Music Tuesdays: A Fabolous Britney

Over the past couple of weeks, there have been a few songs that have really caught my ear (Don’t question the expression, okay? I’m trying…lol).


First is “You Be Killin Em” by Fabolous. Over the Christmas break, a neighborhood friend kept singing the chorus to this song with weird arm gestures…lmao Anyways, she managed to get the chorus stuck in my head. Now, “You Be Killin Em” is one of my faves. Go figure. Listen to the song below!

“You Be Killin Em” was produced by Ryan Leslie. I’m starting to recognize Leslie’s style. I like it!! I wonder if “R. Les” will ever go back to his solo career again. “Addiction” was pretty hot.

Anyways, because YouTube stays blocking anything VEVO from my  blog, here’s the direct link to watch Amber Rose strut her stuff in Fab’s “You Be Killin Em” video. Click here to watch. —> You Be Killin Em

I told my friend this the other day, but props to Amber Rose for being pretty bald-headed! 😉

Britney Spears

Another song that has been bringing me much happiness lately is Britney Spears’ “Hold It Against Me.” Y’all already know that I am obsessed with the dance/electro sound. Therefore, anything Britney does is right up my alley! “Hold It Against Me” is a very hot track, and has been blasting all over the radio stations lately. If you haven’t heard it yet, listen below!

p.s. This is the “Lyrics On Screen” version. Sing along if you wish! I won’t judge you. 😉

Britney Spears always makes good music. All she has to do now is get those horrible hair extensions under control…It’s one thing when you don’t have money, and your hair looks like that. It’s another when you’re Britney Spears. Just sayin’…Nonetheless, good work Britney!


Originally, this post was going to be all about Fabolous and Britney. Then, one of my friends sent me the link to Ke$ha’s “Sleazy.” I listened to the song, and was humored enough to post it today.

What do you think?

I love Ke$ha because she marches to the beat of her own drum. Do you Ke$ha!

Side Note: While on YouTube, I came across this little comment, concerning Ke$ha’s future albums, and died. YouTube comments can be some of the most hilarious mess on the Internet. Read below.

“I LOVE KESHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and this song 🙂

1st album: Animal

2nd album: Cannibal

3rd album: Carnivore

4th album: Omnivore

5th album: Hunting

6th album: Drunk

7th album: Sober

lmao tell me whatcha’ think!”

A mess, but in all seriousness, Ke$ha should consider some of these suggestions. lol

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