Music Tuesdays: Can We Call This Music?

Apparently, the trending topic of the day has been thirteen year old Rebecca Black. For those of you, who are in your own little worlds, and don’t know who this youngster is, Rebecca is the singer of the ANNOYINGLY catchy song “Friday.” The song is literally the worst song I have possibly ever heard. Not only are the lyrics terrible, but Rebecca’s voice is unfortunately not the most pleasant to listen to either.

Now, some people are saying that talking badly about a thirteen year old girl’s music is unacceptable. However, I argue that the more bloggers like me talk about Rebecca, the more popular the little sunspot becomes. And, the more popular she is, the more popular her music will become. Don’t get me wrong though. I’m definitely NOT trying to promote this one. lol With that said, props to Rebecca for getting her song on iTunes and for having over 30 million views on YouTube.

Why can’t I come up with something horrendously viral? Why??? lol

If you haven’t heard “Friday,” then click on this link and watch the vid —>Rebecca Black – Friday

Unbearable, yet catchy, right? lol

Emily Osment

Usually, I’m all for the sugar-coated bubble gum wrapped music, but this is a bit much even for me…With that said, there is always a Pop song catching my ear. This week it’s Emily Osment’s “Lovesick.” Watch below!

Here’s the link just in case —-> Emily Osment – Lovesick

Although the video is a few months old, this song is currently my ish! Some of you may recognize Emily from Hannah Montana. I think she has done a good job getting away from the Disney movement. Her video is unique and fits perfectly with the song. I’m loving the lights too. Even if you’re not into the song, you can’t deny the lights! lmao Get it Emily! šŸ˜‰

p.s. People talked about how Emily was a flop when this song came out, but I like it. Oh, well. It’s not for everyone.

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  1. Henry Berrye says:

    Rebecca Black is back with her second single “My Moment” hxxp://

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