Film Fridays: Tron Legacy

Seeing as though I am currently stuck at the office and have not posted anything in two days, all I can say is go see “Tron: Legacy!” The long awaited Disney (soon to be blockbuster) has finally been released in theaters, and apparently this is a must-see in 3D. For the most part, I am entirely against paying the extra bucks for 3D, but “Tron” is an obvious exception. Sadly, I won’t be seeing the film until next Wednesday. With that said, I know it will do well. 🙂

About binabona
Hello! My name's Bina. I tried the whole blogging game a while back when I wanted to do film reviews, but now I realize that blogging can be so much more than that. I love giving an opinion, and discovering new things to write about. I hope that people enjoy reading the topics that I write about. That's all I really want. :-)

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