Wild Wednesdays: Celebrities Bore Me

I have always loved entertainment news. In high school, I made sure that my after school nap was over by 7:30 so that I could watch Access Hollywood. There was just something about celebrities that remained entertaining despite the fact that they all fell into the same traps of drug abuse, jail time, and divorce. However, now that I write I People Watch, caring about the lives of celebrities is not as appealing. I mean, how many times can I report on Lindsay Lohan and T.I. being arrested and enjoy it? I guess what I’m getting at is….It’s wild that I’m bored with my own blog on Wednesdays…lol

I think it’s time to change up Wild Wednesdays. Maybe I’ll bring back the “What’s Wilder” format?

If you have any ideas, please let me know. I’m all ears! đŸ™‚

p.s. Lindsay Lohan most likely will be going back to jail for “stealing” that gold necklace. Smh.

About binabona
Hello! My name's Bina. I tried the whole blogging game a while back when I wanted to do film reviews, but now I realize that blogging can be so much more than that. I love giving an opinion, and discovering new things to write about. I hope that people enjoy reading the topics that I write about. That's all I really want. :-)

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