Wild Wednesdays: Computers Are Getting Smarter

Lately, everyone’s been talking about IBM’s new super computer, Watson. Last night, Watson appeared on Jeopardy, competing against the gameshow’s most famous contestants, Ken Jennings and Brad Rutter. Ken Jennings and Brad Rutter are Jeopardy’s all-time record consecutive winner and money-earner respectively.Now, I didn’t get the chance to watch Watson on Jeopardy, but apparently he “pummeled” both Ken and Brad to bits.

Although Watson won last night’s game, there is apparently more to Watson than what audiences are seeing on T.V. Media outlets are reporting that Watson crashed several times throughout the game, causing the taping of the show to go for four very long hours. Watson is also much larger than the sleek black box seen giving the answers, taking up ample amounts of space behind the scenes. Regardless of the computer’s actual size and glitches, however, I think it’s safe to say that IBM’s toy is pretty impressive.

Usually, Wild Wednesdays are all about living human beings. But, I think it’s pretty amazing that people were able to build such a knowledgeable computer. Technology has come a very long way, and it’s crazy to think about the future Watsons of the world. One day, Watson will probably be the size of our laptops, and that’s wild!

Below are a few articles I found on Watson.

Watson crashed often during Jeopardy

Watson Rallies, Then Slips

I’m definitely going to try and watch the match tonight!

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