Wild Wednesdays: Christopher Nolan Snub (Kind of…)

Leonardo DiCaprio and Christopher Nolan on the set of "Inception"


Before anyone gets on my case, I am well aware that the Oscar nominations were announced yesterday. However, the nominations were irrelevant to yesterday’s Music Tuesday post.

Anyways, I think it’s wild that Christopher Nolan was left out of the Best Director category. Even though the nominees are all worthy of their spots, I just think it’s odd that a movie as brilliantly and uniquely done as Inception did not secure a place for Nolan. It’s not every day that a summer film gets enough buzz to last through awards season. I guess I should at least be thankful that Nolan got a nom for Best Picture and Best Original Screenplay. This past year has been a great year for movies, but if Nolan doesn’t at least win for his screenplay, then I will be quite annoyed. lol I mean, who thinks of an idea like “Inception” and actually executes it well? Just sayin….

With that said, congratulations to all of the Oscar nominees. It should be an exciting show, and even though we all know that Hollywood is very political, I hope that the winners chosen actually reflect the performances. 🙂

Side Note: I wasn’t able to see all of the Best Picture nominees, but I did see the majority. And, I think “True Grit” is my favorite for that category. I just loved that movie so much. It was a good time. Too bad I don’t actually think that it will win…lol “The Social Network” will probably walk away with the prize. We shall see! 😉

The 83rd Annual Academy Awards will be held on Sunday, February 27th.

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