Hot Mess Mondays: How Do You Know?

Hola mi amigos! With Christmas fast approaching, I am in an incredibly good mood. Not to mention, I am finally in DC for the holidays. Woot Woot! lol Anyways, enough about me. It’s time for this week’s Hot Mess countdown.

1) The idiot who approved “How Do You Know.”

When I think about movies like “How Do You Know,” it just makes me think about just how qualified I and others my age (despite not having “experience”)  are to run Hollywood. The romantic comedy cost $130 million to make, and only secured $7.1 million over the weekend. Fail.

Who in the world makes a romantic comedy for $130 mil?!?! I know that the movie stars big names like Reese Witherspoon and Jack Nickelson, but let’s be real. At the end of the day, it’s still a risk, and definitely not one worth taking. Also, “How Do You Know” opened the same weekend as “Tron:Legacy,” which was guaranteed to dominate the weekend box office. I don’t know who gave the green lights for any part of this film, but seriously? Hot mess.

“Tron: Legacy” made an estimated $43.6 million over the weekend. Go Disney! 🙂

2) Keri Hilson for making a terrible song and music video.

Apparently, I was missing a lot of the Twitter buzz when Keri Hilson decided to release her video for “The Way You Love Me.” Honestly, if you have not seen the video for Keri’s new single, then it’s not a big deal. The video is completely raunchy, and for no reason. Not to mention, the “cameos” in it aren’t even worth discussing.

Keri, I just don’t get it. How do you release a song like “Pretty Girl Rock” and then come out with this trash? Fail.

If you haven’t seen the music video for “The Way You Love Me,” click here —> Keri Hilson – The Way You Love Me

Doesn’t she realize that she’s already made it? No need to try so hard Keri. 😦

3) 50 cent for being an absolute mess.

Last week, rapper Ja Rule was deemed a hot mess for getting sentenced to two years in prison. Now, 50 is making the list for using Twitter to rag on Mr. Rule. Personally, I don’t care about either rapper. However, 50’s antics lately have made me realize just how much of a MESS he is. Leave Ja alone 50. He already doesn’t have a career…Let him spend his last days before prison in peace.

**I know that I usually put 5 individuals on this list, but today it’s just not even worth it. The number of splits this time of year in Hollywood is heartbreaking, and talking about all the celebs with foreclosures is plain depressing…lol So, I am choosing to end on a more cheery note, and say that I hope that everyone is getting EXTRA excited for the holidays! lol

See you all manana for Music Tuesday. 😉

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