They opened for The Pack. Who’s The Pack? Yeah….no one. It was because of the Fly Guys that I was entertained. Anyways…

Yesterday, I got the chance to listen to The One, and since then the Fly Guys have been on repeat in my iTunes.

Whether you are a Hip-Hop fan or not, The One has a little bit of something for everyone. The trio does a good job at incorporating rock, pop, and even a little bit of funk into their tracks. Some of my favorite songs on The One are the ones that mix these various sounds. “Chose” takes me back to the days of Earth Wind and Fire (as if I was alive back then…lol) while “Heartbeat” makes me want to rock out at a Jay-Z/Linkin Park/ Nirvana concert (as if I’ve ever been to any…lol). My absolute favorite favorite tracks, however, are “Dreary,” “L@^E,” “Facebook,” and “Can’t Wait.” I’m just in love with the beat in “Dreary.” It goes kind of hard. As for the other three, I think that they are the most relatable. Seeing as though I am a young one with big dreams and no direction, I see “Can’t Wait” as being my theme song of 2011. When DJB says  – “Nice guys finish last. Cheaters never prosper. Which one do I gotta be, so I can win an Oscar?” All I can think is EXACTLY! lol Change that “guys” to “girls” and you have my life.

When it comes to “Facebook,” however, it’s not that deep. Honestly, I just love that someone made a legit song about Facebook. Listen to “Facebook” below.

Let’s face it, all of us have Facebook stalked, and plenty of guys have tried to holler over the networking site. Usually, they end up DECLINED or BLOCKED on a girl’s account, but they still try. 😉

And finally, “L@^E” gives me my necessary “Soulja Boy fix.” Every album, in my opinion, needs a Soulja Boy fix, meaning they need at least one song with no lyrics and a great feel-good beat. “L@^E” accomplishes this quite well. In a matter of seconds, the song was stuck in my head and I knew all the words. “Girls! Girls! Girls!”

Overall, I think that The One is a pretty good effort. Great beats, comedic rhymes, and an overall A-mazing vibe. Honestly, it’s probably better than half the crap that’s out there today. If you’re young and love the music of today, then you’ll enjoy this. The only song I really question is the Bonus Track, “Facegang,” which is set to the beat of NSYNC’s “Bye Bye Bye.” I just can’t listen to the song without singing “Don’t wanna be a fool for you. Just another player in your game for two
You may hate me but it ain’t no lie, Baby, bye, bye, bye!” lol Other than that, it’s cool.

Anyways, go check out the Fly Guys website for information about both them and The One –> Fly Guys – Official Site

You can also follow the Fly Guys on Facebook!

p.s. In addition to making music, the trio also films some pretty hilarious webisodes on YouTube. Their show is called “The ‘F’ Word,” and follows the boys’ “lives” as they make new music. One of my favorite episodes is below…

Too much! 🙂

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