Hot Mess Mondays: Nobodies Can Be Messes Too

Hi boys and girls! It’s been a minute, but I’m back for some nice midnightish blogging. Let’s get it! 😉

1) Lebron James’ mother for getting arrested.

The Miami Heat star’s mother apparently assaulted a valet worker recently.

Good job! That’s why you have a superstar athlete for a son, so that you can act an intoxicated mess….Mommy dearest is technically not a celeb, but her antics and headlines are worthy of the top spot.

2)  Gary Busey for his craziness on Celebrity Apprentice.

I don’t know how many people have been watching the new season of Celebrity Apprentice, but this show is absolutely hilarious. The characters on this show, including Gary, are beyond crazy. Gary makes this list, however, for being an absolute mess on the show. Half the time I don’t even think he knows what’s going on. OR maybe that’s just his strategy so that he’ll win for his charity in the end…We’ll see when he’s chosen as project manager next week. lol

3) LaToya Jackson for being famous.

Gary Busey, though maybe not as well-known to younger audiences, is actually an established actor. BUT, what is LaToya Jackson???

Like Busey, LaToya also appears on Celebrity Apprentice. I’m still trying to figure out how she became famous… I mean, there are a lot in the Jackson clan, but at least all of them have talent. What does she do?

When sounding twelve on national television becomes a talent, someone needs to let me know so that I can take this heif off the list.

Side note: I didn’t realize how much LaToya looked like Michael (post surgeries) until I saw this pic.

4) Gucci Mane for pushing a woman out of a car.

Gucci is technically a pretty popular rapper, but after all of his hotmessness, he may become irrelevant in a few years while sitting behind bars.  To sum things up, I don’t think there’s much hope for this heifer. Get it together Gucci!

…Maybe he actually is “mentally incompetent?”


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